Family affairs update Sunday 15th December 2019 on Starlife

Family affairs update Sunday 15th December 2019 on Starlife, Shivam and Riya being annoyed with each other. Nirmala talks to some man and says I did not spend money, how can this happen.

He says you just have 3 lakhs balance now. She says I have to make Ashok mine, if 3 lakhs ends, I will be in problem, I will have to make my relation with Ashok known to world, Sarla will do this. Shanti says Riya has to get child, why should Kaushalya keep fast. Pandit says Kaushalya is lie Riya’s mum, she has to fast for three days and she can just have fruits. Kaushalya says its tough, can’t I use any flour for roti. Pandit says fine, just eat roti, no chutney with it. Kaushalya says there should be some taste. Shanti asks do you want grandson or taste.

Riya gives Shivam’s things on the bed and does not talk to him. He asks for wallet, watch… she gives him. He holds her hand and says I tried to talk to you twice, you are showing attitude, I won’t talk to you till you come to talk to me. She says I won’t and goes. Pandit asks Kaushalya to cover face and do Aradhna, no one should see your face till three days, mahurat is good, everything will get fine. Riya says no need to do this. Kaushalya says I will start fasts today. Riya thinks I m not ready for baby.

Nirmala comes to Sarla and asks are you waiting for me to die. Sarla says no, I feel sad thinking of your life ending. Nirmala says I accept my fate, but I want you to invite everyone at home and introduce me and Ashok. Sarla says how can this happen, if Shanti knows this, she will kill you. Nirmala says I don’t know all this, just tell everyone about my and Ashok’s relation.

Shanti tells Riya that they are doing all this to get good news. Anupam calls Riya and says there is a bad news, your Bua Dadi is no more. Riya cries and tells them that Bua Dadi died. Shanti gets shocked and says my two friends died in two days. She asks Riya to go and see Bua Dadi’s face for the last time. Shanti goes to her room and cries. She tells Kaushalya that she is scared of dying soon, she wants to see Shivam’s child soon, just start fasting soon. Riya packs her bag and cries. Shivam comes there and holds her hand. Nimmi comes and says rickshaw has come. Shivam sends her. He gives money to Riya. She says I don’t want money, just come.

Pari calls Sarla and says she got job in parlor. Sarla asks her to come home. Pari says I can’t come and ends call. Sarla thinks what to do, I can’t talk to Rani, Pari and Shanti. Shivam greets Shanti and says we will leave. Shanti stops them and gives some money. She makes Riya wear a kada and says this will ward off bad sight, you should be careful in life, don’t cry much. Riya cries and hugs Shanti and Kaushalya. Shanti asks Shivam to take care of Riya.

Shanti imagines Yamdev taking her and shouts for help. Kaushalya asks what happened. Shanti says nothing, Lord will not do anyone’s bad. Raghav comes home and Kaushalya leaves hiding her face. Shanti tells him about Bua Dadi’s death. He asks how, Lord give her soul peace, but why did Kaushalya cover her face. Shanti says she is fasting and can’t show face to you. Raghav asks for tea, I have tension of bad news and fights, railway allotted houses to employees and people gave on rent, there were many fights in office today. He goes to room to rest.

Sarla comes and Shanti asks why did she not talk on phone, did Ashok turn rich. Sarla says I was busy in my household work, I m apologizing. She tells Shanti that she will live long. She asks Nimmi to get some tea and snacks for her. Shanti says I told Kaushalya that I want to see Shivam’s child within a year. Sarla says child will come when time comes. Shanti says my friends died, I want to see Shivam’s child soon, why are you worried. Sarla says my friend is upset, a woman got inside her house and not leaving. Shanti asks is she sautan.

Sarla says no, someone forcibly entering house, tell me how to make her lose. Shanti says get knife and threaten to kill her, problem over. Sarla laughs and says this won’t work. Shanti says just ask her to get out, throw her bags out. Sarla thinks Shanti can’t help if I don’t tell truth. She asks Shanti for money and says Pari’s life got ruined, your house has many happiness, everyone is happy, my house has nothing. Shanti says stop crying now. Sarla cries on her fate. Shanti gives her money and says have this, I will give more later. Sarla says its just 1000rs, give me more 500rs. Shanti says I can’t give this, Kaushalya is doing puja, I need to get items for puja. Nimmi looks on. Sarla cries and says you changed Amma, think of your son’s family, I will die hungry. Shanti gives her another 500rs and says stop it now. Sarla leaves. Shanti says Sarla left and did not hear my sorrow. She gets sad.

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