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Family Secrets 27 June 2021: Adhiraj greeting Dheeru and saying we will do sparring together now. Dheeru asks him to stop flattering and come to the point. Adhiraj says I want two things, I want Vitamin D and Vitamin I. Dheeru asks what do you mean. Adhiraj says I means information about Purushottam. Anami sees Laddoo talking to servants in english and asks how did you start liking English. He says someone explained me well and I just love English now. Anami asks who is it. Satrupa looks on. 

Laddoo says you will get angry, its lady magic. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean a magician. She asks him to say her line in english. He tries to get all the words. He says the line. Anami laughs. Satrupa corrects Laddoo. Anami says Satrupa helped you, I know your english is poor, its not easy to learn english. He says I will talk in fluent english in 5 days. Satrupa says yes, I will teach him. Anami says magicians are not loyal to anyone, they get the applause and disappear, just family supports in tough time, focus on homework, don’t make anyone else do it. She asks Satrupa to help Laddoo and not do homework herself.

Narottam asks did you call me Maa. Sudha says something is troubling me, do you also find Anami changed. He says yes, Dada ji’s words are affecting her, he said Anami is just like Vatsalya. She agrees and says Dada ji is in hurry to curse Anami. He asks what do you mean. She says I mean if she is like Vatsalya, her fate will be like Vatsalya, who died at an early age, poor guy. Satrupa comes to Anami. She moves the curtains and says sometimes light is required to see things clearly, don’t you find Sudha strange, she showed that she wanted to stay in Lal Mahal, now she is showing her happiness staying there. Anami asks what’s wrong if she is finding happiness there. Satrupa says she is doing this to show you, else who will become her shield. Anami says she had some memories, she is trying to live this. Satrupa says you didn’t see her past life, don’t go by my words, don’t trust what I say, just see what’s in front of your eyes, things appear colorful from far, we can see the truth by going close, its not too late. She goes.

Dheeru says Purushottam used to manage all the work in Lal Mahal, Sudha was his sister, she used to come to Lal Mahal office, Baldev used to work there, they got friendship and then no one knew when it changed to love, Sudha was in love, it was just one sided, Baldev was misusing her, girls were like toys for him, Sudha got to know him well, she played a trick by which she gets Baldev and family, Baldev thought she was a toy, she has won, he used to stay drunk, he got trapped by her, till he got senses, his heir was born by Sudha, he couldn’t take up the responsibility of a child, he refused to accept the child, Purushottam didn’t tolerate this, he went to Lal Mahal and threatened to ruin them if Baldev doesn’t marry Sudha, Dada ji has sent Baldev to US, Sudha got unwell, she was getting attacks, she also went to Lal Mahal and threatened of killing herself, when Dadi explained her and asked her to leave, she attacked Dadi, Lal Mahal showed she is mad and sent her to mental asylum, Sudha learnt of her brother’s death there, this is the story. Adhiraj looks on.

Sudha says Anami has much fire, emotions made her weak, we will use her emotions, she will become the best daughter and you will become her best brother, so that when the right time comes, she makes you the heir. Narottam asks if I become heir, where will Anami go. She says she will go where Vatsalya has gone. She laughs. He gets shocked and leaves.

Adhiraj sees Purushottam and Sudha’s pics. Ila says we have seen it many times. He says we didn’t get the info. He asks Munna to focus on work, our first suspect was Pujan, we didn’t get any proof against her, I suspect Purushottam now, I think he didn’t die, he has changed avatar and came back, he is our mystery man, even he has a son, just Narottam can become heir if Avdhoot doesn’t get chosen. Ila says they don’t regard Narottam as their child. Adhiraj says still he is their blood. He asks Munna to keep an eye on Sudha and Narottam. Anami recalls Dada ji’s words. Narottam comes and asks what are you doing here. She says I wanted to be alone, I was reading Vatsalya’s diary, he wrote good poetry, he wrote something on you too. He asks her to read it. She reads….. Narottam is elder to me, but when in need, he is always with me, he worries for me more than himself, he mentions me in his every talk. He asks what happened.

She says nothing, the next work has ink smudged. She sees the empty paper and acts to read… my brother knows me more than I know myself, my heart prays for him, he is innocent and good, I fear for him, I care for him, I think his mum will save him, she will protect him from everything. She says Vatsalya used to write so well, he touched my heart. Narottam cries. She says it seems you were very close to him. He says no, we just used to talk sometimes, he was so nice that he liked everyone. She says you didn’t make him meet Sudha right. He says no, maybe just once. She recalls Sudha’s words. He says one night he was adamant that he will meet my mum, yes I made him meet mum once, I miss him a lot, I can never fill his place. He goes.

