In Game of Love Update Friday 18th October 2019 on starlife, Gauri cleaning the room, diacovers a fallen paper which in it was written Gauri’s I Love You, Dilpreet comes and picks it up before she sees it.

Previously: Game of Love Update Thursday 17th October 2019 on starlife

Gauri assures her mother about it. Gauri’s mother asks her to give food to Dilpreet, Gauri goes to his room, his room is empty. Dilpreet asks if Gauri ate her food, she says she will later.

Dilpreet offers to help Gauri. Dilpreet says he wants to help to get a good wife. Dilpreet and Gauri work together. A chunri falls on Gauri and Dilpreet. Gauri and Dilpreet feel sleepy. A man comes to his boss who speaks totla, Khujli Pasha asks if he got a lady to play his mother’s role, the man gets Sundari Bua, Khujli Pasha gets shocked.

Khujli Pasha decides to make Sundari Bua his blind mother to go to Goa for his work. In the morning, Gauri is seen sleeping on Dilpreet’s shoulder, he makes the drama of sleeping. Gauri wakes up and gets shocked and walks away. Gauri says sorry to Shankarji, Dilpreet questions Gauri. She says sorry to Dilpreet for sleeping on his shoulder and tells him not to get a wrong meaning out of it as she is married. Dilpreet says Gauri’s husband is lucky to have her. Gauri tells Dilpreet to be away from her as the villagers might gossip about them.

Gauri says she has faith in herself and Shankarji to fulfill all the demands. Omkara feels confident about Gauri. Abhay curses himself for involving stupid girl like Tanya but feels good that Shukla is in Coma.

Dadi and Shivaay eat breakfast and talk about the absence of everyone. Anika taunts Shivaay and complains that Shivaay is on Maunvrat. Anika complains to Dadi about Shivaay, Dadi tells them to stop fighting. Anika plays song near Shivaay and feeds him breakfast.

Anika decides to follow him and goes with the housekeeping staff. Rudra wakes up and tells Bhavya to come fast for the duty. Rudra gives her instructions and tells her to be there in 20 minutes. In the house no one sees Rudra, he thinks he has become invisible, Rudra tries to play around Dadi, she scolds him.

Rudra feels there should be a party for debuting in the business. Tanya brings tea for Abhay, he gets angry and scolds her for coming in his room. Tanya feels bad and tries to defend herself.

Tanya says she is ready to help Abhay as she loves him and promises that she will not do any mistake henceforth. Abhay smiles cunningly. Tej and company leave for Goa, Shivaay follows them.

Shivaay checks the car for Anika to ensure that she is not following him. Tanya sees Shivaay leaving for the airport and follows him. Anika wears a burka and follows Shivaay. Gauri makes the calculation of expenses and worries, Dilpreet sees her, Gauri mistakenly calls him Omkara, both get shocked.

Gauri says Dilpreet reminds her of Omkara. Gauri assures herself that Dilpreet is not Omkara. Dilpreet advises Gauri not to fulfill Richa’s mother in law’s demands. Gauri says Richa has done many favors for them and hence they have to do it for Richa.

Abhay feels happy that Oberoi family is not yet aware who is their enemy, Abhay feels happy that his plan is succeeding. Gauri gets a call and promises to deliver 100 Chunris by next morning.

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