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Game of Love 28 July 2020: Game of Love update Tuesday 28 July 2020, Shivaye says our love doesn’t need the approval of strangers. Anika says but love needs society’s approval, so people marry in a grand way. Rudra says yes, when people come home, we show them marriage album. Bhavya says but we don’t keep the marriage album in any public library. Gauri agrees with her. She says we should treasure the moments, we don’t show the treasure to people, its wrong. Om asks why, its a matter of personal choice, who are we to judge them like this. Rudra says yes, I keep posting everything on social media. Dadi jokes on him. She asks who is bothered to know about you. Om says maybe people posts things for themselves, I have posted Gauri’s pic so that I can show Gauri how much I love her, how much I value her, there was a time when I couldn’t give her importance, what’s wrong.

Shivaye says Om your intention was right, but why did Anika do this. Dadi asks Anika does she not trust Shivaye’s love. Anika says I trust Shivay more than I trust myself. Dadi asks then why, you should express love to the person you love, not people. Gauri says I m saying the same to Om, Om did this for me, but I didn’t like it, I felt like reporters are mocking me. Bhavya says yes, sometimes we give a chance to people to make fun of us, Rudra had uploaded my pic, but he is not ready to show me because I know someone has commented bad. She reads the comment…. When did I say she is mine, you can keep her for yourself, she is too old for me…..

She says its okay, lets read what’s written. She cries. Dadi says why are you getting disappointed. Dadi asks Rudra to see what he has done. Rudra says I m sorry Bhavya, I don’t know who has commented this, please don’t cry, you know how much I love you. Dadi says tell it to the person whom you love. Dadi asks why did you need to show everyone, what will you get in reward.

Game of Love update Tuesday 28 July 2020: Dadi says Anika, Om, did I say anything wrong… Shivaye says social media is a virtual world, it has nothing to do with actual life, our so called friends on social media, do we know them, will they come to see you when you fall ill, don’t make your actual life a circus for strangers. Dadi says the moments you are trying to capture, are not meant to be captured, you need to live them, love should be expressed by eyes, stop looking at your phone and start looking at your partner, then you will see what’s life. Anika cries and says sorry, you lost your deal because of me. Shivaye wipes her tears and says no deal is imp than you. She says sorry. Rudra says if everything is fine, shall I take a selfie. Dadi asks him to get a beating too. They smile.

Its morning, Shivaye gives medicine to Sahil and asks him to have it. He says your infection is in control because of it, have it. Sahil takes the pill. Shivaye says there is a good news, according to latest reports and scans, your infection is under control because of this medicine, you may not need a surgery. Sahil asks really, can I go to my boarding school. Shivaye says yes, but I don’t want you to go there, I want you to stay with me. Sahil asks what about my education. He jokes. Shivaye says we will talk to Anika about your studies.

Anika enjoys the ride. She gets a jerk and asks what happened. Driver says someone has hit our car, please be seated, I will check. The lady gets angry on the driver and insults him. Driver says you came from the wrong route. The lady says you think I don’t know traffic rules, you idiot. She pushes him. Anika gets down the car and says you have come from the wrong route, you have bumped into my car, you are scolding my drive, isn’t it wrong. The lady says shut up, I m talking to this stupid driver. Anika says I respect elders, you are really narrow minded, I will give you a tight slap if you touch my driver. People laugh. The lady says your language shows which class you belong. Anika says you created this drama, which shows your class. The lady says mind your language HMT. Anika asks what HMT. The lady says Hindi medium type, illiterate girl. Anika asks her to stop, where is she going. The lady leaves in the car. Anika says she was not bold enough to stay back and talk. She asks the people to go, drama is over.

Game of Love update Tuesday 28 July 2020: Sahil reads about photosynthesis. Anika comes to him and asks are you studying. He says yes, do you know meaning of photosynthesis. She says yes, maybe any filter of photo in phone. He laughs and says don’t you know about it. She says you know it, then why are you asking me, I have been teaching you. He says I was just joking. She says study well. Shivaye comes and says I was waiting for you, I need to talk about Sahil, we have to remove him from boarding school, we have to get him admitted here, I want Sahil to stay with us, so I have already spoken in school for his admission, have a look at the admission form. She says its same school where you studied. He says yes, not just me, Omru and Priyanka studied here, Sahil will study here and continue the legacy, this is one of the best english medium schools, if Sahil studies here, it will be a matter of great pride and prestige. She says no, he will just study english and start showing off, no need, we will get him admitted in a good school nearby. He says his future will be set if he goes here. She says he will work hard and make his future, I have decided. Shivaye asks what happened to her.

