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Game of Love 17 August 2020: Game of Love update Monday 17th August 2020, Shivaye asks is everything okay. Anika says yes, sorry, it fell down, I will pick it. Dadi says let it be, others will clean it. Tia says shattering of a glass is a good omen, right Dadi? Dadi says yes, it wards off troubles. Daksh sees Anika. Anika leaves. She goes and gets water. She trembles. Shivaye comes to her. He asks are you fine. She thinks it seems she started fearing me by seeing my anger at the hospital. He says whatever happened between me, lets forget about it, I love my sister a lot and can do anything for her happiness, if she has chosen you as the wedding planner, then you will get all the respect from my family. Om looks on. Shivaye says since you are Priyanka’s wedding planner, just make sure that everything goes fine without any problem and mistake, because if any mistake happens, I won’t tolerate. He goes. Priyanka asks is Anika fine. Shivaye says yes, don’t worry. Anika thinks is Daksh the guy who tried to force himself on me. She sees Daksh.

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Daksh says I swear, our relation is so unique, we are brothers-in-laws from both sides. Anika thinks I don’t understand what to do, its about Priyanka’s life, I have to tell them, but how to tell them, I m just suspecting Daksh, if I m wrong, but if Daksh is that guy then… Om comes to her and asks are you fine. She nods. He says sorry but I heard everything what Shivaye said, he is very emotional about Priyanka, when they were young, they lost their parents, since then to this date, Shivaye has been taking care of her as parent, Priyanka is not his sister, but his daughter and life, his breath, he can tolerate everything but can’t see tears in her eyes, he said all that for her sake. She says I can understand, its tough to live without parents and to raise younger siblings, its even more difficult to see them in pain. He signs her to wipe her tears. He goes.

Rudra says Priyanka just get married and go to London. She says you are troubled by me. He says I have a new list, get things for me when you return for Pagphere. They smile. Anika says Priyanka means the world to them, if she gets married to a wrong guy, they won’t be able to tolerate, Shivaye will be shattered, I just hope that my doubt is wrong, but if its true, I have to tell them, my silence can ruin Priyanka’s life, would I have remained silent if Gauri was there in Priyanka’s place, never….its better to tell everyone than regretting forever, its imp to clear my doubt. She wipes tears and goes to them. Rudra says this calls for a family selfie.

Anika says I need to discuss something imp. Daksh thinks did she recognize me. Shivaye says yes, say. Rudra says we will talk later, lets click a pic, come on, please adjust. Om jokes. Rudra says Daksh, don’t hide, come out. Shivaye holds Daksh’s hand. Daksh screams. Shivaye sees blood. Priyanka asks what, why did you not tell me. Daksh says its a small thing. They all insist him to show. Daksh pulls his sleeve up and shows a tattoo of her name. He says my gift for you, I wanted to show you this once it heals, you wanted to see it now, are you happy. She says I m happy, but you are scared of needles. He says I can even bear swords for you. She says thanks, you have made me feel so special. He says no thanks, and hugs her. Omru do Aw…. Anika thinks Daksh loves Priyanka a lot, maybe I m mistaken, I should clear my doubt first.

Anika comes to meet Payal and says I m Anika, Priyanka’s wedding planner, I came to your house that day to get her dress. Payal says but Priyanka got her dress. Anika says I have come for some other purpose. Payal asks her to sit. Anika says when I had come to get the dress, you were not here, there was a guy here. Payal recalls Daksh. FB shows Payal asking Daksh why didn’t you tell Oberois that you are coming today, not tomorrow. He says if I had told them, I would have not got a chance to spend time with you. She says you fooled them. He says I swear, we need to do such things for money, else why would I marry someone else when I love you. She says just go now, someone is coming to get Priyanka’s dress. He says I will get my jacket. FB ends. Payal says yes, why are you asking. Anika asks was it Daksh Kapoor, he misbehaved with me. Payal says wait a min, I kept something in the kitchen. She comes back. Anika says when I had come here, that guy was Daksh, the one getting engaged to Priyanka. Payal says yes, Daksh came home that day. Anika asks can you come with me and tell Priyanka’s family that Daksh was here, its about Priyanka’s life. Payal says yes, Priyanka is my friend, I can do anything for her.

