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Game of Love 16 October 2020: Game of Love Friday update 16th October 2020, Shivaansh asks won’t the film make 300 crores. Avi says it looks tough to cross 200 crores. Aasya says listen to me, it will touch 300 crores. Nani reads the criticism. She says even old heroes did just romance, we don’t want action hero, you have done a good work. Dadi says you are my superstar, people create a controversy or get item song in the film, you don’t do this. Nani says a film flopped, it worked when a controversy happened. He says I can’t give my life to make the film work. Nani says we didn’t mean that. Avi gets the distributor’s call. Shivaansh asks what happened. Avi says he said opening is good, but its lacking somewhere. Shivaansh goes to his room. Aditi says we have to go in Kapadia store opening. Nana says SSO will be coming there. He gets his wife’s call. She goes. He attends the call.

Game of Love update Friday 16 October 2020: Shivaansh plays table soccer and thinks of the news. He asks Avi and others to come. He says I will drive alone. Aasya says take us along. Shivaansh says come in other car. Nana asks can I leave early today, my wife wants to see SSO’s film. Aditi asks him to shut up. Gaitonde says you will watch SSO live there. Aditi says come if you guys are done with it. The girls outside the jewellery store, shout we love SSO. Reporter FD asks who is the biggest SSO. The girls say what great things they do for SSO. Shivaansh is on the way. Police reaches there. Aditi asks them to make the people aside. Shivaansh reaches in the car. Reporter says SSO is here.

Khanna and others get down the car. A chopper comes towards that area and lifts the car to kidnap Shivaansh. Aditi thinks SSO is in that car. Everyone looks on shocked. Chopper takes away the car. Aditi looks on. The reporter says SSO got kidnapped, in front of the police. The news spreads. Reporter says the film released today and SSO got kidnapped, this news is a shock for his fans, who is behind his kidnapping, when the kidnapping happened, police was present at the spot. Nandini says Shivaansh will reach you soon, I will send my best officer, all the answers will be given in press conference. She asks Aditi how did this happen, its tough for a woman police officer to sustain in a police dept. Aditi says sorry.

Nandini says you have five hours, I want Shivaansh safely back. Goons take Shivaansh into a dark placeand tie him to some chair. Nana says we could have followed them if we had a helicopter. Gaitonde says I think an alien is behind this. Nana asks who is alien. Gaitonde says I meant alien, jadoo.. Aditi asks them to stop their gossip and get back to work. Mohini calls her and asks who has kidnapped my SSO. Aditi says I know about it, kidnapping happened in front of me. Mohini says its your duty to save him, if anything happens to him, many girls will die. Aditi says nothing will happen to SSO, its my promise. She disconnects the call. She says SSO, where are you. Shivaansh is seen tied up.

Avi and Aasya answer calls. Khanna says I m talking to Hanuman ji for Shivaansh’s safety. Aditi questions a vendor about SSO’s kidnapping. The man says I didn’t see anything. She asks for CCTV footage. She checks the footage. Nana says this is called superstar, kidnapping happened by a helicopter. He jokes. Aditi checks the footage again. She calls air traffic control and asks for chopper’s info. Nana gets a call again and says it was my wife’s call, she is tensed about SSO. Aditi says do some work and end your wife’s tension, help me in finding SSO.

Game of Love Friday 16 October 2020: Shivaansh tries to get free. Someone comes and opens the ropes. He removes the blindfold and asks for water. Someone gives cold water. He asks for normal temp water. He gets hat and drinks. He asks did you get some beer. Aasya, Avi and Khanna smile. Lights get on. SSO is at home. They call him great. SSO asks how did you like my stunt. They praise him. Aasya says you have done great acting, media is just talking about you. Shivaansh asks what about collections. Avi says people are praying for you, they want you back. Khanna says I got emotional and cried. Shivaansh says I got this idea about Nani and Dadi, I had planned my own kidnapping. Khanna asks him to demand big ransom from himself. Shivaansh jokes on him. Aasya says movie collection will cross 500 crores, we will make the fans emotional, they will watch the movie many times. Khanna gets pizza for everyone. Shivaansh asks salad for me. Aasya says cheating is allowed today.

Shivaansh says I don’t break my commitments. Avi says its distributor’s call. He answers and asks really, is it houseful, omg… but don’t know where is SSO. Shivaansh eats the salad. Avi fakes cry and ends call. Aasya shows the comments on social media. Shivaansh asks what’s FD saying. Reporter FD says SSO got kidnapped and the fans are in queue in buy the tickets, SSO come back soon, the country is wishing for your safety. Aditi says trace the chopper, until then, tap the phones of SSO’s family, ransom call may come, I want all details of all the air movements today. She thinks I will find out SSO. Shivaansh smiles.

