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In Fire and Ice update Wednesday 23rd October 2019 on Starlife, Yuvi gets tensed following after police siren is being heard, Rocky smirks, Yuvi sees Rocky’s leg bleeding, Rocky says now you know my game? i am dont lose, Rocky Singh is player, police will come here and will think that you are criminal and i am innocent, he throws gun at him and says what will you do now?

Rocky brings Twinkle home, she is unconscious, Babee says thank God Twinkle is back, she asks Manohar to call Leela. Babee says thank you Rocky, you should long live, thanks for this.

Yuvi comes to some shop and hides inside, he sees police outside and gets tensed. He is injured and tired too. He says think like a kidnapper, if i had to kidnap someone then where would i keep that person? he gets idea to check in Rocky’s house.

Rocky says do i have to tell you? you are smart as you got key so find her too yourself, Yuvi says i will kill you, he grabs him and starts beating Rocky and says you kidnapped my wife, you gave stress to my family, i dont know you still you tortured me why? Rocky says you deserve this, the more bad with you the more less it is.

Yuvi pushes him away and says if you try to harm my family then i will snatch your eyes, when you people will know that world famous boxer is kidnapper, people will spit on your face, Rocky says you think you can win over me? i can knock you out with my one punch, Yuvi says you cant win over me as truth always wins, and my love for my Twinkle is true, where is she?

Police is coming down to godown. Yuvi is running away from there. Rocky gets up and says just see Yuvi how i break your image infront of world, you took my place in my family and wiped my identity in my house but now i will play same game with you, not only Sarna family but whole world will hate you like earlier, you tried to become hero but i will make you villain infront of all, i got hit by bullet but you will bear consequences.

Rocky has called media and tells them that i went to godown to help Yuvi but he fired bullet at me, i promise to find Twinkle and free her from Yuvi’s clutches. Yuvil sees his media talk and gets tensed. Leela sees everything on Tv and says what is happening? police must be behind Yuvi, dont know in which danger he is, she calls him but he doesnt pick up call.

Rocky says so much true love? take this key and try it everywhere, wherever it fits, there is Twinkle there and you free her. Yuvi bends to pick up key from ground but Rocky points gun at him, Yuvi is shocked, Rocky angrily looks at him but someone fires bullet as Rocky’s leg, Rocky falls down and winces in pain.

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