Game of Love 10 October 2020: Game of Love update Saturday 10th October 2020, Jai and Priyanka come home. She asks is there anyone… He says I hope you are not expecting someone to do your grahpravesh, this won’t happen, when I left from the house, I didn’t expect you to come with me, its better that you get in. He goes away throwing the garlands. She cries and walks in. Jai sees her and stops her. She asks what happened. He says I can’t share my room with anyone, I need my own space. She says okay and turns to go. He says don’t disturb me again. She goes. Shivaye calls her. He says I was worried for you, are you okay, is Jai taking care of you. She says yes, Jai is caring for me a lot, my grahpravesh just happened, he was showing me the house and you called up, Jai is very nice. He says thank God, I was feeling restless within, maybe because you aren’t here. She says Jai is calling me, shall I call you tomorrow. He says fine, I will come to pick you up tomorrow for pagphere rasam. She disconnects and cries.

Nani asks Gauri to go and get jewellery for Priyanka. Gauri asks Bhavya to go to kitchen and check dishes. Omru get gifts. Dadi asks them to keep the gifts on table. Shivaye says there is an imp announcement. Rudra asks are you marrying Anika again. Shivaye says as you all know, Dada ji’s birth anniversary is coming, we will get his biography written, I need help of all of you, the name will be, the life and times of Prithvi Singh Oberoi. He reveals the cover. Everyone claps. Rudra says if there is any movie based on it, I will play his role as a young man. Shivaye says I have spoken to a writer, I will need your help, we should gather all info about him, we have to meet his business associate and old friends, he had some business associate, who was his good friend, Dadi what was his name. Dadi goes. Nani says you will know it very soon.

Priyanka says Jai, I have made breakfast for you, its my first rasoi. He asks why, I usually have breakfast in my office. She says you weren’t married before, I will take care of your food now. He says I have already sold this house, we are shifting to US next month, we will check in hotel till then, we are moving tomorrow. She says wait a min, I understand that we need time to understand each other, there are some rasams to fulfill, Shivaye had called, he is coming to take us for pagphere rasam. He says you may go if you want, I won’t come. He goes. She says what will I answer Shivaye. Shivaye asks Omru to start their research. He asks Anika to be ready with preparations for pagphere. Nani says your Dada ji’s friend is Suryakanth, your Dada ji, Kalyani, me and your Nana ji were of same group, I know about Suryakanth, don’t tell this to Kalyani, we will give her a surprise. He says okay and goes. She says wait and watch, Kalyani, you will be shocked.

Shivaye comes to room and looks for his watch. He asks did you see my gold watch. Anika says you forgot, you gave it to Sahil as a gift. He asks did I? She calls Sahil and says you said Shivaye has gifted you this watch. Shivaye sees Sahil and says I forgot, I gave it to him. She says and bluetooth headphones… He says yes, I have given even that, don’t get into this, go and arrange shagun. She says don’t spoil him. She goes. He asks what is it Sahil, if you wanted something, you could ask, its not right to take anything without consent, Anika would have felt bad, ask e anything with all the right, the watch looks good on you. Sahil says sorry and thanks him. Shivaye goes.

Om says everything is fine, do we need to wear Dhoti kurta. Gauri says Suryakanth is coming from Canada, these clothes are fine. Nani says he is coming from Canada, consider him as your Dada Sasur. Anika says he is from the village, we need to out on veil, he is here. Suryakanth comes in. Everyone sees his cool avatar and get shocked. Suryakanth greets everyone. Shivaye thanks him for coming. Suryakanth says don’t call me Suryakanth, call me Surya or Su. Rudra jokes on him. Surya asks how are you madam. Nani laughs and says I was waiting for you. Dadi comes with Rangoli colors. He says Kalyani. She gets shocked seeing him. Maar dala…plays…. She drops the color plate. The green color falls over them. Shivomru stare at them and say Dadi, what happened. Surya sings Mere rang me rangne wali… Shivaye says excuse me. Surga says that’s my fav song. Nani says that’s Kalyani’s fav song too, Surya is here, go and get tea for him. Dadi goes.

Nani says you moved to Canada many years ago. He says yes. Gauri says Dadi, sit, I will serve the tea. Dadi gets seated. Shivaye says the cap you are wearing is really cool. Surya smiles seeing Dadi. Rudra says this moment is a bit strange. Om says the tea is bit strange. Surya says its not strange, its made with jaggery, its my fav, Kalyani still remember this. Gauri asks Dadi did you know this. Nani says no, I told her, Surya, you aren’t eating anything, these are your fav things. Surya asks Dadi to pass the Pinni. Dadi serves him. Everyone looks on. Bhavya asks are you alright Dadi. Dadi says yes, I m fine. Shivaye says sorry, I have to take this. He asks are all the documents ready, we should get this construction contract.

Jai says just Kothari group will get this construction contract. Surya stops Dadi and says you still look so beautiful, you used to go on bicycle, I used to look at you by binoculars and got away. She says its fate. He says not the fate, Prithvi made us away, I couldn’t confess love to you, I have sent him and he ended up wooing you, that’s why I ended partnership with you. She says and friendship too so you went away to Canada. He says yes, I couldn’t love or marry someone, fate has given us another chance, we both are single, Prithvi passed away many years ago, can we revive our love story which stopped 55 years ago. She gets shocked.

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