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In Game of Love update Friday 25th October 2019 on Starlife, Rudra says I m trying to become old one, I mean I was more muscular that time.

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Bhavya says strange, where are Obros. Om greets Shivaye. Shivaye asks will you have tea, I m preparing breakfast for everyone, I thought we will eat together, but maybe I was wrong, its fine. Rudra comes and says I m very hungry, I want to have pancakes, who will prepare it. Shivaye says I felt like my old Rudra said this.

Anika says we just have to write down our wishes on their lanterns. Gauri says its said that wish turns true. Dadi says I want my grandsons to launch this lantern in this sky. Shivaye says we will launch your lantern first and then ours. He wishes that his family stays happy together always. They hug Dadi. Hum saath ek duje ke…plays…. Everyone lights the lanterns and launches. Gauri winks to Om.

Shivaye says if you can come back in that shape, I will make it. They smile. Rudra calls him Bhaiya…. He says my diet is your responsibility now, you have to make sure that old Rudra comes back. Shivaye says I will. Rudra asks him to prepare it well. Om says wow, I feel I have gone five years back in time. Shivaye says lets make breakfast together for everyone.

Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi….plays…They laugh. Nani smiles. She thinks this Diwali, this house’s Ram has come back in real sense, I will call up Kalyani and inform her. Roop looks on and thinks you guys be busy cooking as I plan against you.

Shivaye comes to Anika and thinks to compel Anika to leave. He asks what are you doing. Anika says I m writing a thank you note, my handwriting is so different, look at my sign. He asks what’s this, what do you want to prove by writing Mr and Mrs. Oberoi, I told you many times, I don’t believe in this marriage. She says I m sick of it now, this drama won’t work on me, I won’t leave you. He tears the notes and holds Anika angrily. Shivaye says I m going to marry Twinkle, its better you leave. Anika says if this was true, you would have called press and made a big announcement.

Shivaye thinks I have to do this to convince her. Shivaye says its required. She says I thought to finish the acting in two days. He says but your acting is so bad that Anika isn’t affected, you just have to stand aside and smile. She gets a call. He takes her phone and throws it away. He asks her to pay her attention when he talks. She cries.

Anika says that’s his old habit, come with me, calm down. She says don’t worry, I will bring Twinkle at the press conference. They go. He says what do I do of this Anika. Rudra comes to his room smiling. He gets shocked seeing Tej’s pic. He says who has kept this pic here. She says I have kept it here, I feel you have forgotten your dad and his death, you forgot everything and dancing with his murderer.

Rudra says I didn’t forget anything, and also this truth that Shivaye is my elder brother, who risked his life to save my life, I have burned in the fire of hatred and revenge for five years, I just got pain and sorrow, even my family got hurt, I want to stay happy, I have seen my family happy, I can’t snatch their happiness, even you forget this bitterness, you will find peace, I beg of you, please forget everything. He goes. She says I never forget anything, nor do I let anyone forget things.

Everyone comes in the press conference. They think the reason for it. Shivaye asks Twinkle to just relax. She says I can’t do this. He says stop calling me Bhaiya, just agree with me, I m coming. Reporters ask why did you call us here. He says I have called this press conference for a personal announcement, I want to announce that Anika is … wife…. He forwards hand to Twinkle. Twinkle goes to him. He says this is Twinkle and… She says I have a stomach ache. She runs. Reporters joke on Twinkle’s stomach ache.

Everyone looks on smiling. Roop thinks they are so happy, they don’t know that their happiness won’t last, they got united only to get separated again.
Its morning, Gauri and Anika greet each other. Anika says we got many Diwali gifts, so Shivaye asked Khanna to send thank you notes, he is on business call, I thought to do this. She goes. Bhavya asks where is Rudra. Gauri says I haven’t seen them.

Anika says stop it Shivaye, what else will you do to apologize to me, I have already forgiven you. She says we had a fight in morning, he was saying sorry, I jokingly asked him to say sorry in front of the world and he took it serious. She asks Shivaye not to make fun of their relation, this would have insulted the entire family.


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