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Game of Love 9 November 2020: Game of Love update Monday 9th November 2020, Mannat says a tea costs 500rs, maybe we have come to a wrong place, its very expensive. Shivaansh say stop worrying about money. She asks why are you saying this. He says for you, you did a lot for me, since I met you, you have shown me a beautiful life, we fought earlier, I was annoyed, but then all my rage and annoyance… turned into care, I m trying to tell you that I…. She asks I? He says I really like this song, I feel like dancing. She says your health… He says some rules for today, we will live in the moment and you will not call me Sir, call me Shivaansh. She says how, I respect you. He says respect is not just by words, you can show respect by obeying someone, just call me Shivaansh if you respect me. She says okay Sir. He says no more Sir, Shivaansh. She says Shivaansh. He holds his heart. She asks what happened. He says say my name again.

She says Shivaansh, you are very filmi. They eat food. He also eats noodles by hands like her. She says try adding this lemon to the noodles, its tasty, try it. He tries. She asks is it good. He smiles. They get icecreams from a stall. She says you gave dinner treat, so icecream treat from me, sorry, its not expensive one, I hope its fine. He says we are now single unit. Jaanejaan….plays…. He laughs and cleans icecream from her face. She cries. He says you will never grow up, what happened, why are you crying. She says you were my fav superstar, now you are my fav person, there is no one better than you, I m so lucky to have met you. He says I m the lucky one that Nani prayed to Lord and then I have you in my life, thanks. Tanha sa kuch….plays…. He wipes her tear. The man asks shall I give you another icecream. Shivaansh says no, its okay.

They come home. Mannat says I will never forget this night. She asks can we talk all night. He says go on. She says I will listen to you, I keep talking always, I want to know about you. He says no, I want to know about you. She says I want to know everything from the start. He talks to her. She smiles. She thinks I wish this night gets longer, this is the final night with Shivaansh, I will divorce him tomorrow. Its morning, they wake up. She finds herself in his arms. She gets away. She says so sorry, I fell asleep. He says no worries, its not a sin, we are husband and wife, we are married. She goes to change. He says married, this word isn’t classy, how did I say this, I m just scared.

Mannat comes to meet Varun. He says I was about to call you, give me the papers. He checks and says I had told you to get Shivaansh’s signs. She says I didn’t take his sign. He asks may I know why. She says I have decided not to dance on your tunes. She goes to Pramod and says dad, I can’t do this, I m very sorry, I want to get you out but not by hurting Shivaansh. Pramod says no, you did the right thing, I m proud of you. Varun says I m foolish, I should have understood that she would be a coward like you. She slaps and scolds him. Varun hurts her. She hits on his head with a stick. She says I will get Shivaansh and come. She goes. Varun says this girl will ruin my plans. He calls Sahil and says we have to do something of Mannat. Sahil asks him not to worry.

Sahil asks Shivaansh to sign the divorce papers. He says Mannat looks after you and family, if you want to marry someone else, she may create problems. Shivaansh says I misunderstood her before, but now I can blindly trust her. Sahil says she wants this so that she can take advantage of your trust, you are very innocent, this is what happened with Shivaye, the man whom he trusted the most, took his life. Shivaansh recalls PK. Sahil asks are you okay. Shivaansh asks do you know PK, commissioner Dixit mentioned that the man who killed dad is PK. Sahil says I knew Shivaye trusted that man, but is he PK, he worked at our factory, when Mannat took her dad’s name, I was thinking, PK is Pramod Khurana, Mannat’s dad, this means, Shivaye was killed by Mannat’s dad.

Shivaansh gets shocked. Mannat comes home. He stops her. Everyone comes. He claps and says I thought you were our enemy, I was wrong, you are our ancestral enemy, this game was planned by you and your dad. Nani asks what are you saying. He says I m saying the truth, your innocent Mannat is my dad’s murderer PK’s daughter. Mannat asks what. Shivaansh says your dad snatched Shivaye, you should have asked me for money, I would have not refused, but you played a game with my family. She says Shivaansh…. He says Shivaansh Sir… She says I don’t know, my dad left me in childhood, he met me yesterday so I was worried, Varun is threatening me and asked me to divorce you and get your property. He says Varun is in jail. He calls ACP and asks is Varun in jail, I want to know, please call me. Mannat says Varun has captivated my dad, until police replies, come with me. He says I will give you a chance. Sahil says Shivaansh police told us that PK is Shivaye’s murderer, how can Varun escape from jail. Shivaansh says I want to give her one chance.

Mannat says my dad is here… She doesn’t see anyone. Varun says Mannat didn’t get Shivaansh’s signs on divorce papers, she is going to tell truth to him. Sahil says you get back to jail, get PK out of there, pay the same guard who got you out, I will handle the rest. Varun says fine. Shivaansh asks what happened. Mannat says trust me, they were here. ACP calls her and says Varun is in his cell. Shivaansh thanks her. She says our officer has found PK. He asks what, where is he. Shivaansh and family go to the place and see PK. Shivaansh says my dad’s murderer. Mannat says its not true, my dad can’t kill anyone. She asks her dad to tell them that he didn’t kill anyone. Pramod shouts I killed him.

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