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Game of Love 1 August 2020: Game of Love update Saturday 1st August 2020, ShivOmru dance with few ladies, while holding up the babies in carrier. Itti si hasi….plays….. They smile. The ladies leave the balloons in air. Rudra asks the lady to be careful. The lady says sorry, I was getting dizzy, I couldn’t sleep since three nights because of my baby. Rudra asks why. She says my baby sleeps all day and stays awake all night. Another lady says my baby troubles me a lot, see how much he is crying, I wish I didn’t had children. Rudra says please I don’t want to become Papa, I need to talk to Bhavya. He shouts Bhavya on coming home.

Bhavya asks are you fine. Rudra says yes, I don’t want it. She asks what. He says I m not ready for it. She asks for what. He says I know you are pregnant. They ask what. Shivaye says sorry it came out this way, congrats. Gauri says congrats and hugs Bhavya. Bhavya asks what’s this joke. Rudra says you are pregnant. She says I m not pregnant, who told you. He says you were feeling nauseous, dizzy and wanted to have something sour. She says I had low BP, I had done much exercise. He says Dadi told me. Dadi asks what did I say. Rudra says you told me about good news and sung a song too. Dadi says I was pulling your leg. Rudra says I would have got a heart attack, it means there is no tension, people won’t call me uncle, Bhavya you gave me much happiness. He hugs them. Dadi beats him. Gauri says he has gone mad. Dadi says people used to get happy on becoming a father, now things have changed, he is happy on not becoming a father. Shivaye says thank God, he is saved, he got scared and scared us too.

Gauri asks why did you get scared. Shivaye says child is a big responsibility, I haven’t thought of becoming a father, Rudy is younger to me, if anyone tells me I m going to become a father, I don’t know how will I react. Anika asks why, don’t you want to have a child. Shivaye says I don’t think so, I don’t want to have a child. They get shocked. Anika says not now or never. He says I don’t know, I m not sure. Dadi asks why, child is imp after marriage. He asks why. She says then your family will get complete, who will manage this empire. Gauri says yes, children are blessing of Lord, its big happiness to become mum, don’t you want to give happiness to Anika. Shivaye says I will talk to Anika in private. Anika says no, I just want to know about it. He says I will talk to you later. Dadi asks why not now, I want to know what’s in your mind, I wish to play with your child, think of Pinky and her wishes, she would like to see your child, what will people say, that Shivaye has no children.

Game of Love update Saturday 1 August 2020: Shivaye says this is the reason, this 4 table, this is it, what will four people say. Rudra asks who are these four people taking an interest in our life. Om says its a saying, four people mean the world, outsiders, general public. Shivaye asks who are these four people, will they decide, shall we have kids if they want kids. He says Anika, we can’t live our way just because of the people, we forget what we want. Gauri says society has some rules, its not wrong, rules are to make life easy, children are next step after marriage. He says just because this is next step, so Anika and I shall have kids, I feel a child should come in a couple’s life when they are ready to take the responsibility. Dadi says I don’t understand. Anika says I understood, it means he doesn’t want to have a child. He stops her and says wait a second, maybe you didn’t understand well, or maybe I wasn’t able to explain well, let me explain all of this in detail, please sit.

They get seated. He says we shall start from starting, just imagine. Rudra says my imagination can get wild. Shivaye says when a baby is born, three categories put pressure on him, long distance relatives, they aren’t related to our lives, second category, that four people, who are they, does anyone know them, no identity, we just hear about them, no one has seen their faces, third category, tv and films, this is a group which decided criteria for society, perfect son, bahu and etc, people say tv and films are a mirror of society, but it has dirt over it, I will tell you the affect of these categories on my life, you know when I was born, I was free like a free bird, but these three categories took an entry in my life to make me know my responsibilities, I felt they are right, so I danced on their fingers. He sings Papa kehte hai…. and dances.

