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Game of Love 7 August 2020: Shivaye says so you killed your brother this way. Rudra says by training your dog. Om says I can’t believe this. Shivaye says nobody would believe this, if we wouldn’t have seen it by our eyes. Rudra says we have recorded the video. Bhavya says police believed that its an accidental death, but I understood it now, Rakesh’s death was a well planned murder. Rishabh worries. Shivaye recalls Rakesh. He says you knew Rakesh’s routine and made the plan, you trained Disco according to the geography of this house, Disco went to Rakesh’s room the moment it heard your command on radio…Gili gili choo hoja tu shuru, he went to Rakesh’s room and did what you told, it was perfect plan, you were not at home, so no one doubted on you.

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Om says it means you killed your brother with the help of Disco. Rishabh says yes, right, I have killed Rishabh because I hated him, he used to stay sick since childhood, he used to get mom and dad’s attention, love and care, he became a burden on me after their death, I used to take care of him as his servant, I had to get rid of him as my personal life got over, I thought of taking advantage of his death by proving it as an accidental death, I got an insurance policy worth 100 crores done and killed him in such a way that it looks like an accident, I trained Disco to obey my command, nobody could suspect me as I was with you two at the radio station but….

Shivaye says you thought we are fools. Bhavya says you accepted your crime, you will be punished. She calls inspector. Om says I can’t believe a brother can kill another brother. Rishabh says money can make a person do anything. Shivaye says money is not greater than love and relation. Rishabh says these are just words, you won’t agree to me, but one day money will become a barrier between the three of you. Shivaye asks are you done, inspector take him. Rishabh goes with police. Bhavya thanks Shivaye and says a criminal has been arrested because of you. Anika says I told right, Disco has killed Rakesh. Shivaye says Rishabh has killed him. She says but you got hint by my idea. Gauri asks Rudra what happened to him. Rudra says money won’t become a barrier between us, right? Om says definitely, never. Shivaye says never. Anika says you too promise me, money won’t come between us, you will let me bargain. Shivaye says don’t do it in front of me, I can’t even tell you about the slipper. She asks him to get quiet.

Om is in kitchen and gets angry on his phone. Shivaye and Rudra come and get shocked. Rudra asks what, was there an earth shake in kitchen. Shivaye says its called an earthquake. Rudra says it means the same. Shivaye asks what are you cooking. Rudra says that too, all by yourself. Om says I m making a cake. Rudra says sugar is less, its not sweet. Om says I knew it, Shivaye please fix it, it has to be perfect. Rudra says relax, its not a painting to get a big loss if something goes wrong. Om says its imp than painting, it has to be perfect, I m making it for Gauri, she stays upset, I want her to feel nice, she will be happy if I do anything different. Rudra says you should have made indian sweets. Om says she regularly eats that, I wanted to make something which she has never tasted. Shivaye asks didn’t she taste sake ever. Om says spend less time with Rudra, she has eaten cakes, but not lemon cheese cake. Shivaye says then say it clearly. He asks Rudra to keep his jacket in his room. He says don’t worry, Obros are here, have no fear, tell me what can we do. Om says we can’t do anything till we get all the ingredients. Shivaye says its okay, tell me what do you need. Om says we need lemon zest and compote. Shivaye says its okay, we will call Khanna. Om says he is an idiot, I sent him with a list, he has not returned yet. Shivaye asks did you call Khanna. Om says I might have called 500 calls, he is busy. Shivaye says he seems distracted, there is something, go and call him.

Rudra goes to Khanna and asks is everything alright, Shivaye is calling you inside, come. Khanna looks sad. Rudra says Shivaye won’t come outside, come. Shivaye asks Khanna about the ingredients in Gabbar style. Khanna says I didn’t get anything. Rudra says its the limit of unprofessionalism. Khanna says sorry, I will get it now. Om says what’s the use now, Gauri would have woken up, you ruined my plan. Shivaye asks where are you, you look distracted. Khanna says sorry. Shivaye says I have ordered a new uniform for you, I got bored seeing you in this uniform, so wear the new uniform and come with a new spirit towards work, with a smile, bye. Khanna goes. Om says this is of no use now, I have to make halwa now. Shivaye says we will mix ingredients and match, we will make it man. Om says we will make it man, but from where to get lemon and compote man.

Shivaye and Rudra sing don’t you worry now Om, heaven’s got a plan. Rudra says just say that Oberois never quit. They sing Zindagi milke ……and join hands. Rudra applies flour to Om. Om turns serious. Shivaye laughs seeing him. Om smears flour to his cheek and laughs. Anika and Bhavya come and laugh. Shivaye applies flour to her cheek and laugh. She does the same with Bhavya. Rudra laughs. Bhavya stares at Rudra and throws a handful of flour at him. She laughs. They laugh. Gauri comes. Om hides his face. Anika gives flowers to Gauri and dances. Gauri asks what’s all this. Anika says this is a small surprise from us. Om gets the cake and winks with a smile. Gauri cries seeing the cake. He says a sweet cake for my sweet wife. Gauri asks did you bake this cake for me. He says yes, to make you happy, but to make you cry, do you know why, because when you smile, it feels like life is smiling. Anika signs on their romance. Om says please forget whatever happened. Anika says enough now, you may do this in your room, we shall cut the cake now. Om says I think my old Gauri, the bold Bareilly girl should cut this cake. Gauri wears the goggles and shows her old style. She throws the candy at the wall and eats. Anika and everyone look on. Anika asks are you okay. Om claps and gives the knife to Gauri. They cut the cake. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays…..