Dadi asks Anika to say. Anika says its a big thing, I don’t know what you will think, but even if truth is bitter, one has to say it, there is nothing imp than truth, you did a favor on me, I can’t be quiet. Dadi asks the matter. Shivaye comes. Anika says I have to tell you about Daksh, he is not a nice guy, Priyanka shouldn’t marry him. Shivaye asks what nonsense, how dare you say this about our would be son-in-law. She says its about Priyanka’s life. He says you need not worry, her brother is still alive. Dadi says wait Shivaye, on what basis are you saying this. Anika says Payal will tell you about him. She calls Payal. Anika says I had a doubt, so I went to her home and confirmed it, that day, when I went to get Priyanka’s dress, Daksh was at Payal’s place, he tried to force himself upon me, somehow, I saved myself, but if Priyanka gets married to Daksh, her life will be ruined, I don’t know if you will believe me.

Shivaye says perhaps, we will not believe you, you are lying, Daksh can’t go to Payal’s house, he landed in India yesterday, I went to airport to receive him. Anika says no, it was him, Payal please tell them that Daksh was at your place, you may not believe me, but you will believe Payal. Payal asks are you mad, why would Daksh be at my house. Anika gets shocked. Payal recalls calling Daksh and saying Anika has come to ask about you, what did you do with her. Daksh thinks I felt she didn’t recognize me, I have to do something else she will break my marriage. He says no, you know such girls, she just wanted to trap me and get money, such girls should be taught a lesson, do as I say. FB ends. Anika asks why are you lying, didn’t you tell me that Daksh was at your place. Payal says no, this girl came to me and asked if I know Daksh, I said I know him, she asked me to come here and lie, I have come to tell you that this girl’s intentions aren’t good, is she a wedding arranger or a crasher, she wants to break Priyanka’s marriage.

Anika says why are you doing this, you told me that Daksh was at your house, why are you lying, Priyanka is your friend. He says enough of your lies. Anika says this is not a lie. He says if this was true, I would have seen you or Daksh at Payal’s house, because I have gone to collect Priyanka’s dress, if you had gone there, you would have got the dress. She says no, I was not in a state to get the dress. He says I told you there should be no problem in Priyanka’s marriage, but you are the biggest problem, you have ten mins, pack your things and leave. Anika says for once… He says get out of here, before I call the security, just leave. Anika sees Payal and cries.

Anika hears Priyanka coughing and goes to her. She asks what happened, is anyone there. She shouts for help. Shivaye hears her and goes to see. He gets shocked. Anika pats on her back. Priyanka spits the fruit. He rushes to her and asks are you fine. Doctor says she is fine now, she will gain consciousness in some time. Shivaye asks what happened to her. Doctor says the thing that can happen to you two, you both have same heart condition, its hereditary, you both have low breathing capacity, she must have choked on something, I would suggest you to keep her away from stress. Shivaye thanks him. Doctor goes. Dadi says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Priyanka. Priyanka wakes up. He asks are you fine. She says yes, where is Anika, call her, she saved my life, she is an angel for me, when she is around, I don’t have any worry or fear, call her, else I will go. He says no, don’t move. Dadi says Shivaye will get Anika.

Anika packs bag. Gauri asks where will we go. Anika says wherever fate takes us. Gauri says yes, but you told that we will stay here till Priyanka’s marriage, did Shivaye say anything again. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words. She says just focus on work, help me in packing, we have to leave fast. Shivaye says that girl was saying nonsense about Daksh, she may say that to Priyanka too, I can’t take risk. Dadi says your fear is right, but you know Priyanka, she wants what she wishes, we don’t know truth and lie, Daksh can’t do this, I don’t think that girl is intentionally blaming Daksh, maybe she has a misconception. He says maybe she is lying. Dadi says no, something happened with her, no girl will blame a guy like this, as society will point finger at her, something would have really happened, Daksh isn’t related to this, go and stop that girl. Shivaye comes to Anika. She says we are just leaving. He says you won’t go. She asks what. He says I m asking you to stay. She asks why. He says its Priyanka’s wish, you will stay here till her marriage, you don’t do the mistake to say all that in front of Priyanka, remember, if she gets tears in her eyes, you will pay for it. She says I came here for Priyanka’s sake, I will stay back for her happiness. He says you stay here just for Priyanka. She says just for Priyanka. He goes.

She looks for design file. She gets the gift and checks. She sees a phone and says such a cost phone. She comes to Shivaye. She says thanks, but I can’t accept this. He asks why. She says you must be habitual to do favors, but I m not habitual to take favors, my self-esteem is my biggest asset, I will lose it if I accept this gift. He says where did this self-esteem go when you blamed a decent guy, you made Payal lie to prove Daksh a liar. She says I didn’t lie and didn’t ask Payal to lie, I just said what happened with me, maybe he was not Daksh, but someone tried to misbehave with me, it was not about me, it was about Priyanka, her happiness and life, so I had to speak up, else I would have stayed silent. She goes.

