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Family affairs update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Starlife

In Family affairs update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Starlife, Kaushalya saying saree got burnt from me.

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Shanti says oh, then you made Nimmi stitch ghungroos, you want to insult me. Riya says no, don’t say anything to Kaushalya, saree got burnt from me and I asked Nimmi to out ghungroos. Shanti says shut up, you will tell me what to tell to my bahu. She says Kaushalya wanted to hide this and started lying now, you should have told me the truth. Sarla comes and says saree is so beautiful, its not burnt, ghungroos are so nice, I liked it a lot, I will keep this. Kaushalya smiles and says keep it, its for you.

She asks Riya to get nek, and they all go. Shanti takes Sarla to room. Pari says I have stomach pain, I don’t have babies, you are heartless, Gods is seeing everything. Sharmili says yes, Gods has sent the doctor and your truth got exposed, you felt I will be fooled by your pregnancy lie. Pari says fine, very soon I swears I will see you. Sharmili asks her to go to her mummies. Pari says its not my moods, I will have foods and go in mornings. Sharmili scolds her and asks her to go. Sarla says its beautiful saree, where is it burnt. Shanti says we have to work together, you took the burnt saree. Sarla says sorry, I did not know, but where is it burnt, its beautiful, I took it as its nice, its fine, they failed your plan, but I m here, I will find more ways to kick out Riya. Shanti says your greed increased. Sarla says sorry, I like this saree.

Sarla says we all trust Preeti, but Mohit is still after her, he has made heart with flowers and defaming Preeti, find a guy for Preeti. Kaushalya comes and hears them. She asks Sarla to find the guy for Preeti. Shanty checks the saree, and Sarla gets the nek happily from Kaushalya. Shanti finds the burnt patch and shows Nimmi. Nimmi worries and goes.

Nimmi asks Preeti to explain Mohit not to come like this, it looks bad, Sarla has made him leave. Nimmi says Mohit is not less than any celebrity, and still doing these crazy things for you, I think you should meet him and explain him well. Preeti says how can I meet him, family won’t take this step well. Nimmi says calm down and think, you should meet Mohit, I will talk to Shivam. Preeti says we will not ask Riya, as Riya is already worried, we will talk to Shivam. Nimmi says fine, I m scared of his reaction too, but everything will be fine. She hugs Preeti. Preeti wishes everything gets fine.

Shanti says I felt I will give keys to Riya and things will get fine, but nothing happened, I will lose all respect if this goes on. Everyone will think they can manage home, I have to do something to bring a storm. She sees Riya outside in hall and thinks what to do against Riya.

Sarla likes the saree and says I look gorgeous in this saree, why did Shanti not like this. Pari comes and hugs Sarla. She asks is this saree for me, give it to me. Sarla says no, I did not get anything for you, I m poor. Pari asks what, my life is getting ruined, give this saree to me. Sarla says no, Amma gifted this to me, you get some cash and jewelry from me from your inlaws. Pari says my life became hells there, Sharmili taunts me, send any fake bahu for Sharmili to teach her lesson. Sarla laughs and says I also do this with Rani, go to Sharmili and apologize, take me there to stay and we will be happy. Pari says I will think for myself. She gives money to Sarla to get some ideas and says its Kalyug. Sarla says its costly living now, give me more money.

Renu calls Kaushalya and asks her to get Nimmi and Preeti. Kaushalya says I will ask Shanti. Sarla says I will give this saree to you, give this to Sharmili, obey to her and agree to her like a good bahu, then you see how she loves you. Pari says this is rotten idea. Sarla says its great idea, I m planning something big, I will say when time comes, do as I said, believe me. Pari says fine. She hugs her and says I love you. She leaves. Sarla calls Bansi and asks him to meet her.

Family affairs update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Starlife

Kaushalya tells Shanti that Renu called, there is marriage function in her relatives, so I was thinking to.. Shanti asks her to go if she wants. Kaushalya says its imp to go. Shanti says don’t ask me, or you beg to Riya to take permission. She asks her to take girls along, and I will go to bhajan kirtan. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that I won’t go from here till Riya is here, as anything can happen with her. Shanti asks Nimmi what did you say. Nimmi says I said I will be with you. Shanti says no need, I m also going out. Nimmi worries for Riya.

