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Game of Love Update 30th September 2019 Starlife have it that Khanna is by all accounts securing Shivaye by lying on acting blameless in the wake of being addressed by Anika.

Jhanvi says Tej came clean that Shivaye slaughtered him, he constantly used to state that somebody doesn’t turn into a child on the off chance that we respect along these lines, Shivaye demonstrated this, Shivaye demolished my family. Om asks Shivaye to come clean. Papers tumble down the document. Om gets papers and says Shivaye got all stocks on his name. Rudra asks what does it mean. Jhanvi says Tej consistently said that Shivaye needs to grab your property, you never tuned in to Tej, Shivaye got all offers on his name. Dadi slaps Shivaye. Everybody cries. Anika says no Om, this can’t occur, you know the amount Shivaye cherishes all of you, Shivaye come clean with them, its somebody’s modest arrangement. Om yells hold up a min.

He asks Shivaye is this valid. He pushes Shivaye and yells, my father consistently said you aren’t great, is this valid. Rudra reviews Tej’s words and cries. Om says we battled with Tej, how could you slaughter Tej, how. Anika asks Shivaye to state reality, what is he stowing away. Shivaye figures I can hold up under their scorn, I don’t need my siblings to abhor their father. He says Tej said right, I murdered him. They all get stunned. He says Tej said everything genuine, I didn’t care for his obstruction in business, I got all offers on my name, we had a contention, I irately shot him. Anika asks did you lose your brain, for what reason are you lying, state reality, if it’s not too much trouble . I will pass on without you, if it’s not too much trouble Shivaye… .. He makes her away and says truth is I murdered him. Everybody cries.

Anika holds Shivaye and cries. Anika says don’t do this. Bhavya accompanies group. Anika asks Shivaye to state reality, he can’t murder anybody. Shivaye says I acknowledge my wrongdoing, I executed Tej. Khanna cries. Anika yells no, leave him, Shivaye state something, Om please clarify Shivaye, there is some central explanation which Shivaye is covering up. Om says official, get my father’s killer carefully rebuffed. Rudra says remove him, else one more murder will happen today. Anika asks how might you say this. Jhanvi says he acknowledged his wrongdoing Anika. Anika says I can’t give you a chance to take Shivaye. She cries and asks to everybody. She follows Shivaye. Bhavya takes Shivaye in the vehicle. Shivaye cries seeing Anika. Anika cries and pursues the jeep. Shivaye gets imprisoned. Media says Shivaye acknowledged his wrongdoing of executing Tej, even his mum Pinky was accused for homicide numerous years prior.

Following five years, Anika gets ready for puja. Omru check game plans. Anika lights diya. Anika asks Khanna to get the vehicle, we will leave now, he will do the puja once he comes. Khanna says our hold up will end today. Anika says pause and tests, both will end. Khanna goes. She implores that everything gets fine. Dadi asks where are my bahus. Om says they are occupied in preparing. Gauri and Bhavya come ground floor. Dadi compliments them and grins. They come and embraces Dadi. Gauri embraces Om. Bhavya embraces Rudra. They all embrace Dadi. Dadi says I will consistently lament that I couldn’t do your marriage in fabulous manner, I m upbeat that my grandsons got great spouses. Om requests that Gauri come and enhance symbol. Gauri signs Bhavya. Bhavya says we will check pandit list once. Om goes with her. Gauri calls Anika and asks did you leave. Anika says not yet, I m simply leaving. Khanna asks Anika to come. Anika says I will come and meet, you handle everything. Rudra says yes pandit ji, I have sent the vehicle, we are hanging tight for you. Anika asks Khanna to come quick, its daily of bliss. Media is outside the prison. Journalist says Shivaye is getting discharged before the term in view of his great lead. Anika comes there. Khanna stops media. Anika asks where is he at that point. Constable says we don’t have a clue, he went that way. Columnist asks what, Shivaye got discharged, we will ask Anika. Anika runs some place and yells Shivaye. She sees the congregation.

Anika goes to the congregation and sees Shivaye staying there. She goes to him. She says Shivaye… and embraces him. He sits still, aloof. She cries and says I went to imprison, you left previously, we will return home. He says that is not my home. She says what are you saying, its your home. He says perhaps, however I m not of that house now. She says lets overlook the past. He asks in what capacity will I overlook, can Dadi overlook her child, can Jhanvi overlook her better half, can Omru overlook their father, this enormous injury can’t recuperate, the injury will get new when they see me. She says you can’t flee from family, would you be able to live without them, court additionally said you did the homicide in self preservation. He says this doesn’t change reality that I have submitted Tej’s homicide, I m the guilty party, I have grabbed Omru’s dad I can’t return home. She asks where are you going. He says don’t have the foggiest idea. She requests that he accompany her.

She takes him to ask. She says I can comprehend your agony, I know its simple for this Ram to come back to Ayodhya, however you need to cross thusly, regardless of whether numerous issues come, recollect a certain something, you aren’t the only one, I m consistently with you, your family and I need you a great deal, kindly for the wellbeing of I. They cry. He lights a flame. They leave. Correspondents see them and encompass. They ask Shivaye how was your stay in prison, will you continue your privately-owned company once more. Anika asks them not to meddle in their own issue. She asks Shivaye to answer them like consistently and shut them up. Shivaye reviews his days of yore. He says they are stating reality. Journalist jokes and snickers on him. Anika yells shut up, enough, all of you ought to be embarrassed, a man got free from prison following five years and didn’t return home, you accompanied camera to ridicule him, your channel gets TRP by his name, in the event that you don’t close cameras, it won’t be great. She takes Shivaye.

Two pandits contend. Omru ask pandit to come, Dadi is pausing. Pandit says this pandit is stating you called him for puja. Rudra says sorry. Other pandit says no, Anika has called me for puja here. Om says then you pause, our pandit will do our puja, this puja is pixie. We are getting a major agreement, we shouldn’t miss it. Rudra says and you… .go that side. Two sanctuaries are found in the house. Dadi goes to light the diya. She says its a major terrible sign if diya doesn’t lit. She attempts once more. She lights the diya. Shivaye steps in. Smash Ram… plays… . Everybody sees Shivaye with Anika. Shivaye reviews his great days. Anika holds him. Omru look on. Shivaye strolls to them. Rudra tosses the puja plate in the middle. Shivaye stops. Pandit asks what did you do, its abshagun if puja plate falls. Rudra says abshagun has occurred, as somebody’s unfortunate advances have gotten back home, Om call the attorney and ask how did our father’s killer get free.

Om asks Shivaye to avoid them. He asks pandit to begin the puja, this isn’t our sibling. Rudra says he is our father’s killer, he got free in five years. Bhavya says unwind, he got discharged by his great conduct, its demonstrated in court that he did the homicide in self preservation. Rudra says we as a whole realize it was an all around arranged homicide, I recollect the day when Tej passed on as a result of this man. Rudra reproves Shivaye. Anika says it would be ideal if you stop it, you vented our annoyance, you didn’t think what is Shivaye experiencing. Dadi says what regarding us, what we are experiencing seeing him.

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