Shivaye is on the way. He stops the car on seeing Anika. She makes dosa on the stall and serves the customers in haste. The man asks her to hurry. Her slipper breaks. She leaves her slippers. The man says I m getting late, come on. She says I m just getting it. Shivaye looks on and asks her to be careful. Her toe gets hurt by the stone and bleeds. She cries and walks ahead. The man asks her to hurry. She gives the dosa. Shivaye recalls her words.

Shivaye comes to Priyanka and asks what list are you making. She says engagement list. He asks why, where is your wedding planner. She says she went to her dosa stall. He says why did you hire her if you had to do this yourself, call her and say its her work. She says her phone got broken, an ill-mannered man broke her phone at hospital that day. He says ill-mannered, maybe by mistake. She says no, I m sure that man was really bad, he did this with sweet Anika. He says Anika told this story, its her side of story, every story has two sides, maybe that guy was right, your wedding planner might be at fault. She asks why are you taking that man’s side. He says you shouldn’t judge anyone without knowing well. She asks really, you are saying this, who was judging Anika, tell me. He says I was angry, you got unwell because of her.

She says if you had broken her phone in anger, you would have said sorry. He says I don’t say sorry to anyone. She laughs. He says I m serious. She says I know, you don’t say sorry and thanks to anyone, you don’t smile and hug. He says fine, complete your list, Anika did wrong, that’s her name right, she doesn’t have a phone, this shouldn’t be her excuse, she should have a phone, she should be here, if you have to ask her anything, will you wait for her return, marriage will happen after years then. She says yes, but she doesn’t have money to purchase a phone. He says I m thinking, I have got an idea just now, do one thing. He gets a phone and asks how did I get this in pocket, this was extra kept with me, give this to her, tell her that you had an extra phone and you are giving her, as its imp, everyone should have a phone here, till she buys a phone, she can use it for work. She looks at him. He says I shall leave. He goes.

Anika comes home. Priyanka asks where were you, I was waiting. Anika says sorry, I got late. Priyanka says have this phone. Anika asks why. Priyanka says so that I don’t have to wait for your return if I have to talk to you. Anika asks how can I take this phone. Priyanka says I had this extra, its a rule here, everyone who works here must have a phone, so that they are available all 24 hours. Anika says it means I have to take this if I have to work here. Priyanka says yes, coordination problem is happening since you don’t have a phone, please take it. Anika takes it and thanks her. Shivaye looks on and says she gave me lecture when I gave her, she is thanking Priyanka now, at least she took the phone. The phone rings. He hears the ring and stops. Anika checks something. He thinks she has so much attitude, she took the phone but she isn’t using it, what shall I do. He picks the phone. She turns and sees him. He says your phone was ringing, here it is. She thanks him and answers call. She goes. He says she is using it. Priyanka hears him and asks who is using you. He says nobody and goes.

Priyanka calls Daksh. Payal asks why does she call so often. Daksh says why are you getting so jealous. She says you are just mine. He says I will be just yours, I swear, Priyanka is just like an ATM for me. Priyanka says why isn’t Daksh answering, I just hope he is fine. Anika looks on and thinks Priyanka loves Daksh a lot, she is so worried for him, if he is wrong, she won’t be able to tolerate it, I have to find out if Daksh is a right guy for her. She goes to Payal’s house. Payal says Anika… Daksh hides. Anika asks why did you lie that day. Payal says I don’t want to talk and shuts door. Anika calls her out.

Anika comes to Priyanka and says I went for some imp work. Priyanka says I made guest list for engagement, it has your family included, make sure they all come, you won’t do any work that day, you will just be with me as my sister. Anika hugs her with affection. She smiles and says you are very nice, I wish you get all the happiness of this world, and sorrows never pass by you. Priyanka sees Shivaye at the door. Shivaye sees Anika. Anika says I will just come. She goes. He sees her hurt foot. Daksh comes in Anika’s way and smiles. She says you….Priyanka is inside. He says I swear to God, I didn’t come to meet Priyanka, I came to meet you, its enough of hide and seek game, I thought to meet you face-to-face, I think you had much fun that night and miss me so much, you are finding me everywhere, right. She says so it was you… He laughs and says yes Anika, it was me, I thought to take advantage of darkness, some stupid person came and spoiled my fun, I swear to God, the game isn’t over, because Daksh will get what he wants. He goes. Shivaye comes and asks what happened. She stumbles. He holds her. She gets away from him. He asks what happened Anika… She rushes away.

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