Anika and everyone look on. Relatives group say he is Kalyani’s grandson, he has to get educated, he will name the family proud. Four people category say you can’t become a doctor, you have to take the business ahead, you are son of Oberois, you will take the company to new heights. Shivaye says I left my dream of becoming a doctor because of people’s opinion, I went to Cambridge to get my degree to manage Oberoi empire, then I took the company to new heights, but pressure didn’t end here, I got successful in business, then a new pressure started. He sings Zarurat hai…. Everyone smiles. Rudra claps. Shivaye says no for marriage, I just finished my studies. The relatives group comment that he isn’t marrying, does he have any weakness, poor Kalyani, she won’t be able to see Shivaye’s marriage before dying, why doesn’t Pinky explain her son, if he doesn’t marry, how will the family go ahead. Four people category comments… first degree, then job and then the girl….. This is the next step.

Game of Love update Saturday 1 August 2020: Shivaye says thanks to all of them, I felt I should get married, then Anika came in my life. He gets Anika in arms. They see Anika with him and act surprised. Rudra says guys, its just imagination…. Shivaye says and then, after many problems and difficulties, we came together, we are very happy together, but there is a new pressure again. The people sing yashoda ka nandlal….. and dance around them. Relatives group comment that Shivaye and Anika should have a child now, if you delay, it will be a problem later, poor Kalyani, how much will she wait to see your child. Four people category comment… why are Shivaye and Anika not having a child, maybe Anika has some weakness, is she infertile, they are so rich, why don’t they get treatment from a good doctor. Shivaye says this is the pressure, we both didn’t discuss about child, we are happy together, we are discussing this today as we had to, they think we have a problem, people don’t live but fill a form, like tick marking degree, career, marriage, child… tick tick… if we get in pressure and have a child, child won’t be wanted by us, it will be just to keep customs of the world. They get a child and dance. Mere ghar aai ek nanhi pari….plays….

Shivaye asks can we stop the song, we have a child now. Relatives category comment again…. Just one child, the child will feel lonely, you should have one more child. Four people category comment… Girl will go to others’ house, you should have a son, how will Oberoi empire run without a son, who will take the family ahead. Shivaye gets a baby boy in arm. Haste haste…..plays……….. Shivaye and Anika try to manage the kids. Shivaye nearly loses balance. Everyone gets worried….

Anika asks what happens next. Shivaye says then our children grow up, we get old and our lives end, the same happens with them, relatives, those four people and media, they all put pressure on them, the children will also do what the society tells them, because we didn’t think to do anything we want. Gauri says but if society asks us to have children, what’s the harm, children are that happiness, which everyone should get, think of the first time when you take your child in arms and he smiles seeing you. They all imagine the moment. Gauri says when the baby calls you Papa for the first time. Shivaye and Anika ask Shivika to say Papa and mumma…. Shivaye says she said Papa, she loves her dad. Anika says say mumma first. Shivaye says maybe she doesn’t know you are her mum….

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Game of Love update Saturday 1 August 2020: Gauri says when the child starts walking for the first time. Gauri, Om, Rudra and Bhavya think of the moment. Anika says you are right, the moments will be amazing. Gauri says all the troubles will end soon by those moments, how can you snatch this happiness from Anika. Shivaye says I m not saying you are wrong, I m not saying my point of view is right, I just want to say, child should come when we both want, not because of society pressure, we shouldn’t take a wrong step, society romanticizes parenthood, motherhood, what they show on tv isn’t true, they just show good things, reality is different, when a child comes, everything changes, even the relation of one becoming parents.

Gauri and Om imagine……. Om asks Gauri for his sketch book. Gauri says it would be there. She feeds her daughter Rikara. Om asks Gauri to control Rikara. Gauri asks the baby not to cry. Om calls her out and asks her to talk once. She asks what happened. He asks what happened, you forgot me since Rikara is born, you remember there was a time when your life revolved around me, you have no time for me, you don’t care for me, Rikara is only one for you. She says Rikara is young, she can’t take care of herself but you can take care of yourself, I have no time for myself, she needs me. He says she needs you, I also need you, you will not understand this, your priority is just Rikara now, if I knew Rikara will come between us, I would have not agreed for the child. She cries…… Clip ends. Om says how scary….. Gauri agrees.

