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Game of Love 21 August 2020: Anika asks how can I wear this. Shivaye says I just want you to try this, Tia will come late, if I don’t like this, I can ask the jeweller and call for more options, it will just take a min, I won’t be able to find it on my fingers, your hand will be fine. Jeweller says please wear it if he is insisting. She says fine. She says its too tight. He says try it, how will it go inside if you don’t wear it properly. She asks shall I chant any mantras for this. He says no, its not the way to wear it. She says I m wearing it the right way, its too tight. He says not this way. He holds her hand. Lights go dim. Mere haath me…..plays….. They see each other. He makes her wear the ring. They recall their moments. He says beautiful, something difference, unique….. jeweller says wow…. beautiful. Anika gets her hand back and asks what did you just do. He says I m sure the ring will look more beautiful when Tia wears it. She asks can I take it off. He says you won’t be able to. She asks what did you say. He says be careful, its very special.

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She tries to remove it and says its stuck. Shivaye says you don’t know how to wear and how to remove, what do you know then. Gauri calls her and says Nikhil may come anytime, you have to get ready, come fast. Anika says I m coming. She runs to kitchen and puts hand under water. She tries to remove ring and thinks what to do. Dadi asks what’s wrong, Tia’s ring is in Anika’s finger. Shivaye says I just wanted to see how it looks, so I asked Anika to wear it, it got stuck. Rudra says its so funny, Anika had the shagun chunri first and now the engagement ring. Om asks how will engagement happen now. Shivaye says I called the jeweller, he is sending the ring cutter. Rudra says ring cutter will come, he will cut the ring, then he will join it and polish it, till then Tia will come.

Dadi asks what about the engagement, what will you do now. Nikhil and family comes. Anika greets them. Priyanka hugs Shivaye and Tia. Rudra says Tia has come, but ring didn’t. Sahil’s mum says lets begin the engagement, Anika forward your hand. Nikhil’s mum says not the right, the left one. Anika forwards her hand. Nikhil asks whose ring is this. Everyone looks on. Priyanka asks what do you mean. Rudra says ring is there, but not currently, when we get it from Anika’s hand… Tia’s mum asks who is Anika. Rudra says wedding planner. She asks what’s the engagement ring doing in her finger. Om says its a long story. She asks how will engagement happen without the ring. Rudra says I have a plan. Om asks him not to share bad jokes and plans. Rudra says no, Tia is wearing many rings, Shivaye will make her wear any ring, engagement should happen on time, Shivaye will make her wear that ring when it comes. Dadi asks what are you saying, Shivaye’s named ring is in someone’s finger, you are asking Shivaye to make Tia wear her own ring, that will not fulfill the ritual.

Rudra says engagement should happen on mahurat, Tia can wear Shivaye’s ring later. Om agrees. Rudra says tell me, is the mahurat imp or ring. Tia’s mum says I agree, we will do the ritual with Tia’s ring. Dadi says fine Shivaye, make her wear her own ring, we can’t let mahurat pass. Anika says I tried everything, but the ring isn’t coming out. Gauri says its fine, then wear it in your right hand, you can wear it later too. She asks Sahil’s mum not to argue, it doesn’t matter, Anika can wear ring in right hand. Nikhil’s dad says but ring is put in the left hand’s finger. Nikhil says it doesn’t imp, exchanging rings is imp. Shivaye makes Tia wear her ring. Tia smiles. Everyone claps. Tia makes him wear the ring. Nikhil makes Anika wear the ring. Everyone claps. Anika thinks of Shivaye. Priyanka feeds sweets to Shivaye and Tia. He thinks of Anika. Everyone congratulates. Rudra says I was thinking why this happens with Shivaye, roka happened with Anika and engagement too, maybe she is the right one for him. Anika sees the ring.

Shivaye comes to meet Anika. He asks about her engagement. She says ring didn’t come out yet. She shows her right hand and says I had to wear the engagement ring in other hand. He says ring cutter has come, so…. The man tries to cut the ring. Anika’s hand bleeds. Shivaye scolds him. The man says sorry, the finger had swollen, she got a scratch. Shivaye says you think its a minor scratch, her hand is bleeding. The man says sorry, but the ring. Shivaye says get out of here. The man goes. Shivaye says its all my mistake, your hand got swollen and I insisted you to wear this ring, this was my idea to call the ring cutter. She says its fine. He asks is it paining. He blows on her wound. She says Shivaye……. He looks at her, holding her hand. Daksh and Priyanka come. Daksh says wow, what wedding planning is happening at this hour.

