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Game of Love 24 August 2020: Shivaye comes to Anika’s house. Sahil’s mum welcomes him. He looks at the house’s conditions. She asks are you finding Anika, she isn’t here. He says I didn’t come to meet her, but you, I want to know about her, family, her clan, everything. She asks what did she do now. He says tell me about her. She says I feel ashamed to tell about her, she is my brother-in-law’s daughter, I m her aunt, but I looked after her like a mum, her mum is someone’s mistress, she eloped with a rich man when Gauri and Anika were young, I know the hardships, how I worked hard and raised them, what did I get in return, disgrace, she ruined my reputation, she wants to trap a rich man and spend a life of leisure, she is more concerned about her boss than her work, so we had to live your house, no one respects and cares for me, both the sisters just do as their wish. He says this is Anika’s salary, tell her that she must not be seen around my sister. He leaves. He says how could I make a big mistake in judging someone, why did I believe her every time, everything was a lie, why didn’t you listen to your heart, not mind, she is not different than other girls. He sees Anika with Daksh.

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Anika says Payal is pregnant with your child, she is upset as you are avoiding her, you are doing wrong with your child, Priyanka and Payal, its not too late, you can set everything right, just tell the truth to Priyanka and break the marriage, accept Payal. Daksh laughs and asks why do I you think I will do this. She says you have to do this, else you can’t imagine what Shivaye will do. He says you can’t even imagine what I can do to you. She says I don’t care for myself, I care for Priyanka, Payal and that child, I give you 24 hours to set things right, else you will lose everything. She goes. Shivaye looks on from far.

He says I made her out of the house, she came here to meet Daksh, if she does anything to stop the marriage, I won’t leave her. Maid cleans the room and gets letter. Priyanka is on call and asks someone to come urgently, as her mehendi artist didn’t turn up. She says she didn’t agree, she said she can’t leave the puja at her home, how will my ceremony happen, I wish Anika was here, she would have managed everything. Omru ask her to relax. Shivaye says everything will happen, the best mehendi artist will apply mehendi to you. Tia comes with mehendi artists. Tia says we got your mehendi blessed by Guru, as Shivaye wanted this. Shivaye says how did you think your marriage ceremony will be incomplete when I m here, you don’t need any wedding planner now, as I m your wedding planner now. Priyanka thanks him. Maid says I got this from your room. Rudra says leave this, else this mehendi artist will go. She says I want to see who has sent this letter. Rudra says let me read it for you, its in Hindi, Priyanka I…. Om takes the letter and says you won’t be able to read it. Daksh gets some gifts. Omru help him. Priyanka asks Shivaye to read it. Shivaye gets a call and asks Tia to read it. Priyanka says give it to me, I will read it. The girl asks Priyanka to apply mehendi first.

Shivaye says Daksh, I saw you meeting Anika today. Daksh recalls her words. Shivaye asks what was she telling you now. Daksh says she isn’t able to handle rejection, she is asking me to break marriage and marry her, she said she will lie to Priyanka about my illegitimate affair, she is linking me with Payal, she is trying to break Priyanka’s marriage, can you believe this, she will try to make Priyanka against me. Shivaye says she tried, she came here yesterday but I have kicked her out, she won’t meet Priyanka, she won’t come between you two. Anika says why didn’t Priyanka call me, maybe she didn’t get the letter. Payal calls her and says Daksh isn’t answering, I m scared, if he marries Priyanka, my life will be ruined. Anika says so I asked you to tell the truth to Priyanka, when she breaks the marriage, Daksh will come to you, if you are ready to tell her the truth, I will come. Payal says okay, come, I m ready to come with you. Tia slaps Daksh and asks do you know the consequences if everyone knows Payal is pregnant with your child, not just your and Priyanka’s marriage, but Shivaye and my wedding will also get called off, its imp for us, we are bankrupt, we want Oberois’ money.

