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Game of Love 20 July 2020: Game of Love Monday 20th update July 2020, Anika thinks Shivaye has come and turns to talk. She gets shocked seeing Roop and says its you, how dare you come here. Roop taunts her for having no manners to talk to elders. Anika taunts her back for falling low being an elder. She says be grateful to me that I didn’t tell the family about your deeds, you and your son have tried to ruin this family, your son has tried to kill me. Roop says you are alive because of me, I stopped my son. Anika asks her to get lost. Roop says its my house too, if you are bahu of this house, I m the daughter of this house, where is everyone. Anika says everyone went out.

Game of Love 20 July 2020: Roop says they went for Shivaye’s marriage. Anika laughs and asks what, they went to attend Shivaye’s marriage, have you lost it. Roop says you will remember this when he gets a sautan. Anika says I won’t come in your words, lets call Shivaye, your misunderstanding will get clear. Roop says Harsh….. Anika looks at her. Shivaye says thank God you both came. Rudra says Khanna has come along with us. Shivaye says we have less time now. Rudra says we will get Bua arrested, call commissioner. Shivaye says no, I don’t have any proof against Roop, but she has proof against our parents and Anika’s dad. Anika asks how do you know my dad’s name. Roop says I know everything about him, he used to work in Kalyani mills. Anika says lie…..he didn’t work in mills, else Shivaye would have… Roop says he would have told you like he tells you everything, you are not believing it, Shivaye hides many things and lies, he told you that your died by an heart attack, he lied, I will tell you thr truth, your dad was a foreman in mills, he had committed suicide because of the Oberois, they have burnt the mills and killed Mr. Kapoor, they framed your dad, Harsh couldn’t bear the burden of these crimes and committed suicide. Anika says this isn’t true. Roop says fine, will you trust these pics.

She shows the pics and says Harsh was framed by Oberois, Shivaye knew they can go jail so he made a deal with me, I gave him two options that I give this proof to police, so that your dad is proved innocent and Oberois get punished, or I give these pics to Shivaye, so that Oberois maintain their dignity and Harsh is considered a criminal always, you know Shivaye chose the second option on my condition that he will leave you and marry someone else, he agreed to me. Anika thinks of Shivaye’s words.

Game of Love 20 July 2020: Anika says no, Shivaye can never do this, you are lying. Roop says Shivaye can do anything when it comes to his family, see the marriage arrangements. She shows Shivaye’s pics and says see his true face, he is leaving you and remarrying for the sake of your family, he got a chance to prove your dad innocence, but see what he is doing. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words. She says your plan was great and claps. She says this will be a flop plan too, just go. Roop says I showed you many proof, you don’t believe it. Anika says no, I won’t believe anyone’s stories, Roop says come with me and see Shivaye.

Shivaye says I need that proof at any cost, so that Roop doesn’t prove the charges on Anika’s dad true. Roop says I wanted you to see Oberois’ crimes. Anika says you think I will come in your words if you instigate me against my husband. Roop says I want you to come with me and see for yourself. Anika agrees and says I trust Shivaye more than me, you have to answer all the blames in front of Shivaye.

Shivaye says Roop can be here any time. Rudra says we will run. Om asks who has the proof. Shivaye says we have to find the proof, its with Roop, I want to buy some time. Om says its not a child’s play. Shivaye says yes, we will make this a child’s play, we will do fake marriage with fake pandit and fake mantras. Om asks how will we arrange fake pandit so soon. Rudra calls Tej and asks him to help. Tej asks what. Rudra says just do it. He ends call. Shivaye asks will you become fake pandit. Rudra says yes. Om asks did you get just Tej to help. Rudra jokes and says maybe Tej will do our work, now forget everything, I will manage the sake pandit. Roop gets Anika to her place. Roop sings and pulls the curtain. Anika sees a glass partition. Roop says Shivaye is remarrying, he will be sitting here with his second wife. Anika says this can’t happen, he won’t do this. Roop says you can wait and watch, no one can see or hear you. She goes out and talks to Anika to show about sound blockage.

Game of Love Monday update 20 July 2020: Omru joke and hide seeing Roop. Rudra goes to pandit and makes a small request. Pinky calls Shivaye and cries. Om holds her. She says Om you here, you don’t know whats happening here, Shivaye’s second marriage… Om says I know everything, I met Shivaye, he is fine, don’t worry, we won’t let this marriage happen. Roop gets shocked seeing Veer. She shuts the door and starts yelling at him. He throws things and shouts, I would have killed Anika and Shivaye. They argue. Veer asks does my respect matter or not. She says I gave you enough chances, you didn’t do anything in Goa, you got arrested here. He says Shwetlana failed my plans in Goa, and you have sent me to Oberois, I got jailed here. She says don’t come out, else Shivaye will bury you alive. Roop goes. He says I will play a game with Shivaye now.