Shivaye says actually the ring cutter came to cut the ring, but it didn’t. Daksh says the ring which was supposed to be in Tia’s finger, what is it doing in this wedding planner’s finger, you are holding her hand and sitting here, isn’t it too much, I m much worried for my sister. Shivaye says its nothing like that. Anika says sorry, I shall leave. Daksh says that ring belongs to my sister, please… Anika tries to get it off. Shivaye says its okay, you can return it tomorrow when the swelling subsides. Anika goes. Daksh says I don’t think she will return the ring, its an expensive ring, anyone can turn dishonest for it. Shivaye says Anika is not such. Daksh says you know a lot about her. Priyanka asks why are you pulling his leg. Daksh says he is my brother in law, I hope he didn’t mind. Shivaye says I will just come. He goes. Daksh thinks Anika wants to expose me, I will teach her a lesson, such that she won’t be able to show her face to Oberois.

Its morning, Anika says I have to talk to you, its imp. Shivaye says I don’t want to. She says its really imp. He says I don’t want to talk about the ring. She says ring…. and sees it. She says did you think I m talking about the ring. He asks then what. She says I had come to return the ring, and I wanted to tell you about Daksh. He says I don’t want to talk about him, give it to me. She asks what. He says ring. She says sure…..She removes the ring and gives it to him. He leaves. She also leaves from the room. Omru look on. Rudra says they are playing with those rings. Om asks did you notice something, whenever Anika is in Shivaye’s room, Shivaye tries to run out of the room. Rudra says you are right, he behaves differently. Om says I think its all our illusion. Rudra says the smoke comes out only when there is an incense stick burning. Om says only when there is a fire. Rudra says that’s what I meant. Om asks shall we find out what’s happening. Rudra asks how. Om says we have to find out. Rudra says we will directly ask Shivaye. Om says yes good, he will tell us, the moment you start talking about his personal life, he turns mute. Rudra says when I commit to do something, I make it possible. Om says stop delivering dialogues and tell the plan, Mere bhai….

Anika asks the person to send Priyanka’s outfit for trial today itself, there is no less, send it today. Priyanka gets Daksh’s jacket and says you wanted it for sherwani’s measurement. Anika says yes. She calls the man and says I got the jacket of the groom’s measurement, send someone to pick it from home, send the groom’s wedding clothes for trial, fine. She gets Daksh’s boarding pass inside the jaacket. She thinks of Shivaye’s words. She says this will have arrival date, I can prove that Daksh came to India a day before, there is no arrival date on this, what to do, I will call the airlines and know the arrival date, so that I can get the proof that he came to India a day before. She calls the airlines and enquires about arrival details of the flight, is that so, how long will it take, fine, I will call you tomorrow. She says once I have the flight details, I will have solid proof against Daksh. Daksh hears her and says I swear, this girl is troubling me a lot, there is still time, I will have her thrown out of this house.

Rudra adds alcohol in the punch. Om asks is this master plan. Rudra says yes, its the best plan, when Shivaye drinks this, he will melt down, he will become Raj from Baldev. Om asks who are they. Rudra acts like Baldev and Raj by saying the filmi liners. He says Bollywood is in veins and acting too. Om says you have brains in your knees. Rudra says when Shivaye drinks this punch, he will express his feelings. Shivaye comes and asks what’s going on. Rudra says we were waiting for you, can we have this punch. Shivaye asks why. Rudra says we didn’t had it since long. Shivaye says we had it yesterday. Om says he meant to say we didn’t had Rudy special punch, have it if he is crying. Shivaye says I don’t want to, is he crying. Om pinches Rudra. Rudra cries and says please have some. Daksh comes and asks is there a party going on, sorry, did I ruin your Obro moment. Shivaye says no. Tia asks what’s happening.

Om says nothing special. Rudra made punch for Shivaye, but Shivaye refused for it. Shivaye says I don’t want to have it, make Tia, Priyanka and Daksh have it. Tia says no, I m on a diet. Daksh says I m not on a diet, I would love to have it. Rudra says but I won’t give this, I will make fresh punch for you, this is for Shivaye. Daksh asks did you add something in it. Rudra and Om laugh. Rudra says you are funny, would I make Shivaye have it if I had added something. Daksh says then I have no problem to have it, I shall see how’s Shivaye’s taste. He snatches the glass and drinks. He thinks you have added something, I will reap the fruits from your hardwork. He says nice. Rudra says thanks. Anika comes and says Priyanka you must try some dresses. Priyanka says thanks, I can’t try it right now, we have to go for dinner at family friend Mr. Khanna’s house. Rudra says we had forgotten about it. Om says we will come in 2mins.

