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Mahek involves temple and prays for Neev’s life. Shaurya involves Vicky. They each look into the video and see the quantity of the car. Shaurya says decide whose automobile is that this. I won’t leave them. Shaaurya involves Archie’s house with police. She says what happened. Shaurya says inspector this is often Archie and thats her begetter. That car belongs to those individuals. Arrest them. Her begetter says please listen Shaurya.

Police arrests them each.. Archie says Shaurya says that was an accident. Please hear Maine. Shaurya says don’t attempt to hide your mistake. She virtually killed a toddler for her jealousy. You were making an attempt ti check that that Mahek stays aaway from me.

Her dady says what proof you have got that Archie did this? Shaurya throws footage on his face. He says look into these footage. He says please listen Shaurya.

the one WHO hit neev is behind mars. Mahek saays who is that person? will we understand him? Shaurya says in station Archie shouldn’t be bailed at any case. Mahek involves station and slaps Archie. She says I helped you and you probably did this. Inspector says you can’t hit anyone in station. Mahek says law can penalise her. If I had to, i might are worse. Archie says your anger is truthful.

This slap can take me back to the fact of what happened. begetter you won’t beg anyone. this is often my penalty and my take a look at.
Shaurya says i will be able to drop you to hospital. Mahek says i want to require Neev’s stuff. Shaurya says however did you facilitate Archie?
Khurana says to Shaurya they’re speech that Archie was in her clinic at that point. this is often her prescription. Shaurya says they have to have bought some individuals. Archie says to her begetter do one thing. Archie says I can’t let this happen to you. I can’t see you behind bars thus i will be able to obtain your sin. She says this as a result of Shaurya is comign in.

Shaurya hits her begetter. He says you {are|you’re} holding your girl visit jail attributable to your sin? These are the papers of the car. Shaurya says I actually have the complete cctv footage. Archie says i’m sorry begetter. you probably did this all on behalf of me. Archie says please pardon my begetter Shaurya. He did this on behalf of me. Khurana says we’ve got all the proofs against Arvin. Inspector releases Archie and arrests Arvin. Archie hugs arvin and says many thanks begetter.

He says what’s this Archie. She says many thanks begetter and leaves. Mahek says to Archie i’m sorry. Archie says you probably did this as a mother. and that i did that as a girl. And my begetter did all that as a result of he couldn’t see Maine. He isn’t a nasty man. He did this as a result of he very loves Maine. Mahek saays he doesn’t be a pardon. Shaurya says to Mahek lets go.
Constable comes and says to Shaurya your phone was left within. He gets a decision from research lab and says okay i’m returning. he says I actually have to travel i will be able to see you later.

Mahek says okay i will be able to return. Adhi says i want to have faith in it. She leaves. Hindu deity says to Adhi I told you you’d be fine before long. you have got to try and do some exercises. Adhi says okay begin.She says you didn’t scold? He says you are doing what you have got to try and do anyway. She starts his exercise.

The nurse from {lab|laboratory|research research lab|research laboratory|science lab|science laboratory|workplace|work} tells Archie that Shaurya had polymer tests from the lab. however I couldn’t notice the other information there’s an excessive amount of security.
Shaurya is on his manner. Archie says I actually have to try and do one thing before Shaurya reaches the research lab. I actually have to prevent this at any value. Julie says attributable to you my son is in jail. Mahek says i’m progressing to jail. Julie says you look after your son what concerning mine? he’s in jail. Mahek says i will be able to save Neeev’s life initial. i’m operating with Shauryaa solely as a result of I actually have to urge Mandhar out of jail. Julie says you wish his cash.

You are cheating on Mandhar. Mahek says someday i will be able to prove these allegations on me wrong and find Mandhar out of jail. Shaurya involves the research lab. Doctor says you havr wait outisde. Shaurya says I perceive however this take a look at is vital. i would like to urge the report. She says don’t worry we’ve got security there. Shaurya says report ought to return to me directly. She says i will be able to decision you please wait outside.
Archie is outside disguised as nurse. She involves the electrical space. She says initial the research lab can burn and so whole hospital.

Mahek and neev can die in addition. She spills oil and sets the area lighted .
Watchman screams the hospital is lighted . Mahek and neev ar disturbed. Mahek says don’t worry i will be able to take you out of here. Mahek tries to travel out. Shaurya says Mahek and Neev are within. He goes in. folks ar running out. Neev faints Mahek screams for facilitate.
Archie says why is Shaurya not out yet? Is he gonna damage himself for that Mahek? Shaurya involves Mahek’s space and breaks the foor. there’s hearth all between them. Shaurya reaches them. He takes neev out initial and comes back. He hugs Mahek.
Shaurya picks Mahek. The song main phir bhi stomach knockout chahunga plays in background. Shaurya takes Mahek out. Her head hurts.

She sees flashmbacks of once he saved her before. Mahek says what am I seeing? once did i get stuck in hearth before? once did he save me before? What am I seeing? Mahek says wherever is Neev? Shaurya says Neev is safe. Neev comes there. Mahek says are you okay? He says affirmative i’m okay ma. He hugs everybody and says we must always hug those who help us.
Shaurya says to Mahek are you okay? Neev says hero you saved us there was most fireplace. You saved us. Shaurya says I had to guard you and your mummy. He says ma give thanks hero. He saved you prefer a true hero. Mahek says lets go Neev.

You need rest. Kanta and Jeevan come back there. Neev says hero saved us. ma hug annd give thanks him. Shuarya says i’m your friend you dont’ need to say thanks. Neev says no we’ve got to mention thanks. He says ma come back on i’m necking him you hug him too. Mahek hugs him and says many thanks. Shaurya smiles. Neev says many thanks for saving us hero. Shaurya remembers the hug. He says these days once you hugged me I felt once more that you simply are my Mahek solely.
Mahek sees flashbacks once more.

She says why can’t I stop myself? Mahek says I ne’er saw such flashbacks before. Whom may I tell this. I would like I may tell all this to somebody. nobody has answers. I dont’ grasp what to try and do.

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