They all have the cake and smear Gauri with it. Rudra asks why are you taking us to office. Shivaye says we need to sign some papers, we have a meeting for the new project. Rudra asks will we be taking the chopper. Shivaye says no, by car, where is my car, Khanna where is my car. Khanna says sorry I forgot. Shivaye scolds him. Khanna says sorry Sir. He goes to get the car. Shivaye and Omru see some men throwing stones. They bend down to get saved. Guards come in front. Anika asks why have they come here. Shivaye shouts go inside. The man shoots in air and says this was just a trailer, the picture is still left. The men leave in their jeep. Anika asks who were they. Shivaye says no idea. Bhavya asks why will anyone do this, I will call the police headquarters and get the details of that vehicle, I won’t leave them. Khanna says no, don’t call the police. Om asks are you in senses, people pelted us with stones, they have threatened Shivaye. Khanna says that attack was not meant for Shivaye, but for me. Shivaye says look into my eyes, what did you do that they are after your wife.

Anika says you got married. Gauri says you didn’t even tell us. Shivaye says you have hidden such a big thing. Khanna says I m sorry, situation was such that I couldn’t inform anyone, I had eloped. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Khanna says my wife Mitali’s family was against our marriage so we eloped. Shivaye asks the problem. Khanna says we belong to different communities. Shivaye says you should have told us, we would have convinced them. Khanna says I don’t want to trouble you. Shivaye says you have hurt me a lot, since you didn’t share your problem with me, someone is threatening my family member and I have no idea about it. Khanna asks who is that family member.

Shivaye says its you, idiot, you are like family Khanna, if you can take the bullet for my life, then I can also risk my life for you, if someone tries to harm you, he will be my enemy as well. Anika says Shivaye is right, you should have told us. Gauri says if you got married, then why do those people have a problem now. Khanna says they think they lost their respect in the community because of me, so they want to take revenge. Bhavya asks are they mad, didn’t they think what would happen of their girl, if something happens to you. Khanna says they kidnapped Mitali and wants to get her remarried. Shivaye says they can’t get her remarried, without her consent, that can’t happen.

Khanna says they can go to any extent, I love Mitali a lot, I can’t live without her. He cries. Rudra says don’t cry, now we understand why you were not able to work since so many days. Shivaye says I promise you that we will get Mitali back. Anika says Khanna’s bride…. Om says will just be of Khanna. Shivaye says we will talk and convince them, we will get her back. Khanna goes. Anika asks Gauri and Bhavya to pack some food. Shivaye says we are not going on a picnic, you don’t need to come. She says they won’t listen to you, its related to a girl, you will go there and say, don’t say why, just say Shivaye, who will listen, let it be, we now how to handle this issue. Shivaye says you don’t know the risk. Rudra says we Obros will fix everything, don’t worry. Anika says the risk is ssame for you, if you feel we will relax here, then this won’t happen, we are coming along. Shivaye says no way. Khanna gets kidnapped. The men make him in the car. A guard says some people have kidnapped Khanna. Shivaye says come, they might have not gone too far. ShivOmru leave.

Rudra asks where are we going, how will we know where they have taken Khanna. Khanna is tied up. Someone pours water on his face. He gets conscious and sees the men. The man asks what did you think, you will get us insulted in our community, you will elope with my sister and marry her and we will let you go, we will forgive you, you think we are fools. Another man asks what shall we do of him. The man says the same thing that happens with lovers, he will be dying, Mitali will be marrying there. Bhavya says I think they took Khanna where Mitali’s family lives, I have sent Khanna’s number to headquarters, we will know his call record, Mitali’s number and her location. Bhavya, Gauri, and Anika are also on the way.

The man asks the men to take Khanna. He says you will know what arrangements we did for your death. Om says we had to save Mitali and now we have to save Khanna too. Rudra says we have to find Khanna. Shivaye says we will reach him. Om asks how. Shivaye says because I had installed a GPS tracking device in his phone, just switch it on and check for the blue dot. Om asks him to take left. Anika says you got a message, its some address. Bhavya says it will be of Mitali. Anika tells the address. Om says the blue dot isn’t moving ahead, its some jungle. Rudra says why would they stop in any jungle. Shivaye says to harm Khanna…..