Rudra asks Shivaye to come for lunch. Shivaye says T 20 league is going to start, and we haven’t decided the captain for super smashers. Rudra says you are the best, you punched Viraj so hard that he can never play again. Om does shayari. Shivaye asks where are the seniors. Gauri says everyone went along with Dadi to attend a wedding. Rudra asks Shivaye to sit with them, so that they can get a feel of Obros and Obahus. Shivaye says there are some aloo parathas. Rudra says Okra is my fav. Gauri says what’s Okra, its Bhindi. Om says Gauri, Bhindi is called Okra in English. Anika says English is torturing us a lot. Rudra calls her funny. Shivaye asks her about the accident. Anika says yes, it was not driver’s fault, it was the lady’s fault.

Rudra jokes. Shivaye asks why didn’t you ask me. She says such things shouldn’t be remembered and repeated. Om asks did you decide who will become captain. Rudra says Shivaye will become the captain. Shivaye says playing as a hobby is different, but professional cricket is not my cup of tea. Anika says I will make tea for you. Shivaye says I didn’t mean tea, its basically an idiom. Om says its a saying. They laugh. Shivaye says like I m not interested in something, or I m not made for something, not my cup of tea. Rudra says you shouldn’t even try it if you can’t do it, to be honest, you and English are not made for each other, its like Saas bahu relation. He laughs. Anika says I will bring some rice. She goes. Gauri goes after her. Anika cries.

Gauri asks the matter. She says you can hide your tears, not your pain, I know you felt bad whatever happened at the dining table. Anika says no, I didn’t feel bad of Shivaye and Rudra’s words, whatever they said wasn’t wrong, if something is lacking, its me, both of us are lacking, the three brothers are highly educated, they have studied in good english medium school, we know nothing about english, we get scared of english, no doubt, Shivaye never made me realize this fault, but I know where I stand, both of us know where we stand, look at Shivaye, he went abroad to study, I can’t even speak 2-3 lines in English. Gauri says I know, you are right, I have realized how imp is education, when I was in Bareilly, I used to be proud and say I have studied till 5th grade, when I met Om, I felt really ashamed of my education. Anika says I have studied only till 10th, that too hindi medium.

Game of Love update Tuesday 28 July 2020: Gauri asks why didn’t you study. Anika says I had to look after Sahil, I had to do some job to run the house, I had to leave education. Gauri says its strange, we have made a way to our husband’s heart, I even tried to learn English, I think we can never eliminate this difference. Anika says I don’t know if I can achieve this or not, but I won’t let that happen to Sahil, Shivaye is right, we have to put him in english medium school so that he doesn’t feel ashamed like us, I have decided. Gauri agrees.

Anika asks Shivaye about setting an alarm. He says set it for 7am, but why are you setting it. She says I don’t wake up until alarm rings. He asks where do you have to go in morning. She says we need to go for interview for Sahil’s admission, I have signed on the form, you were right, we must educate Sahil in a good school. He says I m happy you understood my point. She says we understand few things late. He says lets keep this aside, come on. She says you are really happy. He hugs her.

Twist of Fate 25th July 2020 on zee world

Shivaye says this is the school where I studied. Anika says it looks classy. He asks her to come. A man says Shivaye, how are you. Shivaye says my science teacher, Mr. Kalra, Anika is my wife. Kalra praises Shivaye. He asks how did you happen to come here. Shivaye says we had to get Anika’s brother’s admission here, we have a meeting with principal.

Kalra wishes all the best and goes. Shivaye gets a call and says I have to attend a call, go and meet the principal. She says no, finish the call, we will go together. He says we can’t make principal wait, go. She says don’t know what will she ask. He says just go, it will be just about Sahil. She says I shouldn’t be scared, principal isn’t a monster. She goes to ask. The lady takes her to principal’s office. Anika and principal get shocked seeing each other. They recall the meet. Principal says you HMT, how dare you enter my office without permission. The lady says Anika is Shivaye’s wife. Principal asks what, you are Shivaye’s wife, he is a Cambridge pass out and you are HMT, how can you be his wife. Anika asks why not, did he had to marry my degrees, just because I can’t speak in English, it doesn’t mean I m illiterate, I m educated.

Principal says we will see how much educated you are, tell me about your child. Anika says I wanted my brother Sahil’s admission to be done, he is very sensible, he is ranked first in class. Principal jokes. Anika says Sahil always stands first in class. Principal says our school is English medium, we have some standard, I will make sure your and Sahil’s standard matches with us, else students and parents will complain. Anika says my brother…The ladies laugh. Anika says Sahil really is very really…..hardworking, work hard…. Principal says its hardworking sweetheart, seeing your english, I can imagine your brother’s english, tell me, which school did you go to. Anika says I have studied till tenth grade. Principal says tenth grade, you want your brother’s admission to be done here, with children of these women.

