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Family affairs update Wednesday 18th December 2019 Starlife

Family affairs update Wednesday 18th December 2019 Starlife, Preeti taunting Nimmi for her pregnancy. She argues with Nimmi. Nimmi asks her to atleast respect Nandu, he accepted you after knowing everything, he loves you, his status is higher than you. Preeti argues and raises hand.

Nimmi holds her hand and pushes her. Kaushalya comes and asks what are they doing. She holds Nimmi and scolds Preeti for not remembering Nimmi’s state and fighting. Preeti gets angry and leaves. Nimmi cries and says you are bearing a lot because of me, I got a burden for everyone. Kaushalya says you are my daughter, children are never burden on parents, don’t feel bad of Preeti. Shanti looks on and tells them that she is waiting. Kaushalya worries. She tells Nimmi that she has to talk something imp. Nimmi runs to vomit.

Sarla and Amit are on the way. The officer calls her and says the house is allocated on Raghav’s name. Sarla says yes, but he has bank loan and gave house to me on rent. He says I m talking from railway office, you have to leave house, its illegal to stay there. She says I m helpless, don’t make me leave. He says I know whose house it is, how much rent do you give to Raghav. Sarla says its not fixed, don’t trap me. She ends call. Amit says now we will get new house. The officer calls to find out about Raghav’s quarter, who is staying there.

Sarla is angry and argues with Nirmala and Rani. She tells Rani that she will come back to her in few days. Nirmala tells Sarla that she will introduce herself as Ashok’s wife today. Sarla gets angry on Ashok. He tells her that she got him married to Nirmala. Sarla gets annoyed and asks him to leave from the room. Nirmala thinks I will hold Ashok’s hand infront of everyone.

Shanti tells Nimmi that children are burden, and gets angry on Nimmi and Preeti to stay here with them. She says we can’t manage Nimmi’s child, even Nimmi is young and can’t manage her baby, I will bear Nimmi’s burden but not her child. Nimmi gets shocked.

The ladies come and talk to Sarla and Nirmala. Prabha asks for Ashok, we want to see if he is happy with this marriage. Nirmala says I will call him. The lady says Nirmala is showing her rights, its clear Nirmala paid a price, but Sarla lost her value now, Ashok will like Nirmala now, she is beautiful and cooks food well, Sarla can’t compete with Nirmala. Sarla worries. Nirmala gets Ashok and says I told him that if he does not sit with me, I will leave food and water, so he agreed. She takes a pic with him. Sarla disturbs them and guests. Prabha taunts Sarla and others laugh.

Family affairs update Wednesday 18th December 2019 Starlife

The bomb squad checks Sarla’s bag and do not get anything. Raghav sees a lady’s pic in it. Nimmi tells Shanti that I don’t understand what you want to say, if I m burden, I will do all household work. Shanti says its not like that, I told Kaushalya to explain you, I don’t want this child, no one knows this, before people get doubt, we will abort this baby. Preeti thinks to give this news to Sarla and smiles.

The man takes the bag and leaves. Raghav picks the photo and it gets spoiled. He could not see Sarla’s face and goes. Shanti tells Nimmi that she will talk to doctor, its initial months, nothing will happen. Kaushalya says I will talk to Raghav once. Shanti says what is there to ask him, I don’t want to give him tension, don’t ask anything now. Shivam comes home. Nimmi cries. He asks whats the matter. Kaushalya says you are going to become Mama.

He gets glad and goes to hug Nimmi. Shanti stops him and says its not happy thing, its tension, Kaushalya wants to get child in the world by your support, will you raise her child, go and freshen up, leave. Shivam goes. Shanti asks Nimmi not to cry. She tells Kaushalya that her children are failures, look at Amit, he works all the time, see Pari, she is fighting with her life, she did not get pregnant by marrying before Nimmi, see Nimmi, she got pregnant so soon, we have seen what Preeti did by working outside, Nimmi be ready to go to doctor tomorrow morning. Nimmi cries and goes. Shanti sends everyone and cries.

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