Game of Love update Monday 10 May 2021 On Starlife


Game of Love Monday update 10th May 2021 Shivaye says my lawyer is waiting, I want our divorce to happen soon, once we sign and give the papers, he will submit it in court. Anika says I don’t have papers, I have forgotten them at home. He says that’s okay, my lawyer had a copy so I got it, sign on this. She asks have you signed them. He says no, I thought you will give me those papers which I already signed, its fine, you sign, then I will do.

They ask each other to sign first. He says fine, I will do, then you do. He signs, having looking at her. He says sign, Mr. Kukreja is waiting. Anika says just a min. He says the pen is fine. She looks at him. Milke bhi…..plays. She signs on the papers. She gives him the papers. Her bangle accessory and his coat sleeve get stuck.

She says relations don’t end so easily. He says it does hurt, but if a relation causes pain, its better to end it. He frees it and goes. He sees the papers and gets sad. Anika looks at him. He gives papers to Kukreja. O jaana…plays…. Shivaye turns to see. Anika hides. She cries. Gauri sees her and asks what happened, why are you crying. Om says Shivaye, I need to talk about the Australian deal. Shivaye says just a min Om and gets in his room. He shuts the door and cries. Om asks him to open the door. Shivaye throws the magazines and also its stand. Om shouts open the door Shivaye. Shivaye opens the door and says I m all right, tell me what do you want to discuss. Om looks at him. Anika says don’t worry, I m absolutely fine.

Its morning, Om asks Khanna to welcome all guests with rose water, Shivaye asked for this, taste all snacks before serving. Gauri greets him and says your brother seems to have taken up wedding planning seriously. Om says he has forgotten business and meetings, and started this. Anika comes downstairs. Priyanka gives her a catalogue and says Shivaye said the wedding theme will be green, you can choose the green lahenga, have a look at the options, you will get it ready in 24 hours. Shivaye comes. Anika says when wedding planner decided the wedding theme, let him select the wedding dress. Shivaye asks what happened. Anika says its my marriage and you have chosen wedding theme without asking me, I don’t like green. He asks what do you like then. She says I like red. Priyanka says Shivaye has a phobia of colour red. Anika says you are scared of colours, that’s why I was wondering why you are so colourless. He says I don’t like red. She says you just wear this grey, blue, black… He says I have brown too. She says you wear just these suits. Om says we didn’t notice this much, you know the colours of all his suits.

Shivaye says stop it. Gauri says you know Anika has a phobia of water, Anika shivers when she goes near the swimming pool. Shivaye and Anika argue. Om says hold on, who is afraid and who’s not, we will decide, go and wear red clothes, and you go into the water, simple. Anika says ask him to do it first. Shivaye says no, why shall I do it first every time. Om and Priyanka ask what do you mean, what is it that you have done first. Shivaye says nothing. Anika says its his excuses, he thinks if I don’t go into water, he won’t need to wear red, I will win this challenge. Shivaye says tell her that I have never lost a challenge. Anika says tell him that either he will lose or wear red, I think he won’t wear red colour, but he can try.

Everyone is in the party. Nikhil introduces his friends to Anika. Anika says I will be right back. She asks where is Shivaye. Om says don’t know. She says maybe he is scared of challenge and he is hiding somewhere. Priyanka drops the glass in shock. They all get shocked seeing Shivaye wearing a red suit. He walks to Anika. She smiles. Music plays…. Gal mitthi mitthi bol…plays….. Shivaye and Anika dance. Om, Gauri and Priyanka dance. Nikhil looks on. Shivaye gets him to Anika. He looks at Anika. They smile and get together. Lights get dim. Everyone disappears. Shivaye and Anika sing Dil kho gaya…..Teri ore…. and dance.


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