Bansi meets Sarla and she gives him a pic. She asks him to give this to Sharmili. He says its small work. She says don’t use mind, give this tomorrow evening, today Pari is acting to be ideal bahu there to please Sharmili. He goes. She says I know Pari has no respect there, I will make everything fine.

Nimmi tells Kaushalya that they left goat with the tiger. Preeti asks what, Riya has snatched keys from Shanti. Kaushalya scolds them, and says I left them together so that they know each other well. Nimmi says this won’t happen, they may fight. Kaushalya says we will go back home. Preeti says we will attend function and come.

Shanti hears radio and it stops. Riya finishes kitchen work and thinks to give tea to Shanti. Shanti hears an ad of bed bugs and pest control remedy and gets an idea. Riya gets tea for her. Shanti says I m fed up of bed bugs, I want to live with peace, I will go out and come back at evening. Riya says Dadi ji.. Shanti asks shall I go out. Riya says don’t do this, I was just saying… Shanti asks her permission. Riya says don’t do this, whom am I to permit you, I want everyone to do what they feel right, its all wrong happening. Shanti says you mean I did wrong, you are owner of the house and goes.

Kaushalya, Nimmi and Preeti come back home at night. They find the house locked and think where are Shanti and Riya. Nimmi goes to get keys from neighbor. Nimmi gets keys and they get inside the house. They see Shanti’s room and get shocked. Shanti comes home and says I won’t die so soon, I have come back. Kaushalya tells her about the room, and Shanti goes to see. Shanti gets shocked seeing the room vacant. Riya is at office and calls someone. She asks the man to do the work well and clean all furniture and bed well, free of the bugs. Shanti says where did everything go, did it get stolen and cries. Nimmi worries and says I doubt on Dadi, maybe she is acting. Shanti asks did Riya sell my belongings and room furniture. She says she snatched my keys and now my room, I know Riya will trouble me and kick me out of the house. Kaushalya says Riya can’t do this. Shanti asks them not to come after her, she will leave home. She runs out, and Kaushalya worries. Preeti says where is Riya…

Pari comes home and holds Sharmili’s feet, apologizing to her. Sharmili asks what happened, did you get drunk and calls Sujeev to see what Pari is doing. Sujeev asks Pari what are you doing. Pari says I have gone to my Maayka, Sarla said mum in law is Lord and asked me to obey Sharmili. She apologizes to her. Sharmili gets shocked. Sujeev says see Pari is so lovely and innocent, forgive her. Pari gives the saree and says Sarla gave it. Sharmili refuses. Sujeev asks Sharmili to accept it. Sharmili takes it. Pari thanks Sujeev. Sujeev asks her not to worry, don’t worry, you will get a child soon. Pari worries and says what happened to this mad mans, I don’t want baby, my beauties will get bad.

Kaushalya cries and tries calling Shanti. Riya and Shivam come home and ask what happened. Kaushalya says Shanti left home. Riya asks what. Kaushalya asks about Shanti’s room furniture. Riya says I have done pest control in her room. Kaushalya asks did you ask Shanti. Riya says I thought furniture will come till Shanti comes from satsang. Kaushalya says it did not come, she felt bad seeing emoty room and left home because of you. Shivam says Maa is saying right, you should have asked Dadi. Riya says Dadi was in problem, I did not know she will react this way. Shivam says you know she always feels bad, you do good and it gets bad for her. He says we will find Dadi and they leave.

Kaushalya calls Sarla and asks is Shanti there. Sarla says no, did anything happen. Kaushalya says Shanti left home, she is not in neighborhood, I thought she is at your home. Sarla gets shocked and thinks what is Shanti doing now. She says how can Amma go like this, what happened today. Kaushalya tells about pest control.

Shanti meets some Baba. He says its not easy way, you have to do many Jaaps, fasts and tough tasks. She says I will do anything, I promise, you tell me what to do. He says fine, your first thing starts from here, you have to stay alone on Ganga ghat.

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