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Game of Love 17 July 2020: Game of Love friday 17th update July 2020 on starlife, Anika tells Shivaay it was best day of her life today and it was all because of him. Shivaay is quiet. She asks why he’s not saying anything? He says he hasn’t seen her so happy. He promises she will always be happy like this. She kisses him on cheeks. O Jaana.. plays. They spend some close romantic moments.

Game of Love 17 July 2020: In morning, Shivaay is upset with Khanna as he said they can’t do anything to Roop as they have no proof. He tells Khanna that a criminal always leaves something behind. He gets a call from Roop reminding only 12 hours are left. He can still agree to her. He says 12 hours are enough for him. She says for now, he only has few minutes as she has sent out suicide note to media and police. Shivaay tells Khanna to stop news from spreading and disconnect tv signals to their house. Shivaay calls commissioner and tells him that documents related to Kalyani Mills are fake and asks him to keep them on hold. He will soon expose the true culprit. He then calls media outlets and threatens them if they publish those documents, he won’t give them any news about his company in future.

Roop calls back Shivaay and says he stopped media from publishing suicide note, but he can’t stop her. She has sent suicide note to Anika. Soon she will see it. He can stop it if he can.

Game of Love update friday 17 July 2020: Anika opens her cupboard where the envelope is. She sees it. Shivaay is rushing to her and succeeds in stopping Anika from reading it. Anika asks why did he come back suddenly? He says he forgot to hug her when leaving, so came to hug her. Shivaay throws letter to Om, Rudra. They leave. Anika says there is something for sure that he’s hiding. Shivaay says no matter what husbands do, wives always doubt on them. She says fine and goes to wear mangal sutra. She drops it. Shivaay catches it and puts it in her neck. He then puts sindhoor on her forehead. They spend close moments. He then tells her that he might not be telling her everything, but he will tell her one thing that matters most in their lives that he loves her a lot and he will always love her. Until he is alive, his heart will beat for Anika only. She asks why he’s being so senti as if they are getting separated? He says they will never be separated. Next few days will be very difficult for them. She is right that he is not sharing something with her, but he will tell her when he can. He asks her to promise no matter what, she will not react. She won’t trust anything others say. Before she makes any decision, she must talk to him. She says he’s scaring her. He asks she trusts him, right? then promise her. She promises him.

Later, Shivaay goes to Om and Rudra. They ask why Roop is doing this. Shivaay says to put him in pressure. He knows Roop did everything, but he doesn’t have proof. Anika tells him when it’s between her and his family, he always chooses his family. But this time, he will stand with Anika. He will prove her dad innocent. Om-Rudra say not him, but them. He is not alone, they are with him.

Shivaay comes to Roop and asks what she wants. Roop said she had just said yesterday. She wants him to leave Anika and marry girl of her choice. Shivaay agrees, but on condition of her retuning fake suicide note and all photos including copies. Roop agrees. She says she will throw all that documents in his wedding fire. He will not go anywhere until he gets married. Shivaay thinks he can’t leave without taking those documents, so he will have to stay there.

Game of Love 17 July 2020 Roop asks Charlie to take the groom’s phone, as she doesn’t want the groom to think of something else than his marriage. Shivaye disconnects Om’s call and gives to the man. Om says I can’t believe Roop is so mean. Rudra says she left Shwetlana behind. Om says we know the truth now, we can help Shivaye. Rudra says we will tell Bhavya to locate Shivaye. Om says Shivaye said no one should know about this. Khanna says I can trace Shivaye’s location if his phone is on. Om asks him to find out. Om asks Rudra to control his anger. Rudra says she is blackmailing Shivaye for another marriage. Om says we won’t let this marriage happen. Anika asks whose marriage. Rudra says my bro… Om says his friend Bharat, he loves someone else, his family is forcing him for marriage. Anika asks do you know about Shivaye, his phone is not reachable.

Om says he went for imp work. She asks about Roop. Om says she went to Shirdi. Rudra says we got to know when family was talking about her. Anika goes. Om says we have to find where is Shivaye. They leave. Shakti says Shivaye’s phone is not reachable. Pinky says he will trouble himself till he finds the mills truth. Shakti says I m worried that he may fall in problem. Pinky says Roop is the root of all problems. Roop calls her and asks how are you, is there anyone around, none should know its my call, else it won’t be good for Shivaye. Pinky asks what nonsense. Shakti asks whose call is it. Roop says don’t dare to say anything to Shakti. Pinky says its my stylist’s call, you call Shivaye. She goes away and asks what is it. Roop says if you value your son’s life, reach at the address which I will send you, without letting anyone know. Pinky says you should lie that can be believed, I won’t believe that you have kidnapped Shivaye. Roop asks her to check pics. Pinky checks and asks why are you after my son. Roop says reach there without informing anyone. Pinky worries for Shivaye.

