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Family Secrets 20 June 2021: The Episode starts with Satrupa asking Anami to see Sudha’s truth, sorry to lie and call you there. Anami recalls Poonam calling her by Dadi’s name. Anami taunts Satrupa for losing truth by lying again and again. Satrupa says you have seen what Sudha wants, you believe her story, you don’t know truth, Sudha is using you as you are good hearted.

Anami asks her to say clearly. Satrupa says you want to get Sudha’s rights, you know what she wants. Anami says she wants son’s support and a family. Satrupa says why did she reject to Dada ji’s offer, he gave her a hotel and much money, what will Narottam do now, will he beg, she wants Narottam to sit in Vatsalya’s place, she wants him to become heir, you are sensible, how can’t you see her drama, open eyes and see. She goes.

Dadi asks what did Anami say. Satrupa says I have seen doubt in her eyes for Sudha, I have to make her sure, I will bring Sudhas truth out. Ila says this is Sudha’s truth, she wants Narottam to get father’s name, she is eyeing entire empire, she is mastermind. Adhiraj says if you are done praising Sudha, lets talk of work, did you find that photo man. She says no. He says check police records and get details. She asks how did you know about Sudha, that she was in mental asylum. Adhiraj recalls Dheeru. She says your source would be from Lal Mahal. He says I have urgent work and leaves.

Sudha asks Anami why is she silent, did anyone say something. Anami says I want to ask something personal, don’t feel bad. Sudha says you are my daughter, ask. Anami asks why did you refuse to Dada jis offer. Dada ji says Sudha got mad. Pujan says sorry to say, if you declare the heir, Sudha can’t do anything even if she wants. Avdhoot looks on. Anami says Dada ji was giving you everything, if you agree, Narottam’s future will become bright. Sudha starts drama. She says I don’t trust them. Anami says I take guarantee, I got you here, I will support you. Sudha asks how will you support me outside Lal Mahal, its their nature to cheat. Anami says you need support. Sudha says I can’t get support from here, they can kill anyone.

Avdhoot asks do you think Dada ji will take decision. Pujan says if he doesn’t do, none can save this house from Sudha’s bad sight. Avdhoot says we will get her killed, Anami is out of game, then it will be just me, the only heir. Anami says if anyone sees you, I will not leave him. Sudha asks what will you do, you can’t do anything. She shouts Narottam. He comes and asks what happened. Sudha shows his wounds and says if you could protect us, he would have not bear these wounds, you are also helpless like us. Anami asks who did this. Sudha says everyone is same. He says Pujan did this. Anami says Pujan is gone now. She goes.

Dheeru asks Tania to lower volume, he is working. Adhiraj plays music. Dheeru goes and sees Adhiraj. He stops the music and says I didn’t expect this from you, I was working. Adhiraj says I have never met your expectations, this is your fav beer. Dheeru asks are you bribing me to get Sudha’s info. Adhiraj says no, I thought to celebrate weekend, your son is talking to you today. They have beer and sing O mere dil ke chayn……Adhiraj says I miss our togetherness. He hugs Dheeru. Dheeru says my son, I also like spending time with my son, I miss you. Tania looks on and says and your daughter. They hide beer. Tania asks what’s this, you are cheering beer cans, invite me in beer party too. Adhiraj says our family pic is incomplete without you, you have no time, you hear your songs. She says I will get my cold coffee and show my singing talent.

Poonam asks Anami what is she finding. Anami gets honey. Poonam asks what will you do. Anami says I have to lay a trap for a honey bee. Pujan comes and taunts Sudha. He asks what shall I call you, Badi bhabhi or Choti bhabhi, Ghar wali Bhabhi or Baahar wali Bhabhi. She says say anything if you are giving respect by heart. He says I wish your actions were sweet like your words, you asked for Ayodhya for your Bharat, you are wearing this innocence mask, if we….. She taunts him. She says you are also a guest like me. He says I m part of family. She says Avdhoot is not becoming heir as he is your son, he is becoming heir as Lal mahal has no option. She passes taunts.