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Game of Love Monday 20 update July 2020 Shivaye and Anika stay restless. He sees the time. He calls up Anika and gets her number switched off. He closes eyes and says Anika. She says Shivaye… He says why do I feel Anika is somewhere around. Anika steps out of the room. Shivaye too steps out. Piya Milenge…..plays….. They both sense each other. Roop gets a floral frame in between and takes away Anika. Anika sees Shivaye. He misses to see her. Shivaye thinks I was thinking about Anika, so I felt she is here, else how can she be here. He takes back Anika. Roop asks Anika to stay in the room and see her destruction drama. Tej and Jhanvi come. Roop says better late than never. Om says what we discussed just now… Pinky nods and goes. Roop says you didn’t invite me in Shivaye’s first marriage, but I got you all here. Tej says you got mad, you need medical help. Roop argues. Pinky asks Tej did he get her medicines. Jhanvi says these medicines belong to Pinky. Tej says I thought its Shakti’s medicines. Roop asks is there medicines or something else in that packet. Tej says it contains medicines, check it if you don’t believe. Roop checks envelope. Tej says you think we got a bomb in this small packet.

Roop gives it back and says you can’t do anything, its not your cup of tea, take rest, I will send some food. She goes. Pinky goes and gives the packet to Om. Om goes and knocks at the door. He passes the packet to Rudra. Rudra says good job agent Om. Om shuts the door. Shivaye sees the sherwani…. Roop comes and says even brides don’t take much time, I will help you, anger develops acidity, with a smile or with anger, you have to get married, you didn’t ask me who is the bride. He says I don’t care. She says just see her, that beggar Anika…. He says don’t dare to say anything against my wife. She says we will talk to your wife. She claps and calls the bride. She asks him to see her, ask her name. He says I don’t care. She says you should see her, I have found a beautiful girl for you. He shouts shut up, enough of drama, go and prepare for marriage.

Game of Love Monday 20 July 2020 update: Roop goes with the bride. He thinks I m impatient, but not for the marriage, I want to get the evidence and go back to my Anika. Rudra gets ready with fake wig and accessories. He dresses like the pandit. Rudra asks don’t I look like a pandit. Pandit says yes, lying and cheating someone is like a sin, you are doing a good deed, you are taking a big risk for your brother and Bhabhi, I wish you succeed. Rudra says my security incharge Khanna will make you reach home safe, wish me luck. Pandit goes. Rudra goes out and calls out Om. He sees Khanna with someone. He gets angry and goes to beat. He sees Om in disguise. He asks what are you doing in this getup. Om says acting. Rudra says finally, we are doing something. Om says yes, its time for some action.

Roop says I got your would be bahu, see her beautiful dress. Pinky asks her to stop it. Roop asks where is pandit. Rudra says I have to say wrong mantras, what will go wrong. Om takes him. Roop says I will get the groom, his sherwani is too good. Shivaye comes there. Roop says he is eager to remarry. Shivaye sees everyone. He thinks I have to do this drama for some time, once I get the proof, everything will be under control.

Game of Love update Monday 20 July 2020: Anika sees him from far. She says Shivaye is really marrying, how can this happen, I thought Bua is lying, or is it a plan by Shivaye. Shivaye says I will sit in mandap if you give me proof, how can I trust you. Roop says I will give you one proof after marriage, you decide which proof you want first. Anika says why can’t I hear anything. Roop says proof against your family or against Anika’s dad, you decide. Shivaye says I want Anika’s dad’s fake suicide note first. Roop asks will you leave your parents for Anika’s dad. Pinky says he did right, when Anika loves your family by forgetting her family, you should also think about her first. Roop says sit, I will give proof after you marry. Shivaye sits. Anika cries and says no, Shivaye can’t do this, there would be some reason behind it.

Roop asks pandit to hurry up. Rudra says sure. Shivaye thinks sorry Anika, I know this is a drama, even then I m feeling bad, I couldn’t do anything. Roop asks who will say him to make bride wear mangalsutra. Rudra says I will say it, make the bride wear mangalsutra and sindoor. Shivaye takes the mangalsutra in hand. Anika looks on. Shivaye recalls his marriage. Anika breaks down. He looks at Pinky. Pinky nods and asks Roop to stop it. They argue. Shivaye thinks I know its a drama, but I can’t do this. He says this marriage doesn’t matter to me, wear this mangalsutra and sindoor yourself. He hands over mangalsutra and sindoor to the bride. Anika doesn’t see properly and thinks he is doing the rituals. She says no, don’t do this. She sees the mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Pinky scolds Roop. Roop asks her to let marriage happen. Anika cries and says what did you do.

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