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Game of Love update Friday 11th October 2019 on Starlife, kick begins as Rudra inquires as to for what reason are you biting the dust for marriage, I have even lost in wagering, I didn’t decline to give cash.

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Shivaye says don’t stress for Bhavya, control your costs, I spoilt you, I will change you, we are getting late for gathering, come. Rudra won’t. Shivaye says this is your concern.

She says you are attempting to make me away, you are harming me and yourself likewise, what do you need. She signs the papers and requests that he take it. She asks are you upbeat at this point. She says yet I m disturbed. She tears the papers severely and dunks it in water container.

She says truly, its your day by day show, you wedded me persuasively, would not acknowledge me, and afterward gave me legal documents, you acknowledged me and now you got legal documents following five years once more.

Shivaye says no utilization to call the bank, I have checked all records, I became acquainted with you are spending an excessive amount of cash, you will get month to month stipend. Rudra says I was youthful previously, presently I m wedded, I have obligation.

She requests that he take dozing pill and rest for quite a while. He says you are messing with separation. She says simply take this. He tosses the water glass. He requests that her sign the legal documents. He holds her hand and says I m not done at this point.

Anika checks the papers and cries. She says nobody else can do this, legal documents on Karwachauth day, no one but Shivaye can do this, I didn’t care for this blessing. Roop says separate… . Shivayel proceeds to think sorry, I m making you cry only for your satisfaction.

Roop comes to Rudra and says Shivaye let you know all over today, he will never give you a chance to grow up. Rudra says how could he say this, he overlooked his deeds. Roop says you are here to remind his deeds. Rudra asks what do you mean.

She reminds how Shivaye was the point at which he originated from prison, make him the equivalent, at that point your direction will be clear. He asks how. She requests that he have almonds, hone mind, advise him that he is Tej’s killer, do this with the goal that he believes he is frantic, at that point Shivaye will go medical clinic and you will sit on the seat of the proprietor of Oberoi domain.

Shivaye says what happened to lights. He checks the entryway. He attempts to open windows. He reviews the correctional facility time. He stresses. He attempts to get water. He thinks for what reason am I discovering hard to breath. Om comes and asks are you fine. Shivaye says indeed, I dropped the container unintentionally.

Roop sees Gauri and Bhavya on telephones. She figures for what reason did they go to visitor room along these lines. Anika likewise goes to visitor room. Roop says even she went, I think they are accomplishing something, their arrangement won’t succeed.

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