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Family Secrets 29 June 2021: The Episode starts with Satrupa saying the thief knew about Kamini’s jewelry, where its placed, it means someone just planned this drama. Sudha recalls stealing Kamini’s jewelry. Sudha and Adhiraj leave and have a talk. He asks her about her family. He says you have a brother too, Purushottam. She says maybe you don’t have complete info, he is not in this world. He says when he died, you were in mental asylum, how can you say this with surety, last time you said you don’t remember anything. She asks him not to doubt on at least dead people. He says its our duty to doubt on criminals, alive or dead, any ways be careful, thief can come back to complete his work. He leaves.

Laddoo and Poonam do a drama. He plays Adhiraj. Anami comes and smiles seeing them. She asks him what’s happening. He praises Adhiraj. Poonam laughs. Laddoo says I also want to become CIB officer. Anami says its CBI. He says I have much courage, when I become CBI officer, everyone will salute me, I will kill all criminals. She asks him to have food. He runs to play.

Poonam asks Anami is she worried because of theft. Anami says no, I read Vatsalya’s dreams, he used to think about everyone, how did he get so good thoughts in his heart, he was very different, I wish I could fulfill his unique dreams, but Dada ji doesn’t believe me, what did I do to win his trust. Poonam says he will believe Vatsalya’s dreams, you just have to win Dada ji’s trust.

Dada ji says you told Adhiraj that someone from the house did this, do you mean Sudha did this. Satrupa says who else can it be. He agrees. He shows the file Anami got to him, Vatsalya prepared this report, he wanted to make school for workers’ children, Anami wants to fulfill his dream. She asks what did you say. He says I trust Vatsalya’s dreams, but not her capabilities, don’t know she can fulfill the dreams or not.

Family Secrets 29 June 2021 update: Kamini argues with Pujan. He acts sweet to calm her anger. She gets in his words. He says no need to stay here, I will make a palace for you soon. Purushottam calls Sudha. He asks did Anami suspect us. She says no, but Satrupa got a doubt, its good you left on time. He says nothing will happen, there is no change in Lal Mahal, I know every corner and way in Lal Mahal. He ends the call. A man sees him and picks wine bottle. Purushottam shouts on him. The man runs away.

Laddoo asks Anami and Satrupa to say, he will write. Anami says I m not able to understand, you have to write one story and got two people. He says it will get better, you both can say story. Satrupa says there was a beautiful princess, she was raised near the shore by priests. Anami says because her mum left her in childhood. Satrupa says her mum came to take her back. Anami says for her greed. Satrupa says for repentance, but princess had anger.

Anami says she had pain too, she wanted to know why was she left. Laddoo holds head, hearing them arguing and getting personal. He says you both tell a single story. Anami says fine, I will tell a good story, a princess was born. Satrupa says the the palace where she was born had many devils, who were waiting to attack her. Anami says the real enemy of that princess was her mum, she was the queen of that palace. Satrupa says that queen got enmity with the world to save her daughter. Anami says that princess had a brother, who came to her, he had a golden heart, he used to worry for others. Satrupa says he was the heart of the kingdom. Anami says family’s happiness was most imp to him. Satrupa says his name was…. Anami says Vatsalya. Laddoo asks what happened next. Anami says a prince comes to rescue princess in every story, but in this story, her brother came to tell her life’s real motive. Satrupa smiles.

Dadi asks Dada ji did Adhiraj call again. Satrupa comes. Dadi asks is everything fine. Satrupa says I want you to permit Anami to work on Vatsalya’s dream project, he is her weakness, we can’t get a better way to control her.

Family Secrets 29 June 2021: It’s morning, Anami gets ready. Satrupa and Dada ji come to Anami. Dada ji says you got a file for me, you want to fulfill Vatsalya’s dreams, start the new project without any delay, I promise, no one will interfere. She asks how did you change mind. Satrupa says there is a condition, understand this, we want to see your passion, every dream has a price, if you can pay the price, we are with you. Anami taunts her and asks the price. Satrupa says get Sudha’s sign on these papers, Sudha and Narottam won’t have a relation with Baldev. Anami says Narottam is his son. Dada ji says no, he is just a mistake, we want to forget him forever, its your decision, you support Narottam or those workers, don’t worry for Sudha and Narottam, we will give them much money for a luxurious life, think well.

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