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In Fire and Ice update monday 21st October 2019 on zee world, Kunj and Pallavi are meeting guests in their pre-engagement dinner.

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Pallavi aks Kunj who’s mixingliquid in water dispenser, says what are you doing? if anyone will drink this water then guests will getting ill, dont do this, Kunj doesnt listen to her and mixes medicine in water.

Twinkle says dont worry, once Rocky’s marriage payment is doen then everything will be fine, his contract amount is huge, Yuvi says yes and for that we have to work hard, lets go for arrangements, Twinkle thinks that i will have to face him again, i cant put all work pressure on Yuvi, he is already stressed about last night.

Yuvi says even if i had hurt, it wouldnt matter to you, Twinkle says you are mad? dont you think if will not be affected when you get hurt? you are my.. Yuvi says dont say that i am your best friend, i know you are not ready to listen what i am going to say but i am fully ready, Twinkle asks what you mean? Yuvi says 5years back when we married each other, there was no happiness from our sides.

I married you as my guilt conscious decision, as a rectifying mistake, and you married me as a sacrifice to keep your family happy, in these 5years we have fulfilled this relation with honesty, you fulfilled as my friend and i fulfilled as love, Twinkle says you.. he puts hand on her mouth and says i know this relation is a lie but this is beautiful truth of my life, any moment, every moment that i lived with you, i thanked God for making me live it with you, he holds her hand and says there was not a single day when i didnt your love truly.

Yuvi sees accounts on his laptop and says we did profit, Twinkle works to hard, i should gift her something, i can gift her car, she always keep asking me to take her everywhere, he promotes a car and says this is great car, he buys car for her. He says this best car for Twinkle and Twinkle would be happy to see it and i will be happy to see her happy.

Yuvi says i dont want to pressurize you, i just want to fulfill this relation with dedication, maybe your God is giving you sign to connect as husband and wife, just give me one chance, and i promise i wont break your heart, Twinkle says i know you wont let me down but why you are talking like this mad with me today? Yuvi says there is no love in which there is no little madness, the laugh, he asks her to get ready and dont cry, he leaves her room and says dont know she will understand my love.

Twinkle and Yuvi comes to Sarna house. Usha asks Twinkle if she is fine? she nods, Leela points Yuvi, they talk with eyes, Twinkle sees them hinting each other, she asks what happened maa? what you wanna see? Leela says i was thinking when he is going to police station, that goons need to get arrested, Twinkle says yes, it is, she asks how much goons destroyed? Babee says around 10-15lacs.

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