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Game of Love 14 May 2021: Game of Love update Friday 14th May 2021, Anika sees Shivaye and goes to kitchen. She says you will be applying haldi to me Shivaye. She recalls his words. She places her hands on the hot tava and screams. Shivaye hears her and says Anika… he says you are so accident prone, you got locked in safe and now burnt your hands. Gauri and Priyanka ask how did this happen.

Anika says I thought to prepare some special dish as we all are together, I didn’t know the tava is hot, I went to pick it. He says what was the need to lift it with hands, you could have called Khanna or me. She says you are questioning me, you didn’t even ask how would I get haldi applied, it just seems to be a dream now. Jhanvi says her hands are burnt, show some care Shivaye. Anika says show some care. Om says she is trying a lot, apply her haldi. Jhanvi says come on, apply haldi to her. Gauri gets haldi. Jhanvi says her wounds will heal with haldi. Everyone insists. Shivaye applies haldi to Anika. Om takes the pics. O jaana….plays….. Priyanka and others also apply haldi to her. Anika smiles.

Anika comes to Shivaye and says I have won, wife has to do a lot to bring her husband to the right path. He says you have won by cheating, you had burnt your hands. She says so what, you have applied haldi to me. He says you are mad. She says you have to spend your entire life with me. He asks why are you here now. She says you didn’t say that you care. He says I don’t care. She stumbles. She falls over her. He holds her. He gets the haldi applied on his cheek by her cheeks. Yeh moh moh….plays… She says now our haldi got completed, you have proved often that you care for me, you will admit this soon, this is my promise to you. She smiles and goes. Anika asks Gauri will you sleep on left side or on the right. Jhanvi asks what are you doing here, you are newly married, you should be in your room. Jhanvi and Anika come to Shivaye.

Jhanvi asks what’s going on between you two, you both are sleeping in different rooms. Anika says he is upset with me, I got my hands burnt and got locked in room, he scolded me thinking I m careless, so I went to sleep in Gauri’s room. He says yes. Jhanvi asks are you sure this is the issue, listen, husband and wife have fights, but only when there is love and rights, sort out the fights before sleeping, because sleeping in separate rooms increases the distance. They nod. Jhanvi says don’t dare to sleep in separate rooms now, promise. They nod. Jhanvi goes and turns. Anika says your hair is so dry, come I will apply some oil. Jhanvi goes. Shivaye asks what’s this. Anika says you created this problem, did I ask you to get me married from this house, how would you answer Tej and Jhanvi if I was marrying Nikhil in front of them, apply some oil on your hair. He asks what’s this. She says a wife does everything for her husband.

He says I don’t want to know wife’s duties or this thing. She says any ways, my hands are burnt, I can’t apply the oil, I m feeling sleeping. He asks what are you doing there, you sleep on bed, I will sleep on sofa. She asks what’s the problem, do you care about me. He says why do you always get stuck on that topic, you are a girl, its against my principles that you sleep on sofa. She says its against my principles to sleep on bed. They ask each other to sleep on bed. He says so you won’t sleep on bed, fine, I won’t sleep either. He sleeps on the ground. She also comes to sleep on ground. He asks her to sleep on sofa. She says you are my husband, its wrong if husband sleeps on ground and wife sleeps on sofa. He says I don’t care. She smiles and turns to him.

He looks at her and asks why are you staring. She says I m not staring, I m looking at you, like you are looking at me. He says I m looking at you to know why you are looking at me, turn that side. She asks do you care. He says stop it, turn around. She says if you are troubled, turn that side. He sleeps. She smiles seeing him. He turns to her side and opens eyes. He sees her staring again and turns away. She sings Chandu hai tu….. He says what are you doing. She says its called a lullaby. He says I know, who sings a lullaby so late at night. She says I have to sing a lullaby as a wife does this when husband doesn’t get sleep. He says don’t do anything, I wasn’t getting sleep as I was wearing the shoes. She asks didn’t you like my lullaby. He says I have an imp meeting tomorrow, please let me sleep. She says so you liked it, right.

Shivaye dreams of Pinky and Shakti’s argument. He screams and wakes up. Anika wakes up and says its fine, it was just a bad dream, you are fine. He says I m okay. She says some memories don’t leave us even in dreams, they were those memories right. He says I don’t want to talk about it. She says fine, we will not talk about it till you want, but please don’t hurt yourself, please sleep on the bed. He says I don’t care where I sleep. She says but it matters a lot to me, I feel bad seeing you in pain, I do care for you. They cry. She says please sleep well, you won’t get any dreams. He sleeps in her lap.

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