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Family affairs update Thursday 19th December 2019 Starlife

Family affairs update Thursday 19th December 2019 Starlife, ladies asking for some music and dance. Nirmala asks Rani to dance. Rani refuses.

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Nirmala requests her. Sarla shouts and asks Rani to dance. Rani dances and all ladies join her. Shanti thinks to inform Sarla and calls her. Sarla sits upset. Shanti tells Preeti that Sarla is not attending call, just go to her house and call her. Preeti goes. Nimmi tries calling Riya. Kaushalya asks why are you calling, Shanti will get angry. They hug and cry. Kaushalya says don’t call Riya, don’t know what will be her view, she will come and argue with Shanti, their terms got fine by much difficulty, you don’t do all this, Shanti will get angry with Riya, her Bua Dadi died, she is already in sorrow.

Sarla imagines Ashok and Nirmala making her maid and scolding her. Her imagination ends. Sarla panics. Rani says I think she got shock and turned mad. Sarla calls Amit and says Nirmala is stuck as bone in my throat, we have to make her leave. Amit asks her to bear Nirmala for few days, she will die in some days. Sarla says you won’t do anything, leave it. He says fine, I will manage Rani and Nirmala. She says just make Nirmala leave from here.

Nirmala tells Rani that Sarla has felt bad. Rani says Sarla’s face is like that. Preeti comes there and hears Sarla and Nirmala. Nirmala says I married Ashok, and now Sarla is unhappy. Sarla says don’t know I made you my sautan to listen to you, you will do all work now. She threatens Rani and Nirmala. Preeti gets shocked knowing truth. Nirmala scolds Sarla and says no one will tell me what to do. Preeti thinks there is new drama here, I got breaking news, I will go home and tell everyone, but it won’t be any use, I will take benefit from this situation, Saarla has to help me in my affair, Sarla will support me. She calls Sarla and talks to her. She says Shanti wants to meet her. Sarla says I will come. Preeti smiles and says now there will be drama.

Pari comes home and tells Sarla that she loves her and she will make her zigzag eyebrows today. Sarla refuses. Pari takes her. Later, Sarla gets ready to go to Shanti Sadan. She says I have to see the result of the spark I left there. Pari jokes on her and says explain me everything well. Sarla says whenever I tell you to add fuel in fire, you do that, come with me. Pari agrees and asks Rani to take care of house. They leave. Rani says there is no one at home, I will go for shopping.

Sarla and Pari come home. Sarla asks Shanti did any officials come. Shanti asks what. Sarla says ration card. Shanti says we are worried. Pari asks what happened. Shanti says Nimmi is pregnant. Sarla and Pari get shocked. Sarla thinks will any good happen with us or not. Pari thinks Nimmi has become mum of Vyom’s child, if Sharmili comes back, she will give all property to Nimmi. She goes and slaps Nimmi. She shouts you did not like Vyom, how did this baby come. Nimmi cries and leaves. Pari cries. Sarla asks what will you do now. Shanti says I will find some solution.

Preeti goes to meet Lucky. He asks how did she come early today. They look at each other. He goes and she asks him where is he going. Shivam comes and Nimmi hugs him crying. He asks Shanti where are they taking her. Pari says she is pregnant, her husband is no more, so we are taking her to doctor. Shanti asks him not to talk like Riya, don’t ask anything. She says only that will happen what I want. He asks why are you doing this. She says our family will not go ahead with Nimmi’s child, it will bring just problems, I will not change my decision. She asks Nimmi to come. Shivam asks Kaushalya to do something. They see someone coming home.

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