Baldev comes to Vatsalya’s room and thinking of him. He sees Anami and asks why does she always have this diary with her, what’s special in the diary. She says Vatsalya’s memories, I didn’t get a chance to meet him, so I try to understand him by this diary. He says his life is not so short to get filled in that diary, his memories are in our heart. She says yes, but he had a talent to get his thoughts expressed in words, I have known him just by his diary, its his real identity. Vatsalya’s pic falls down. Baldev takes it and asks where did you get this. She recalls finding it in Sudha’s room. He says Vatsalya came first in inter school debate competition, I kept this photo with me, he asked for this pic to fix this in family album, he loved his family a lot, he had much talent, he was very young and used to talk big things, I always felt he will make my name shine. Anami asks can Vatsalya’s guitar come back here. He says I don’t want Narottam’s shadow to fall on Vatsalya’s things. She asks why do you hate him, he is your son. He says he is not my son, he is the sign of my biggest mistake, I remember my bad past seeing him. He goes.

Munna comes to Adhiraj and says I have a strong evidence. Adhiraj jokes. Munna shows the video. Adhiraj asks what’s this video. Munna says its viral on internet, its useful for you. Adhiraj says it seems he is Purushottam. He gets the team check the video. Adhiraj says Munna, you will get bonus, I will manage your marriage expenses, if you get a girl.

Narottam takes care of the plants. Satrupa and Daamo come there. Satrupa says I thought you will need a blanket as winter is coming. Narottam asks when did you start caring for my needs, I can handle this. She says get habitual to the changes, your small garden is very beautiful, I didn’t know you like gardening, I also liked gardening before, I started organic farming business, I didn’t get time and shut it, but farm is still there, why don’t you start it again. He says I can’t decide so soon. She says think well and tell me, why are your hands shaking. He says I got a small wound. She asks him to apply ointment and not leave wound open. She leaves. Daamo asks what is she planning. Satrupa says winter is coming, how long can bear save himself, Narottam is Sudha’s only support, I will snatch him from her.

Its morning, Anami wakes up. Satrupa says Laddoo is going on winter camp to learn English. Anami says he won’t go anywhere leaving me. Laddoo argues and calls her jealous of his talents. Satrupa says you should encourage him. Laddoo gets annoyed and cries. Anami says fine, don’t cry, you want to go for camp, you can go. He thanks and hugs her. He runs out. Anami taunts Satrupa for her best drama talents. She says if anything happens to Laddoo. Satrupa says nothing will happen, I got him here, he is my responsibility too, people and situation are changing in Lal Mahal, it will be good if you change your perception.

Anami gets sad. Poonam asks do you want something. Anami recalls Sudha’s lie and Baldev’s words. She goes. Pujan shows the five star hotel model to Baldev. Baldev says no use to see these dreams again, dad refused to invest in it. Pujan says this is your dream, not any toy, I will take your hotel project to new heights. He gives the papers and says I have four investors ready for this project. Baldev gets shocked. Pujan says Dada ji’s land, market’s investment and our profits, you have to convince Dada ji for the land. Baldev says you have fought half of the war, now I will finish this. He goes. Avdhoot asks Pujan why is he opening a five star than getting royal steels. Pujan says this profits will come in our pocket, what Baldev did with Dheeru, we will do with Baldev. They smile.

Anami comes to Sudha and kids. She says I will tell you Mahabharat story, about Abhimanyu. Sudha says I remember it well, I will tell the story. She shows the drawings and says Abhimanyu had to enter the Mahabharat fight unwillingly, he didn’t to wish with family, he was fighting with family and against family. Kids ask her to say the complete story. She says Chakravyuh was made for Arjun, but Abhimanyu got trapped by cheat, there is nothing fair and unfair in war, its just for the victory. She eyes Lal Mahal and smiles. She says Abhimanyu got killed in the war. She shows Karn’s drawing and says he was the eldest brother of Pandavas, he didn’t get his rights, Duryodhan became his support, he planned Kurushetra and made Karn fight with family for the sake of family, this is your answer, Mahabharat was fought for the rights of family. Anami says it was not personal fight, it was a truth fight against Adharm. Sudha says for me, it was a war for rights. Anami asks then why did Gita state that Lord will come on earth to end Adharm, it was Krishna’s fight, which Pandavas have fought. Sudha says Krishna can know his Leela, but if I had written Mahabharat, I would have given the throne to Karn after the Kurushetra war.

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