Tia asks are you coming Shivaye. He says no, I have an urgent video conference, but I will join you guys. Daksh asks Priyanka to offer the punch to her wedding planner. Priyanka says sorry, I forgot. She asks Anika to have it. Anika says no, thanks. Daksh says I know you are upset with my behavior I m really sorry, if you drink this, I will think you have forgive me. Priyanka says please have it, he is saying the truth, he is much upset, forgive him. Shivaye signs Anika to take it. Anika drinks it. Daksh says thanks, shall we go. Tia says Shivaye, tell Omru that we are waiting outside, you also come soon. They leave. Shivaye gets on call. He goes for the video conference. He finishes the work. He asks did everyone leave. Servant says yes. He says I should leave too. He drinks some punch. Anika comes. He says you are still here. She says I forgot my phone. She gets her phone. She says I shall leave now. He says nice. She stops and looks at him. She asks what. He says I wasn’t telling you, I was saying that the punch is nice. She says its great. He asks would you like to have another glass. She says yes. He serves her. They drink. He says isn’t it nice, its Rudra’s speciality. She says I feel there’s something difference but… He says its different but I like the punch.

They lie on the bed. Shivaye gets up. Anika looks at him and gets up. She asks why can I see two of you. He asks two? She says you are actually two, you are Stone Singh Oberoi and Sweet Singh Oberoi. She laughs. He says you are also dual. She asks how, tell me. He says you keep falling, crying, and then you make 100 kgs of laddoo alone. They laugh.

She asks did you laugh, you laughed…. He says but don’t say anyone that I laughed. She says fine, but why. He says sorry, its about my image, I m Shivaye. She says wow, we will not tell anyone that you laughed. He asks promise. She says pinky promise. They make pinky promise.

She says why do you get so much angry. He asks what do you mean. She says so much angry. He says I get less angry. She says you get very angry, you break things, do you think, you broke my phone in anger, you hit me on my head too. He says I told sorry. She says you didn’t tell me sorry. He says didn’t I say, I had come to say sorry, but I couldn’t, fine I will say now. She says really, say. He says give me your hand, no its fine. He holds her face and says sorry Anika. He blows on her forehead and says I m sorry for everything, I broke your phone. He says forget all this. He says okay. She says I will tell something, promise you won’t tell anyone. He says I won’t. They drink some punch. She asks pinky promise. He promises. She says even I get very angry. He asks what, why can’t I see it then. She says because I don’t show anger, else I may lose the hair and…. He asks will your hair get spoilt. She says no, I will lose the shelter, so I drink my anger, I don’t vent it out. He asks what do you mean.

He spits out the punch and asks don’t you vent out anger. She says I vent out anger in a way that nobody knows. He asks how. She says when I get much angry, I make a video and vent it out, I got angry on my aunt, I made a video, look…. She shows the video where she scolds her aunt. He says oh…. you get so angry. She asks are you scared. He says obviously. She says when its about my family, I can do anything. He says you are really khidkitod, right word, this style is right. She says I have an idea, you should also try this, come on, it will be fun, do it, try it. He says okay and gets her phone to make a video. He says Hi… what should I call myself. She says Shivaye. He says Shivaye, I m going to capture my anger in this video, Khanna… She asks why Khanna. He says Khanna, you are an idiot, I m not mad at you because you are inefficient, I m used to it now, but you suddenly come between us, I wonder from where you come when I…. He sees Anika and says when I m looking at her.

She asks who are you talking about. He shows her face in the phone camera. She smiles and blushes. He says and next…. Mr and Mrs. Pinky Singh Oberoi, I mean Shakti Singh Oberoi. They laugh. He starts crying. She gets silent. He says my parents are no more, they passed away, even now, I have many complaints, I m very angry, Shakti cheated on my mom, he broke her heart and made fun of marriage, and my mom, Pinky was only concerned for her marriage, not about us, not at all, I want to ask you, what was Priyanka and my fault, why didn’t you think about us, that parents are imp for children, what will we do when you are no more, who will raise us, who will love us, who, why didn’t you think this, I have been lying to Priyanka, world and even myself about how you people died, because its a matter of family’s prestige, you didn’t remember, but I remember it always, I have lost faith in the institution of marriage. Anika cries and looks at him. She holds him.

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