Game of Love update thursday 16 July 2020 on starlife

Game of Love update friday 17 July 2020: Shivaye sees the goons. He thinks I need that folder any way. He says I have to go washroom. Charlie says boss said you can’t move till you get married. Shivaye says tell boss that there will be a problem during marriage if I stay here. Charlie sends him. Shivaye hopes washroom is near the place where Roop took that folder. He thinks of Roop. He thinks it must be in that safe, I can run away but problem won’t be solved, Omru would have traced my location, I should get my folder till they come. Khanna says stop, Shivaye’s phone is in this area. Rudra says how will we find Shivaye in such an isolated location. Khanna says sorry, we can’t get exact location. Om asks them not to waste time and come. Shivaye asks goons to stay out. He checks the washroom for some exit point. He runs the taps.

Pinky comes to meet Roop at some lonely road. She asks why did you come to fill poison in our lives. Roop says I can’t tolerate your happiness, I m helpless to fill poison in your lives, I called you to give good news, Shivaye is going to remarry. Pinky gets shocked. Charlie asks why is he taking so long. He knocks the door. Shivaye sees the safe and says this safe has a passcode, what would Roop set as password, Veer’s birth date. He enters the passcode. Pinky says Shivaye will never do this. Roop says he will do this being helpless, if he refuses to me, you all will go jail, I will get happy, when Shivaye and Anika’s marriage breaks, Anika will shatter, Shivaye will cry and entire Oberoi family will cry. Pinky asks have you lost it, you are also an Oberoi. Roop says you all always treated me as an outsider. Pinky says you were not such.

Game of Love update friday 17 July 2020: Roop says yes, you all made me such, forget the past, its Shivaye’s remarriage, I want you to invite Tej, Shakti and Jhanvi in marriage, you should show you are conducting it by your wish so that Anika feels cheated by her husband and inlaws. Charlie shouts open the door, come out, if you don’t come out, I m going to break this door. He counts. Shivaye thinks what can be the passcode, which date is imp for Roop, the date of Kalyani mills accident. He enters that date. Charlie says I m going to break the door. Shivaye opens the safe. Alarm rings. Shivaye takes folder and hides. Charlie looks for him. Pinky says you can’t do this with Anika, she is like my daughter. Roop laughs and asks since when did you become a good Saas. Pinky taunts her. Roop says a mum is always a mum, I know if you have to choose between son’s life and bahu’s happiness, you will choose your son. Pinky says don’t do this. Roop says I want them to cry, they have sent my son to jail, that beggar Anika is worthless, she is living in palace, I will show her status, go and prepare for marriage, don’t act smart, my son just went to jail, your son will go to heaven.

Shivaye opens the door. The goons fall down. Shivaye runs out. Shakti says its not reachable. Pinky comes home. They ask where did she go, they were worried. Shakti says Pinky also got habit like Shivaye, to break her phone. She says Shivaye…. and cries. Shakti asks what’s the matter. Anika comes. Pinky wipes her tears and smiles. Anika asks is everything fine. Pinky recalls Roop’s words. She hugs Anika. Anika asks is everything fine, is Shivaye fine. Pinky says yes, why are you asking so. Anika says since few days he isn’t informing me where he is going, when he comes back, you take his class. Pinky thinks I couldn’t become your good Saas or mum. Rudra asks Khanna to hurry up. Khanna says I m trying. Rudra says I want results. Om says security alarm is ringing. Khanna shows the bungalow. Rudra says Shivaye is definitely in that house.

Game of Love 17 update July 2020: Shivaye runs downstairs to the exit. The mains get locked. Shivaye stops and takes another way. He gets inside a storeroom. Rudra says my sixth sense is saying Shivaye is inside this house. Om asks what if your sixth sense turns out to be nonsense, your wife will put is in jail for entering someone’s house. They see Roop. Om says Bua is here, it means Shivaye is here. Rudra says I told you, sixth sense, Shivaye is here, how will we go inside. Charlie and goons look for Shivaye. Shivaye hides behind the sacks. A box falls. They stop and turn to check. Charlie says he is here, he wants to play hide and seek. He gets a sword….. Shivaye looks on.

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