Daksh says I know I did a mistake, trust me, I will manage everything. She asks how, Anika will tell everything about you. He says she tried, but Shivaye kicked her out, I have instigated him against Anika. She says but Priyanka will listen, if Anika reaches Priyanka, that letter was sent by Anika….. we have to stop Priyanka. She runs downstairs and takes the letter from Priyanka. She says you will ruin your mehendi, did you apply clove oil. Priyanka says not yet. Tia asks the girl to apply clove oil to her mehendi. She gives the letter to Daksh and says Anika is not going to give up soon, she will try to break the marriage till it happens, if Anika meets Payal, we can’t do anything. He puts letter in pocket. Letter falls down. Gauri and Sahil’s mum attend guests. Anika gets ready. Gauri asks where are you going. Anika says I have some imp work. Gauri asks is it imp than shagun. Sahil’s mum asks can’t you stay at home, its your shagun today. Anika says I have some work. Sahil’s mum says what will I tell your inlaws if they come before you. Anika goes. Payal calls her and asks where are you. Anika says I m on the way, near your house. Payal says come soon, I m stressed. Daksh comes. Daksh pushes her.

Anika asks are you fine. He hurts Payal and pushes her again. Payal asks him to leave her. Anika pays the auto driver and runs to her house. Payal picks her phone and runs upstairs. Daksh catches her. He ties up Payal. He sees Anika and thinks she is such a trouble, she reached even here. He goes. Anika gets in and calls out Payal. She sees the house state and checks for her. She goes to check back door. She sees Daksh leaving in a van.

Anika sees Daksh leaving in the van and runs after him. She hires an auto and follows. Gauri says Anika’s phone isn’t connecting. Sahil’s mum says maybe she has deliberately switched off her phone. Nikhil asks what was so urgent that Anika left her shagun function. She says it maybe something related to Shivaye. Gauri says she just works there. Sahil’s mum says call Shivaye and ask him, she is there. Gauri asks her to stop talking rubbish, Anika works so hard for them, he would be coming. Daksh asks the men to keep cupboard in storeroom. Anika thinks where is Payal. Daksh says thanks for keeping my stuff at your house I wanted to have Priyanka and my room renovated before grahpravesh. Shivaye says I get it, this is also your house, don’t worry. Daksh thanks him. Shivaye gets a call and goes. Anika says where has he hidden Payal.

Daksh says its a antique closet, be careful. Anika says the tempo didn’t stop anywhere on the way, where did Payal go. She sees Payal’s cloth hanging out and says she is inside the cupboard, how will I get her out…. I have to take risk, its not just about Priyanka’s life, its about Payal and her child’s life too. Shivaye says Khanna, I don’t want Anika around, if I see her, your job is in risk. Anika says how to go inside. Guests gossip about Anika. They refuse to wait for longer time. Gauri says wait, Anika will be coming. The lady says who knows she will come or not. The guests leave. Sahil’s mum throws the shagun plate and gets angry. Nikhil says I know where is she. He goes. Shivaye asks Khanna to be careful, Anika shouldn’t come.

Khanna asks him not to worry. Anika takes a disguise and thinks Anika can’t come, but Shanno halwai can come, Shivaye doesn’t want to listen, I have to become khidkitod Anika. The lady asks where are you going, you can’t go. Anika says why, I came here to go in. The lady asks who are you. Anika says I m Shanno, pedha specialist, I m halwaain… I m a lady. The lady asks her to show her face. Anika asks why shall I lift my ghunghat. Shivaye comes and asks what’s happening here. She asks why shall I tell you. He asks what. Khanna says they say Why as Chooo in Mathura. Shivaye says whatever, what’s the problem. Khanna says she isn’t showing her face. Shivaye says she can’t go in, its a rule. She says you lift my veil, you won’t be able to handle my beauty, I task the ones who wish a sight. Khanna says check once, maybe she is really beautiful. Shivaye says I m not interested, you can see if you want. Anika says you see me once. He says let her go.

