Game of Love 2 October 2020: Update on Game of Love Friday 2nd October 2020, Shivaay tells Anika that she was right there and he was searching her everywhere. Anika says that is what his problem is. Something is close to him and he searches everywhere else like crazy. He did stunts to send her away, so she did one stunt too. Shivaay asks so that was her plan? Anika says yes and others were also with her in this. In flashback, it shows Bhavya and Gauri were also with Anika and Nani motivated Anika to continue doing what she’s doing.

Back to present, Anika tells Shivaay that he was searching her desperately and she was seeing his desperation in tablet. She asks why was that? He says because he… She asks what? He says he won’t say it. She says she is his wife. He says she made him suffer a lot, so he won’t say it now. But when he says it, he will say in his style. She says he can’t do it. He can’t even make her feel special. He asks she’s challenging him? She says yes. He tells her sorry for hurting her so much. Truth is he still hasn’t got well. He can’t sleep and gets thoughts in night. She says she knows it and understands it, but there is no problem in world that has no solution. They both together will fight with this problem as well. They hug. Twinkle comes and says so cute. Shivaay and Anika separate. Twinkle tells Shivaay so now she doesn’t need to act anymore and asks whether she can call Chintu now. Shivaay asks whose that. Anika says Twinkle loves him. Shivaay asks what kind of name is that. Anika says his name is also Billu. Twinkle asks Shivaay to help her in getting married to Chintu. Anika says he will definitely help.

Anika is sleeping. She wakes up and can’t find Shivaay in the bed. She wonders whether she woke up late or Shivaay woke up early. She gets ready and comes to the living room. She asks Khanna. He says he went to office. Gauri calls Anika for breakfast. It’s aalu-puri. Gauri says Shivaay made for her. She starts eating. Shivaay calls her and asks whether she felt special. She says it was a good try, she felt special only 10%. He asks her to drink juice now. She makes faces saying it looks like karela’s juice and it must be bitter. He asks her not to make face and drink it. He hangs. She asks Gauri whether he’s trying to make her feel special or punishing her. Gauri says she doesn’t know and makes her drink it. After she finishes drinking, she sees a paper with poolside written on it.

Game of Love update Friday 2 October 2020: Anika comes to poolside and there is Bhavya with collection of dresses. Bhavya asks her to wear whatever she likes. Shivaay asks Anika whether she felt special now. Anika says 20%. She says she is confused what to choose. He says to pick yellow, but she says she likes red. He asks her to choose what she likes and hangs. Bhavya asks so red? Anika says no, yellow.

She’s going to her room. Nani asks her to get thaal from mandir. There she’s guided to go to study room. She says Shivaay even involved Nani. She comes to study room and there is jewelry collection. Shivaay again calls her. Anika says she feels special 40% now. He asks what more she wants? She says it’s his job to find that out. Bhavya and Gauri help Anika in choosing jewelries.

Shivaay’s deal is done. He is very happy. Rudra thinks Shivaay looks so happy after so many days. He thinks of confessing and Shivaay might forgive him. He starts telling Shivaay that he has made many mistakes lately. Shivaay thinks something and says it’s ok. Roop comes there. Shivaay says what she’s doing in office. She says she just thought to stop by. Shivaay says they can have lunch together. Roop says sure. After Shivaay and Om leave, Roop stops Rudra and asks what he was doing. Shivaay will so hurt after finding out the truth. Rudra agrees and thinks of staying quiet for now. Roop is annoyed as she can’t separate brothers. She says she will have to do something.

Game of Love Friday 2 October 2020: Bhavya and Gauri tell Anika it’s time to go to spa now. Shivaay messages Anika and asks whether she felt special. She says 50%. Girls are in spa. Shivaay calls Anika and asks again. She now says 70%. He asks her to come to a lounge so he can make it 100%. He asks her to wear that yellow saaree. She reminds she liked red. He says she still chose yellow, he knows his wife that much. She blushes.

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