Game of Love update Tuesday 28 July 2020: She introduces the educated women. Shivaye comes and greets the principal Mrs. Raichand. He says you met my wife Anika. Mrs. Raichand says yes, it was pleasure talking to her. He asks the admission formalities. She says nothing much, we take interview of parents, we will have to do it with you, as you are guardians. He says then lets do it. She says how can we interview you, you have studied here and you are the Shivaye Singh Oberoi moreover, this interview is about mother, children spend much time with mothers, we will be interviewing your wife, then you can meet the chairman. He says I will take your leave, I will wait outside. He goes. Mrs. Raichand asks Anika to have water, she will need it. She says I m giving you a second chance just because of Shivaye, I will ask simple questions, if you answer any one right, your brother’s admission will happen. She says plural of box is boxes, what’s the plural of Ox.

Anika says oxes. Mrs. Raichand says so expected, wrong, its Oxen, okay, the next question, when did Napoleon die, don’t say you don’t know Napoleon, guys you should record this, lets have fun, share it on social media, people should know the standard of HMT, such people are not welcomed in our school, the next question is… Anika cries and says no need, I understood what you mean to say. She runs out. Shivaye smiles seeing his name on the toppers board. He asks Anika to see, his name is first on toppers list and sports list. He says I wish Sahil’s name is also in the toppers list one day, what happened, you are crying. She says I failed, I failed you and Sahil too. He asks what happened, tell me. She says sorry Shivaye, I have let you down today, Sahil’s future is ruined. He asks what happened. She says he is not handicapped, I m handicapped, I couldn’t get a chance for him which he deserved, principal asked me few questions, I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t speak english, I failed, how will I teach Sahil. He asks what happened inside, tell me. She tells him.

Chairman asks did Shivaye and his wife not come. Mrs. Raichand says Anika didn’t clear the interview and ran away. Shivaye says Anika is not someone who runs off. Mrs. Raichand says Anika couldn’t clear the interview, have a look at the report. Chairman says sorry, your wife…. Shivaye says she doesn’t know English, I know what Mrs. Raichand told, I know parents are judged before giving admission to children, we should also be given a chance to judge the teachers, we should be sure if principal and faculty are capable to teach children well, we should get a chance to interview the faculty. Principal says you have a point, I assure you, our faculty will pass in your interview, go ahead. Shivaye signs Anika.

She asks do you know the meaning of Anupras Alankar. Principal asks what is it. Shivaye asks don’t you know it. She says because its an english medium school. He says but english is taught here, our mother tongue is Hindi, its a compulsory subject in every school, I didn’t know that principal of a famous school didn’t know the meaning of Anupras Alankar. She says hindi is not my language. He says similarly, English is not my wife Anika’s language, tell her what’s Anupras alankar. Anika says certain words used as adornments in an poem, like Raghupathi Raghav Raja Ram… Shivaye says impress, now recite that poem. She recites. Everyone claps for them. He says maybe you all didn’t understand what she said, she has said that in Hindi. He translates for them.

He says the woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, you would understand this, Robert Lee Frost from England, Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan had translated this poem in Hindi. He asks Mrs. Raichand is our mother tongue hindi or english, hindi right, why can’t children of hindi speaking parents study in english medium schools, you teachers have to teach them, why are parents interviews, can’t we dream a good future for them, teacher means power and knowledge, you can make the future better, you are creating language barriers for them, I think you should give them admissions on the basis of grades, I will make Sahil’s grades easier for you to see, how many marks did he score in English, 99 %, I will tell you, who is Sahil.

He gets Anika to them and says Sahil is Anika’s brother, Anika doesn’t know English, your principal doesn’t know Hindi, I want to know by what right did she insult my wife, I can take the matter in media and get this school shut down, I will not do this, this school belongs to all the students who study here, this school belongs to me, this is our problem, we have made english a class barrier, if we don’t respect our mother tongue, how can we expect from others, we should be proud to be indians and not feel shame to talk in hindi, Anika and I wanted Sahil to study here, but not anymore, teachers don’t know hindi here.

Chairman stops him and says give me a min, I would like to apologize on behalf of Mrs. Raichand, I would like to thank you for telling us an imp point, I will make sure parents and children are not judged on the basis of language, I request you to get Sahil admitted here, our school will see the potential of kids. Principal asks the hindi term. Anika says it means ability. Shivaye and everyone clap. Anika smiles. They hold hands and come out. She says you taught a good lesson to that woman. Shivaye says you have learnt a lesson too, you are perfect the way you are, you will always be Khidkitod, no matter what language you speak, did you get it. She says I get it, I got it. They smile and leave.

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