She thinks I knew he won’t lift the veil if I tell him, I can go and find Payal. She says fine, I will go. He says stop, I don’t like people who don’t follow my rules, if you insist me to see your face, fine show me your face. She asks how shall I show my face, I m Burfi, get a mirror, your blue eyes can’t handle my beauty directly. He asks what does Kanji mean. She says cat eyes. Khanna says I have got a mirror, see her face. Shivaye sees her eyes, nose, lips and then the huge fake teeth. He says fine, let her go. She asks aren’t I much beautiful. He says let her go. She removes her dupatta from the face. He stops her. She dons ghunghat again and says I m Shanno halwaain.. He says just prepare Shahi Tukda, groom likes it a lot. She says I will make it so well that he will never forget. He asks what. She says leave it to me, see what I make.

Tia asks what, you have kidnapped Payal. Daksh says there was no option. Tia asks why did you get her to Oberoi mansion, if someone gets to know. He says relax, no on will know, I locked her in a closet, Anika would reach anywhere else, she has been banned to enter Oberoi mansion, its safest option to keep Payal here, once I get married, I will see Anika and Payal, there can never be a problem where Daksh is there. Anika comes there. She thinks in which room is that closet kept. Tia asks who is she, what if she sees Payal. He says I will see. Anika’s fake teeth fall off.

Daksh asks who are you, are you deaf or mute. Anika dons the ghunghat and says I m not deaf or mute, but there are deep secrets, I m amazing, I m Shanno halwaain from Mathura. He asks why were you peeping inside the rooms. Tia asks why did you put long ghunghat. Anika says nobody can handle my beauty. Tia says remove the ghunghat. She tries to see her face. Shivaye comes and asks what are you doing here. Daksh asks who is she. Shivaye says halwai, I have checked myself. I know you are stressed about Anika, she can’t reach here. Anika gets the fake teeth and fixes in time. Shivaye asks what are you doing here. She says I was finding the kitchen. He says I will show you, and Priyanka was finding you two. Anika asks who was that ugly man. He asks who. She says he is quite mannerless. He says kitchen is on right side. She asks where is your sister. He says you will get everything, else ask Khanna to get it.

She says fine but that guy… He says Anika… she worries. He says you know Anika right, she would have booked you as a halwai. She says I know her a little bit. He says if you give any info to her, I will send you back to Mathura. She says don’t worry, forget about Anika, I won’t tell anything. Rudra comes and says we decided we will put on a pink rose bud, we will start this with you. He gets Tej’s call and goes. Shivaye asks what to do. He tries to fix the rose. It falls. Anika holds it and fixes it in his coat. Shivaye looks at her. Rudra calls out and says dad wants to talk to you as well, come soon. Shivaye thinks why am I thinking about her, what happened to me. She thinks I have come to find Payal. He goes. Anika says I couldn’t find Payal, Priyanka didn’t get the letter, marriage is tomorrow and I m making sweets here. Maid gets the sweets order. Anika asks what shall I do. Maid asks who is the halwai.

Anika says I m Halwaain, don’t disturb me, I will prepare the sweets. She says its too much, did I come to break the marriage or prepare sweets, if Daksh gets exposed, sweets will be required. She takes sweets and thinks to find Payal. Nikhil shouts Anika. He asks guard to call Anika. Shivaye asks what’s happening, why did you come here. Nikhil says to take Anika. Shivaye says she is not here. Nikhil says she is here. Shivaye says I have fired her and ousted her from this house, why will she come here. Nikhil says if she isn’t here, then where is she, its our shagun today and she didn’t come home. Shivaye says I m not surprised, amazing, she wore the ring on the other hand on her engagement day, and today on shagun day, she is missing, what will happen after marriage, I mean if at all the marriage happens, she isn’t here, I m not interested to know where she is, go and look for her somewhere else, don’t raise your voice in my house again.

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