Sudha filling Pujan’s ears against Lal Mahal. She says they kept you away as you were never part of it. He asks what do you want. She says its better that we get together than hitting each other, maybe we become a cure for each other’s wounds. She gives him cold water and goes. He says her mind started working fast after returning from mental asylum, I have to lock her mind. Anami and Poonam come to Pujan’s room. Pujan talks to Kamini. He shows his new hairstyle ad asks how do I look. Kamini jokes on his old age. Anami hides. Kamini says since Sudha came here, you are getting ready. He asks her not to think so. Anami adds something in his shoe. Kamini says I have to go mall. He says its fine, we are not going to railway station that we will miss train. Kamini asks him to wear anything. He asks did you hear anything. She says no, your ears are ringing. He looks around. Anami hides and runs out. Pujan turns to see. He wears the shoe.

Adhiraj comes to Satrupa, Dadi and Dada ji. Adhiraj asks how did you call me. Dada ji says I have an imp work, take the protection back from Anami, she is misusing her freedom, she is threatening us about court, Sudha started planning against us, we can’t let her stay here, think of this as my request. Adhiraj says our hands are tied legally, Anami is part of Lal Mahal, sorry but Vatsalya’s culprit is free, his next target is Anami, her life is in danger, court can’t take order back. Dada ji asks her to say some solution, she doesn’t listen to us. Adhiraj says you made walls in between relations, how will Anami support you, she will go where she gets love, you have to change her perception. Dada ji says it means we have to request her, will can’t be changed easily. Adhiraj says anyone has to take first step for the change, I shall leave. He leaves.

He looks for Anami and says she roams here and there always. Poonam says you here, did you come to meet Anami, for work or just to talk? He says no. She says don’t get shy. Anami asks Poonam not to trouble him. She asks her to go and see if result came. Anami asks Adhiraj to say fast, she has no time. He says I have to talk about Sudha. She asks what. He says you know she escaped from mental asylum, she is very clever, we don’t know her motives, why she has come here, I don’t know, I just know she has enmity with Lal mahal, I don’t know how much you trust her, don’t trust her blindly, try to understand Anami.

Dada ji says she doesn’t understand, when we tried to believe her, she does something that shakes our trust. Satrupa says she is young, she will do mistakes, we have to show affection and change her perception. He says she will not believe us, as Sudha is there with her. Satrupa says yes, she will come to us if she gets love, if she can accept Maa, why can’t us, you have to try. Anami says Sudha gave me love, how to believe she is enemy. He says you can’t have blind trust on her, see the cheques Lal Mahal has sent to her. She says 2 lakhs. He says yes, its enough to live well, if she was not taking money, how did she manage expenses, even I don’t have answers, stay alert, Lal Mahal people are worried, someone is with Sudha, maybe Narottam, keep an eye on all this, maybe we get clue that this case gets solved. She says maybe you are doubting someone wrong, this Lal Mahal members can’t be trusted. Poonam asks her to come soon. Pujan asks how did ants come in my shoes, ants have bitten my feet. Sudha, Anami and Poonam laugh. Anami asks Poonam to get chilled water for Pujan. Poonam asks shall we forward the video. Anami says no, just do what I said. Kamini scolds Pujan. Anami gets the cold water and ask Pujan to keep feet in it. She asks him to calm down now, ants will return home.

Satrupa says this time Anami is not doing this to hurt us, she is a kid, she has come in Sudha’s words, she wants to do good, she has tolerated pain to get away from mum, so she wants to keep Narottam and Sudha together, to show her the right path, I have to get Narottam on our side. Daamo asks why will he support us. Satrupa says we have no way. Poonam comes. She says sorry, I was not spying on anyone but…I doubted on Naina, I got this from her bag. She shows the picture. Satrupa sees Sudha and Narottam’s pic. She gets angry and recalls Naina’s words. She goes to Sudha. Sudha makes a family painting. Satrupa asks how do you know Naina. She ruins the painting. Sudha says you don’t let me stay with family even in picture. Satrupa says this family can never be yours, you have sent Naina. Sudha asks who, that woman who stays with Anami, she is very lazy, she didn’t frame a pic which I gave her. Satrupa says I will raise the curtain from your drama. She checks the cupboard. She gets Baldev and Sudha’s pic. Sudha says its 20 year old pic when Baldev and I were together, you revived my memories, do another favor, take this picture and throw it away. She gives pic to Satrupa, who crushes it.

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