The men laugh and bury Khanna inside the grave. They settle back the soil. Khanna struggles. Shivaye asks is there any movement. Om says no, just stop, Khanna is nearby. Bhavya stops the car. She says Mitali’s house would be nearby. Gauri says Khanna told us that they are getting Mitali forcibly married, maybe this is the house. Anika asks how will we go. Bhavya says we will go as guests. Gauri says they will understand we are from city. Anika agrees. Bhavya asks what will we do now. Anika asks her to take the car back. Rudra shows the car tyre marks. Om says it means the car went reverse from here. Shivaye says it means they came here and went, the location marks here, it means Khanna is here. He calls Khanna.

Khanna’s phone rings. Bhavya asks where did you get this saree shop. Anika says I saw it on the way. They get dressed in traditional sarees and leave in the car. Khanna tries to get his phone. The phone slips off. Rudra and Om hear the sound. Om says call again. Shivaye says its Khanna’s phone ringtone, its coming from far. Om says but tracker is showing same location. Shivaye says we will find him in different directions.

Anika says now no one can identify us, don’t get tensed, else they will doubt. Gauri says I m scared. Anika says I m here, don’t take tension, come. A man stops them and asks them to turn, who are they. Anika says Mitali called us. He asks why. She says we are Mitali’s….. He says you aren’t her friends, mehendi artist has come too, who are you all, tell me. Anika asks him to keep gun down, we came here for singing and dancing, we have come to play band, they are with us. She asks the women to come along.

The men come there and ask for wine. The man says three women were here, don’t know where did they go. The man says its fine, Khanna’s game is over, there is no tension now, get wine. Rudra says we can just hear the ringtone here. Om asks did they know we are following, are they fooling us. Shivaye asks where shall we find Khanna. Om sees Khanna’s watch. Shivaye says its Khanna’s watch, it means he was here, or maybe he is somewhere around. Om says call again. Shivaye calls again. The ladies play dhol and sing. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya see the bride. They think to do something. Gauri says when we had to get honey from hive, we used to light fire under it, the bees used to fly away. Anika says it means, if we have to fly the bird, we have to shoot somewhere else. Bhavya asks what are they talking. Gauri says we are making plan. Bhavya says you think the same, we will take Khanna’s bride any way. Rudra sits there and says Anika was right, we should have carried food and water. Om asks did we come on picnic, we have to save Khanna.

Rudra says we will save him when we are saved, I understood it today that water is life, dig a well for me, I feel someone has already tried to dig a well here. Om asks him to stop nonsense and come. Rudra says I can’t walk more. He lies down and gets shocked. He shouts Om, I feel the sound is coming from the ground. Shivaye asks what. Rudra repeats himself. They try to hear. Shivaye says it means Khanna is… They dig the ground. They open the coffin and free up Khanna. Shivaye asks are you fine. Khanna cries and hugs him. Rudra says so cute. Om does aw. Shivaye says everything will be fine, come. Anika waits for Bhavya’s sign. Bhavya dumps the pots. The men rush to see. Anika asks did Khanna come here. Gauri says yes, he would have come to kidnap Mitali. They say we will face him, he can’t take Mitali. The women repeat after them. Anika and Gauri ask them to come. Bhavya asks did all of them go. Gauri says yes. The man asks what are you all doing here, who is with Mitali. The lady says we came here to stop Khanna. He says Khanna won’t come here, who told you about Khanna. The lady says two women donning ghunghat told me. The man says maybe these are the same women who lied and entered. They rush to see.

Mitali says I can’t marry, I have to go to my husband, help me. Anika says don’t worry, we came to help you. Mitali says you here. Gauri asks do you know us. Mitali names them. Bhavya asks how do you know our name. Mitali says Khanna told me and showed pic too, he praises about you all a lot, where is he. Anika says he is with Shivaye, we have to run, is there any way to run. Mitali says yes, we can go by that window. Shivaye asks Khanna not to worry, Anika, Gauri and Mitali are with Mitali, he is sure that they won’t let the marriage happen. The man gets angry and says there will be blood shed now. He burns a car. Om says I will call Anika. She answers and asks about Khanna. Om says he is with us. Shivaye asks where is Mitali and you all. She says Mitali is with us, come to the chaupal/public place. Khanna says I know the place.

Anika asks them to come. They see the car on fire. Bhavya says call Shivaye fast and ask him not to come here, there is risk. Anika calls him and says he isn’t answering. Shivaye reaches. The men surround the car and hit. Rudra asks what’s this way to ask for lift. Om says they aren’t asking for lift. Rudra asks what’s this way to beg. Om says will you just shut up. Khanna says they are Mitali’s villagers. Shivaye says relax. Khanna says they will kill us. Shivaye says we shall see whatever happens. They get down the car. The man says you got saved when I buried you alive, now I will burn you alive. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya also get caught. Shivaye shouts. They all get caught by the men. The man says I have forgiven you last time, you did a mistake again, I will burn your lover and you too, you all came to save her, they will die in front of you all. They get shocked.

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