Aditi says the chopper can’t go too far carrying the car, wherever that chopper landed, SSO would be close. Shivaansh and team dance on Badtameez Dil. Shivaansh says I made a mistake, I made a good plan but forgot to call Dadi and Nani, give me my phone. Avi gives the phone and winks. Aasya asks will you hide phone in your hair. He says secret phone at secret place. Shivaansh calls Nani and says I m fine, just listen to me. Aasya checks Aditi’s statement on news. Reporter asks Aditi if police can’t give protection to a superstar, then what will the common man expect from police.

Aditi says we will find Shivaansh before the day ends, Shivaansh will be in front of you. Avi says it means she will find SSO today. Khanna says she is saying as if she will trace Shivaansh’s phone and find his location. Shivaansh gets shocked. Aasya says nobody has this phone number. Avi says but Dadi’s phone can get traced. Aasya says SSO’s image can get spoiled. Shivaansh says call the make up man to get wound marks. Aditi learns that a call is made from SSO’s phone to his Nani. Shivaansh and team get the fake marks on his face. Shivaansh says we have to show them, I have a solution, don’t worry. Aditi walks in Oberoi mansion, followed by Nana and Gaitonde. Media asks Aditi about Shivaansh. Aditi goes ahead. Nana says its a big house. Gaitonde says I got a chance to come in SSO’s house. Nana says come, we will take a selfie there.

Game of Love update Friday 16 October 2020: Aditi greets Nani and Dadi. She introduces herself and her team. Aditi asks them to do their work, and let her do her work. She says I have to ask about SSO. Nana gets his wife’s call again and says she didn’t eat anything since SSO got kidnapped, she is going to pray for him. Dadi and Nani say everyone is praying for SSO. Aditi asks where is Shivaansh. Nani says we should ask this to you, you should find him. Aditi says SSO would have called you, else kidnapper would have called you to ask for ransom. They recall Shivaansh’s words and say we don’t know anything. Aditi says share the info with us, so that wet get him back, you would know about the call, did he call you or the kidnappers? Nani says I didn’t get any call, I don’t know where is my phone. Reporters see SSO coming in a hurt state. Aditi turns to see, while reporters question SSO about the kidnapping. Avi sees Aditi and says that’s the ACP. Shivaansh says they were not kidnappers, but someone who loves me a lot, when love crosses limit, it becomes obsession, my fan kidnapped me, my superhit film Dhinchak Ishq Tera Mera, my fan kidnapped me after watching the film, the film is so good, crazy fans… I don’t remember anything, I just remember that a helicopter flew in… Reporter says you mean a chopper right. He says no, helicopter… Dadi smiles and says he is Anika’s son.

He says a helicopter picked my car, there were masked men, I was blindfold, maybe that place was a mill. Aditi tries to reach him. Shivaansh says don’t ask me what they did, you know crazy fans, he didn’t wish me to move away, he has seen my every film 80 times. Reporter asks how did this happen then. Shivaansh says he wasn’t letting me go, he tied me up, I struggled and got free, the door was locked, I opened the window and jumped down. Aditi observes his hand. Shivaansh says I m an amazing hero, touch my hand and see, its still aching. Aditi reacts and says if your questions got over, even police has to interrogate. She comes to Shivaansh and says Mr. Oberoi…. He holds his face to cover up. She is about to hold him. He acts to faint. Avi holds him. Nani asks Dadi not to worry. Aasya says just go, SSO needs rest. Media reporters leave. Aditi says I have to question him. Aasya says just go madam. Nani says he has come back, he is unwell, we don’t need police now, just go. They all rush SSO to room. Gaitonde says SSO is hero in real life, he saved himself without the help of police. Aditi says its a drama. Shivaansh prepares some juice. Avi is on call. Shivaansh feeds him the juice. Khanna laughs and coughs.

Shivaansh feeds him biscuits. Aasya says I think he needs this health juice. Shivaansh feeds the juice to Khanna. Khanna says I have drunk this juice, which tasted like poison. A girl arrives. Tareefan…plays…. She drops her purse. Guard says madam, your purse fell down. She doesn’t care and walks in. Nani says Shivaansh should eat a full meal, he is always on diet food, he is such because of his dad. FB shows Anika getting noodles to eat. Shivaye stops her and says look Anika eats these things, processed food is bad for the baby. He asks nurse to look after Anika’s diet. He says pregnant woman should eat healthy food. Anika says so its written in your book right. He smiles. She says its not written how to keep pregnancy woman happy. He says I know about it, and kisses her. He goes. She gets snacks. He sends away all the snacks container. He says you won’t stop, so I have made all this out of here. She says I can’t eat anything. He says have this, grapes, banana…. Anika says no thanks. He says I m your personal dietician, I will cook food for you.

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