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In Game of Love update Monday 28th October 2019 on starlife, Mohit comes and says come with me, I will prove Anika has an affair with the cook. Anika asks Shivaye about everyone’s breakfast.

Shivaye risking life for Anika, and Anika standing to support him. He says its just a drama, Anika doesn’t love Shivaye, she loves Majnu. She says I understand, you are still in shock, you need rest, please take care. She goes. He thinks I need proof to convince her, that Anika and Majnu have an affair.

Mohit looks on and smiles. He says motive….. Its morning, Bhavya sees motive written all over the paper. Mohit comes to her. She sees normal newspaper. He says I got the right motive, Shivaye doesn’t love Anika, he isn’t happy with her, they have no husband and wife relation, so he got attracted to Nancy, when Nancy refused, he angrily killed her, it was Shivaye’s mistake.

Anika comes to Shivaye and asks what are you doing. He says I m making chocolate cake for Rudra, he was upset, his room is given to Bhavya. She asks shall I help. He asks her to blend the batter. She tastes it. He asks what are you doing. She says I like cake batter, you also try it. He says I don’t want. She makes him taste and asks how is it. He says not bad. She sees chocolate near his beard. She cleans it.

Shivaye asks Mohit to have hot parathas. Om says we will check these pics once again, maybe we get some clue. Rudra says my God, I look so handsome in this pic. Om stares at him. Shivaye and Anika come. Shivaye asks did you get any clue. Omru say not yet. Shivaye says I m sure there will be some clue. He sees Mohit and his pic. Anika says I think if we find Nancy, we will get all answers. Om asks how will we find her.

Shivaye says I already got someone after her, she can’t be saved for long. Nancy calls Mohit. He disconnects. She calls him again and asks where is my money. He says phones are tapped, why don’t you understand. She says tell your boss to give me money, else I will spoil your game. He says fine, you will get money after my magic show tomorrow. He thinks thank God, I completed call within 20 secs, else it would have got traced, I have no time, I have to do magic show act soon, I will send Shivaye to jail before he reaches Nancy, I have to find his murder motive.

Shivaye takes Majnu’s getup. He says I kept moustache and Pagdi here. Anika comes acting as Majnu, with moustache and Pagdi on. He asks what’s this. She says what you were finding, moustache and Pagdi, I liked your getup and thought to try. He asks her to give it. She asks him to say, does she look cute or not. He says very cute. He gets moustache and asks for Pagdi. She says no. He says I have to go and sleep, anyone can see me. She says you will go out like this. She runs out.

Mohit sees her and thinks why is Anika wearing Majnu’s Pagdi. Anika sings Baahon me chale aa…. and dances with Shivaye. Shivaye takes Pagdi and wears it. Mohit comes and says they are openly romancing, its a good chance, I will click their pics and show to Bhavya. He clicks pics. Shivaye dances with Anika and leaves. Anika opens her eyes and sees Mohit in front. She gets shocked. He looks for Majnu. Shivaye hides.

Anika says you here at this time. Mohit says I ask the same thing to you, you here at this time with Majnu. She asks what are you saying. He says come on, don’t lie, I have seen you romancing that Majnu, Shivaye was my friend, you are with a cook, disgusting Anika. He goes. Shivaye signs Anika. He goes. Its morning, Mohit says its my magic show today, I came to take your permission. Bhavya says its fine, you can go.

Rudra says so your magic show is today. Tej says all the best, its commendable that you are fulfilling commitment after so much. Mohit says I have to. Tej says you will do this for Nancy, we all will come to see your show. Mohit says do come, my show is incomplete without you all. Anika says I wish Shivaye was here. Mohit says then Nancy would have been here too. Khanna says lawyer has come to meet you.

Mohit says ask him to wait. Anika asks lawyer, why. Mohit says lawyer is necessary for my wife’s murder case. He goes and asks lawyer why did you come here. Lawyer says sorry, you got the property papers transferred on your name, money will be transferred to your account tonight. Mohit thanks him and smiles.

O jaana….plays…. They get chocolate on their hands. He holds her hand and applies chocolate to her face. She says Shivaye… He says not Shivaye, Majnu ji. She says my Majnu ji… Mohit comes and sees them. He goes. Bhavya on call updates the info to commissioner. Shivaye says its all ready. Anika asks do you want anything. Bhavya and Mohit say no. Bhavya asks him to take rest.

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