In Family Affairs Update Tuesday 19th November 2019 on Starlife, Nandu requesting Riya to unite Mohit and Preeti.

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He says I know how it feels when love is lost, Mothi is a nice guy, he is educated, from good family and has good job, you can understand them well. He sees Preeti there and leaves. Riya cries. Shivam comes and looks at Preeti. He gets annoyed and asks Riya to send tea for him. He goes.

Mama likes the girl’s pics and misses his wife. Sharmili jokes on him. She does not get Preeti’s pic and tells Mama that Preeti was such a nice guy. She says I want to get that girl married to Vyom. Sujeev sees the newspaper and something falls from it. Pari greets Sarla. Amit says I m going for agency work. Pari asks Sarla why did she take help from Riya. Sarla says so what, Amit is doing business. Amit leaves. Pari tells Sarla that she will leave now. Rani comes and laughs on Pari’s lies. Pari argues.

Rani tells Sarla that she has cooked food, now she is going to give answer to Riya from her side. Pari and Sarla laugh on her. Sarla asks Rani not to go, as Amit did not allow, he will beat you. Rani says I will go, I don’t need permission. Sarla stops her and asks how will she go. Rani runs from there. Sarla and Pari look on shocked.

Preeti goes to Shivam and asks him to slap her, scold her, but not be annoyed. She reminds their old time and accepts her mistake. She apologizes to him. He tells Riya he does not want tea and leaves. Riya cries. Preeti gets angry and scolds her for pressurizing her to tell elders. She blames Riya for all this and leaves.

Sarla talks to Pari. Pari says Sharmili used to be angry and then I do what you say. Sarla is glad and says be around Sharmili, this is your good. Sarla asks for money. Pari says my marriage is just new, it will need time. Sarla asks her to control Sujeev. Sujeev comes to Sharmili and asks why is she worried. She asks where is Pari, did she run away, it does not look good, she went to Maayka for first time. Sujeev says Pari has gone before too. Sharmili says yes, why is she taking so much time. He says I will call her and find out. He calls Pari and asks when is she coming. She says yes, I knew Sharmili will be missing me, I will come. Sujeev says fine and ends call.

Pari tells Sarla that she will leave and asks for something. Sarla says I m poor, I can’t give anything. Pari asks for something. Sarla says you did not get anything for me. Sarla sends Pari. Riya comes to Kaushalya. Kaushalya cries in worry. Riya asks what to cook in food. Kaushalya talks to her about Riya and Shivam’s marriage. She asks her to think what if Shivam did not marry her, what would have happened to her and Anupam. Riya cries. Kaushalya is annoyed. Riya tells her that she realized everything, and takes Preeti’s side. Kaushalya says nothing matters now and argues with her. She says the matter is out of our hands now. Preeti sees Kaushalya crying and leaving.

Pari comes home and talks to Sharmili. Pari makes excuses for not getting anything from her Maayka. Sharmili scolds her and taunts her for doing cheap things. She says you trapped Sujeev, now I will make you maid. Sujeev comes and talks to Pari. He asks her to come home soon, she can meet her parents but no need to stay there. Pari says sorry, I was missing them, I will go next time if you say. He says fine. She goes to room.

Preeti comes to Kaushalya and tries talking. Kaushalya scolds her. Preeti cries and argues. Kaushalya beats her and cries. She says I wanted to bring a prince for you and do your marriage well, you were my pride. She asks her why did she do this and hugs her crying. Riya comes and sees them crying. Riya apologizes to them as its her mistake too, she should have told Kaushalya before. Kaushalya wipes their tears. She says we should talk to Mohit’s family. Shanti comes and hears them. Riya says Shivam and I will go, if Raghav and you can’t talk. Shanti calls Riya and taunts her. Riya asks Shanti to take care of her and taunts her. Shanti says I m Shanti Devi and takes Riya’s words light.

Riya calls Amit and talks about agency. He says he has set agency. She asks where, send me address, I have to do inspector. He says fine and gives the address. Riya says I will get papers too and notes down. Shanti is angry and says now I have to do something that everyone gets against her. Shanti gets her anger out on Kaushalya and argues with her. Kaushalya goes to call Raghav. He says I will come in some time, I m with my friend.

Family Affairs Update Tuesday 19th Nov. 2019 on Starlife

His friend tells Raghav that they can’t keep everything in their limits. The lady says she has a guy in her sight. Raghav says you know everything. She says we will manage, Preeti is like my daughter, the guy is my cousin brother. Raghav says don’t lie to them, I don’t want anyone else to tell them. The lady says don’t worry, but the problem is the guy is of 50 years. Raghav gets shocked. He asks her how did she think of this proposal, guy is more than double of Preeti’s age, I can’t let injustice happen with her. The lady taunts her and Raghav leaves.

Sujeev goes with Sharmili. Pari gets call and talks. A pic falls. Hari Kaka brings tea and it falls on pic. Pari asks him to clean the pic. Raghav comes home and talks to Shanti and Kaushalya. He tells them about a 50 year odl guy proposal for Preeti. They all get shocked. He says he can’t ruin Preeti’s life, he will make her sit at home all their life. Shanti says Preeti has done mistake, Mohit has cheated us, if anything else happens, we will lose more respect. She asks him to get Preeti married, even if the guy is of 50years, get her married. Raghav asks what is she saying. Kaushalya says I was thinking..

Shanti scolds her and does not listen to her. She says since Riya came here, there was peace and now there is nothing good, I will leave house. Raghav asks what nonsense, why this threatening. Shanti hides and hears them. Kaushalya says 50 year old guy, no way. Raghav says don’t take Riya’s name infront of Shanti, let her cool down and then we will talk to her. He says try to be calm for few days, we will see what to do. Shanti says Raghav does not understand, I have to explain them

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