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Game of Love update Monday 2nd December 2019 on Starlife, Shivaansh makes excuses. His siblings demand for Nek and take money from him. They send Shivaansh to the room.

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Varun thinks I will get real Nek, after all I worked hard to get this marriage done. Mannat thinks I should run away before Shivaansh sees me. She hides. He calls out Sonya. She thinks he will know its me when he sees me, he will murder me. He asks where are you Sonya. He says where did she go, maybe she has gone to washroom. Mannat leaves from room. Nani says maybe you are shy, you know Shivaansh already, you go in, Shivaansh would be waiting. She sends Mannat back to room. He asks where did you go, we will discuss what to do, so that there is no confusion, why did you put this ghunghat, remove it. He lifts the ghunghat and gets shocked seeing Mannat.

He hits the chandelier in anger. She worries. He asks where is Sonya, what’s this joke, what are you doing in my house, it means you sat in mandap in Sonya’s place, I got married to you. He recalls her words and says such a big conspiracy to take revenge. She says no, someone has blackmailed me, someone is plotting against you. He says don’t lie. She says I m not lying. He scolds her. He says you manipulated and married me.

She says you are misunderstanding me, I was asked to come here as mehendi artist and inject something to faint Sonya, I didn’t do this, Sonya was missing, I wanted to tell you everything, someone wanted me to take Sonya’s place, that person is here, he was keeping an eye on me, so I couldn’t talk to you. He asks who is he. She says I don’t know, I haven’t seen him. He says I can’t believe your nonsense story. She says I was helpless, you are also responsible for this. He asks me? She says Munni got kidnapped because of me, kidnapper fixed a bomb on her and asked me to sit in mandap. He says it looks like a C grade film story, you didn’t go to police station, you sat in mandap. He recalls Varun’s words. He says Munni is resting in your house, she is fine. She says no, she is kidnapped. He says lets see, make a video call. She calls her Chachi and asks for Munni.

Chachi says Munni had food, she is sleeping now. Mannat gets shocked. Shivaansh throws phone and says if you had to lie, you should have taken family in confidence. Mannat says I had sent letter by that waiter. He says stop it, Aditi was right, you did this because of your obsession, you crossed all limits, you married me for money, you have done this sin, I won’t hear your explanation, just tell everything in police station. Nani and everyone come. Nani says I got to know everything, she is Mannat, not Sonya. She lifts Mannat’s ghunghat and sees her. Everyone looks on. Nani says I know, none could do this, I don’t know how to thank Mannat, she has saved our family respect by giving this sacrifice. She hugs Mannat. Dhruv asks what are you saying. Nani says Varun told me, Sonya had run away from mandap by changing mind, Mannat married Shivaansh to save our respect. Mannat signs no to Shivaansh. Nani says I m happy that Shivaansh married you.

Game of Love update Monday 2nd December 2019 on Starlife

Shivaansh asks what’s all this. Varun says Sonya called me, she said someone tried to attack her, so she got scared and run away, I had seen Mannat there, I think she is behind this. Shivaansh asks why did you lie to Nani and make Mannat a hero. Varun asks would I let Nani get a heart attack again, if you think I did wrong, sorry. Shivaansh says no, I understand, I will not leave Mannat, she doesn’t know that pandit and everyone was fake. Varun thinks he doesn’t know marriage was real, I played new game and involved Nani, now Shivaansh can’t make Mannat out. Nani asks what are you guys talking. Shivaansh says I was saying, this happened for good, what she with us, I mean what she did for us, none can forget it, just she could do this.

Nani says I will fulfill all rituals well. Dhruv says Lord has fulfilled your Mannat finally. Nani asks Shivaansh to make Mannat wear the ring. She says promise that you won’t never leave each other, you will stay together, you both will also set an example of love. She gives them rings. Tere naam…plays… They exchange rings. Everyone claps. Shivaansh and Mannat go to their room. He asks did you see them, how shall I see them that this is a lie, how shall I tell Nani that you are a liar and manipulative girl. He throws her ghunghat. He ruins the decorations in anger. He throws the rose petals, which fall over her. Mannat gets on the bed to help him remove lights. They fall down and get tangled. They have an eyelock. Jaanejaan…plays…

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