Rudra and Bhavya imagine…. Bhavya asks Rudra how did he come so soon at 3am. Rudra says don’t start again. He switches on tv. She asks him not to watch tv, she just made Ruvya sleep. She says its our child, you stay out of home all day and party at night, I m managing all this alone, I left even my job. Rudra says you left my job, but not for me. She says you need to understand. He says I didn’t want the child, I told you, now bear it. She says you ate running from truth and responsibility. He says I stay out of home as I m fed up of Ruvya’s cry and your dream. She cries. Clip ends. Rudra and Bhavya worry.

Shivaye and Anika imagine….. Anika asks the baby to sleep. She asks Shivaye to see, Shivika isn’t sleeping. Shivaye says manage tonight, I have an imp meeting. She says I can’t sleep day and night. He says manage this tonight. She says we decided to raise her together. He says let me sleep for some time. She says its not easy to raise a child. He says its not easy to manage business, its imp. He takes Shivika and says your mummy has problem with you. He asks Anika to go office. They argue. He says I told you we won’t have a child, but you wanted, I told you we will keep a Nanny, but you wanted to manage her yourself.

She asks will any outsider raise our child. He says we have no option. She says you mean I can’t handle our child. He says try to understand the matter. She says I understood, you have time for meeting, but not for wife and child, you had meetings before and had time for me, you aren’t interested in me, I got dark circles and got fat too. He asks what happened. She says you changed. He says fine, I changed. Baby looks at them. He says our relation changed. She says then why am I here, I will go. He takes Shivika and says I will go from here. She says this is your house, sleep well, I will go. She goes. Clip ends. Anika and Shivaye say this shouldn’t happen, we won’t fight this way. Shivaye says child is a beautiful turning point in life when it happens with wish, not by society pressure. Rudra says I understood well. Bhavya says you grow up first and then we will think.

Rudra says yes, I have to become uncle twice and then we will think. Dadi asks Om and Gauri about it. Gauri says I haven’t thought of it, but I want to become a mum, its big happiness, child makes husband and wife’s relation stronger, I know child is a big responsibility, I m ready to face problems as child is Lord’s blessing. Om says I accept Gauri’s decision, as my happiness is in her happiness, whenever I become a dad, I won’t become like my dad, I won’t do mistakes like Tej. Shivaye says I m very sure Om you will become the world’s best dad, Dadi are you disappointed hearing my opinions. Dadi says you said right, when you have to manage the responsibility, decision should be yours, I m from old times, but I won’t pressurize you, I will be glad if my eldest bahu gives me the good news first. She asks Anika what happened. Anika says nothing Dadi. Shivaye stops Anika and asks are you fine. She says I understood you are not ready. He asks and you…. Anika cries and goes.

Shivaye says something isn’t right. He goes to her. She hides something. He asks are you annoyed with me. She asks why. He says because I said I don’t want to have a child. She says you just said what was in your heart, you should say it on time. He asks what are you hiding, are you crying, show me. He sees a little bag, and Shivaye Junior written on it…. He sees the cradle. He asks did you want to tell this to me in the morning. Anika says yes, but see our timing, I got to know you don’t want to have a child, I didn’t do any tests yet, don’t worry. He says stop it, what did I say outside, what did you go through, I m sorry Anika, you should have told me. She cries and says I didn’t wish to trouble you. He says you think I will worry hearing this news, sorry I didn’t mean this, I m with you, its our child, it will be our responsibility, I don’t run away from responsibility, I m with you, whatever the test result come, I will be prepared in nine months. She holds him. He says don’t cry, I m with you. He kisses her hands. She hugs him.

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