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Fire and Ice Update Thursday 17th October 2019 on zee world, starts as Yuvi’s injuries sustained after being beaten up by a boxer are being bandaged by Babee and Usha.

Babee feels so bad regarding to You’re injuries and vows to beat the boxer who beat up his son in such a way once he sees him. Yuvi says if i knew that you are so strong then i would have taken you instead of Twinkle, Usha says he has beat you so much still you are joking, why did you box with him, Twinkle comes and says this is all result of exhaustion of a mad man who shows his power on his fan.

Twinkle says i just went to talk but he was showing me tough looks, i know you wanna give him one chance but he is very arrogant, Yuvi says you fight with everyone, we need him for business, just think that if we get contract of such big celebrity then our business will be promoted, i will get fine in two, three days.

Twinkle comes to manager and takes his phone, he says what is this? we were waiting for him and you didnt tell us that he is not coming here? he doesnt have courtesy to apologize, he maybe a bug shot boxer but we have work too, he beat Yuvi so much then he made us wait, this is disgusting.

Servant comes there with flowers and gives it to Twinkle, she reads chit which says that i am sorry, i had to attend urgent meeting so i had to leave but i will meet you tomorrow, i am sure you are not miffed anymore seeing these flowers- from Rocky, Manager smiles at Twinkle, Twinkle murmurs that how does Rocky know that my mood lights up seeing these flowers?

Twinkle says i am serious and you are joking, i dont think we should plan Rocky’s business, we should stay away from him, dont know what kind of man he is, Yuvi says i am fit and fine, i think we should meet him, if we get contract of such big boxer then our business will grow, everyone will be happy, our family will be happy, Twinkle says but.. Yuvi says just think business will reach new heights, Twinkle is tensed.

Kunj is drinking wine and recalls Twinkle- Yuvi’s marriage, how Twinkle scolded him today for Yuvi, he drinks wine, Pallavi stops him and says enough, Kunj says she was standing infront of me and saying that she cares about her husband, that blo*dy Yuvi, unbelievable, how can someone change this much? my Twinkle, my wife who used to live for me, to live with me has forgotten everything and is with that blo*dy Yuvi? today i feel like she never loved me, dreams, promises with her was all lie, i used to give her example to people but i didnt know her real face

Yuvi and Twinkle comes to meet Rocky, Yuvi gets call, he says okay, he ends call and says we have to wait for Rocky, Twinkle says we decided to meet him and now we have to wait for him? he is so unprofessional, Yuvi says we will wait for a while. Twinkle and Yuvi waits for him for much time, assistant comes and says Rocky is not coming here, he directly left from boxing ring, Twinkle gets angry and says he called us here and made us wait and now he is not coming, she goes to talk to his manager, Yuvi goes behind her.

Kunj is working out in his room. Twinkle comes there with flowers, he looks at her and says you? Twinkle throws his flowers on floor and says i dont need your flowers or your apology, why did you say sorry? because you made us wait or because you showed your useless talent on my innocent husband? Kunj gets angry listening this, Twinkle says what if anything had happen to my husband?

i dont care if you are international boxer, i only care about my husband, i didnt want to see your face again as you angered me so much but my husband is so nice that he asked me to come here for meeting but you are so shameless, we dont need your flowers or your contract, she tears contract and stares him angrily, she leaves from there, Kunj gets angry and flinches his knuckles.

Twinkle says i dont care about money or fame, its better to not work then working with him, you are important for me, you are my husband and my best friend and anyone who behaves this way with you, i wont work with him, Usha says you both decide everything but keep loving and be with each other like this, Babee asks whom is he marrying? i want to gossip it with my friends, Twinkle says i dont know who is marrying him but dont know how that girl will survive with that arrogant man, poor girl.

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