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Family Secrets Full Story Starlife: The show Revolves around a mother, definitive regal money manager Satrupa, and her kid unique, certain little girl Anami. The show portrays the existence of an imperial, industrialist family that dwells in Laal Mahal, the place of conspiracies. The show is approximately founded on the story of Lai Bhaari and portrays dark shades of connections.

Plot Summary/Full Story of Family Secrets Starlife

Seventeen-year-old Anami, deserted upon entering the world and received by a pandit family in Banaras, returns as the sole yet hesitant beneficiary to an illustrious family in Laal Mahal in the Bihar badlands.

The story starts with Satrupa bringing back Anami, whom she parted with upon entering the world, to Laal Mahal after her child and Anami’s twin sibling Vatsalya’s passing. Hesitantly, Anami consents to return to Laal Mahal.

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Adhiraj Pandey, the CBI official who is taking care of the instance of anything identified with Lal Mahal, continuously fosters a nearby bond with Anami, and the two become closest companions. Gradually, Anami finds out about the past of Laal Mahal and becomes more acquainted with her dead sibling through his journal. She chooses to remain in Laal Mahal and track down the genuine offender behind her sibling’s demise. Since Adhiraj is her dearest companion and really adores her without knowing it, he helps her in any choice she makes with no hesitance. She additionally presents to Sudha, her organic dad’s special lady and furthermore the mother of Narottom, (Anami’s relative) to Laal Mahal to fulfill Narottom’s life. She is uninformed of Sudha’s actual thought processes who needs all the cash, force and property of Lal Mahal.

Anami and Satrupa

Satrupa cautions Anami for Sudha, but since of Anami’s difficult conduct and misguided judgment about Satrupa, she never confides in her. From the start, Anami believes Sudha blindfolded however bit by bit Adhiraj speculates Sudha and advises Anami to keep an eye out for her. Anami has a go at fleeing from Lal Mahal to live with her non-permanent parents when her sibling Laddo, who is the child of her temporary parents, was abducted by Sudha’s sibling and her maternal uncle Purushottam. Adhiraj plans to go with her refering to her security, to invest more energy with Anami. Neither Adhiraj or Anami needs to leave one another yet Anami can’t remain in Lal Mahal. At the point when Anami and Adhiraj, alongside Laddo arrive at Anami’s temporary parents, they go through a night in one of her father’s companion’s homes. Sudha gets the house ablaze through individuals whom she had recruited to work for her. Anami thinks it was Satrupa’s arrangement and chooses to get back to look for retribution.

Adhiraj and Anami

In the mean time, Adhiraj communicates his affections for Anami. Anami looks for some an ideal opportunity for her to find her affections for him. She becomes more acquainted with Sudha’s actual thought processes when Adhiraj gets verification against her, which makes her be detained. Narottam gives the confirmation through a self-admitted sound account. Anami realizes that Satrupa isn’t liable. Eventually, Sudha is uncovered and Anami asks Satrupa for absolution. Both offer a colossal embrace and the entire family is glad. Baldev and Satrupa rejoin. At the point when Narottam was going to leave Laal Mahal, Anami asks the explanation and he tells that since his mom and maternal uncle were associated with Vatsalya’s mishap, he has no privilege to remain with the family. Anami vows to stay discreet and asks him not to leave. Terms are settled between Baldev-Satrupa and Narottam. Anami informs Adhiraj concerning the mishap and he causes Sudha to admit her wrongdoings. Adiraj and Anami carry Madhu and Murari Pathak to Laal Mahal. Satrupa demands them to remain with them at Laal Mahal.

Seeing the closeness among Anami and Adhiraj Dhiru, Pandey (Adhiraj’s dad) gets Adhiraj moved. Learning this, Baldev, alongside Gayatri (his mom) meets Pandey and requests pardoning for every one of their deeds and offers companionship. Baldev acknowledges Narottam and he consents to remain. Gayatri welcomes the Pandey family for supper and everybody shares a cheerful opportunity until they go to a tremendous stun. Vatsalya comes into Lal Mahal calling Satrupa (Maa). Everybody is stunned including Anami. The arrangement finishes on a cliffhanger with Anami and Vatsalya’s face.

Cast of Family Secrets Starlife

Main cast
  • Narayani Shastri as Satrupa Baldev Singh, Baldev’s wife, and Anami and Vaatsalya’s mother

  • Mahima Makwana as Anami Baldev Singh, Baldev-Satrupa’s estranged daughter, Vaatsalyas sister
  • Devarshi Shah as Vatsalya Baldev Singh, Baldev-Satrupa’s son, Anami’s biological twin brother
  • Sangita Ghosh as Sudha, Baldev’s former lover & Narottam’s Mother

  • Ankit Siwach as CBI officer Adhiraj Pandey
  • Ajay Chaudhary as Baldev Vikram Singh, Satrupa’s husband, Anami, Vaatsalya and Narottam’s father & Pujan’s cousin

Recurring cast

  • Anju Mahendru as Gayatri Singh, Baldev’s mother, Pujan’s Aunt & Anami’s grandmother

  • Ram Gopal Bajaj as Vikramaditya Singh Anami and vatsalya grandfather,[6] Head of Lal Mahal and Royal Steel, Gayatri’s husband & Baldev’s father
  • Payal Nair/Vibhuti Thakur as Daamo, Satrupa’s assistant and confidant
  • Bhupinder Singh as Dhirendra Pandey (Dhiru), Adhiraj and Tanya’s father
  • Akash Gill as Narottam, Baldev’s illegitimate son
  • Praneet Bhat as Pujan Singh, Baldev’s cousin

  • Karishma Kapur as Kamini, Pujan’s wife
  • Ieshaan Sehgal as Avdhoot Pratap Singh, Pujan-Kamini’s son
  • Vaishnavi Rao as Tanya Pandey, Adhiraj’s Sister
  • Tom Alter as Somdev Guruji

  • Mohit Chauhan as Pandit Murari Pathak, Anami’s foster father
  • Lubna Salim as Madhu Pathak, Anami’s foster mother
  • Vineet Kumar Chaudhary as Purushottam, Sudha’s Brother
  • Devyansh Tapuria as Lakshya “Ladoo” Pathak, Anami’s foster brother
  • Sanyukta Timsina as Ila, Adhiraj’s assistant at CBI office
  • Shristhi Mitra as Poonam, Anami’s assistant

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