Game of Love 17 October 2020: Game of Love update Saturday 17th October 2020, Aditi says the chopper can’t go too far carrying the car, wherever that chopper landed, SSO would be close. Shivaansh and team dance on Badtameez Dil. Shivaansh says I made a mistake, I made a good plan but forgot to call Dadi and Nani, give me my phone. Avi gives the phone and winks. Aasya asks will you hide phone in your hair. He says secret phone at secret place. Shivaansh calls Nani and says I m fine, just listen to me. Aasya checks Aditi’s statement on news. Reporter asks Aditi if police can’t give protection to a superstar, then what will the common man expect from police.

Game of Love 17 October 2020: Aditi says we will find Shivaansh before the day ends, Shivaansh will be in front of you. Avi says it means she will find SSO today. Khanna says she is saying as if she will trace Shivaansh’s phone and find his location. Shivaansh gets shocked. Aasya says nobody has this phone number. Avi says but Dadi’s phone can get traced. Aasya says SSO’s image can get spoiled. Shivaansh says call the make up man to get wound marks. Aditi learns that a call is made from SSO’s phone to his Nani. Shivaansh and team get the fake marks on his face. Shivaansh says we have to show them, I have a solution, don’t worry. Aditi walks in Oberoi mansion, followed by Nana and Gaitonde. Media asks Aditi about Shivaansh. Aditi goes ahead. Nana says its a big house. Gaitonde says I got a chance to come in SSO’s house. Nana says come, we will take a selfie there.

Aditi greets Nani and Dadi. She introduces herself and her team. Aditi asks them to do their work, and let her do her work. She says I have to ask about SSO. Nana gets his wife’s call again and says she didn’t eat anything since SSO got kidnapped, she is going to pray for him. Dadi and Nani say everyone is praying for SSO. Aditi asks where is Shivaansh. Nani says we should ask this to you, you should find him. Aditi says SSO would have called you, else kidnapper would have called you to ask for ransom. They recall Shivaansh’s words and say we don’t know anything. Aditi says share the info with us, so that wet get him back, you would know about the call, did he call you or the kidnappers? Nani says I didn’t get any call, I don’t know where is my phone. Reporters see SSO coming in a hurt state. Aditi turns to see, while reporters question SSO about the kidnapping. Avi sees Aditi and says that’s the ACP. Shivaansh says they were not kidnappers, but someone who loves me a lot, when love crosses limit, it becomes obsession, my fan kidnapped me, my superhit film Dhinchak Ishq Tera Mera, my fan kidnapped me after watching the film, the film is so good, crazy fans… I don’t remember anything, I just remember that a helicopter flew in… Reporter says you mean a chopper right. He says no, helicopter… Dadi smiles and says he is Anika’s son.

He says a helicopter picked my car, there were masked men, I was blindfold, maybe that place was a mill. Aditi tries to reach him. Shivaansh says don’t ask me what they did, you know crazy fans, he didn’t wish me to move away, he has seen my every film 80 times. Reporter asks how did this happen then. Shivaansh says he wasn’t letting me go, he tied me up, I struggled and got free, the door was locked, I opened the window and jumped down. Aditi observes his hand. Shivaansh says I m an amazing hero, touch my hand and see, its still aching. Aditi reacts and says if your questions got over, even police has to interrogate. She comes to Shivaansh and says Mr. Oberoi…. He holds his face to cover up. She is about to hold him. He acts to faint. Avi holds him. Nani asks Dadi not to worry. Aasya says just go, SSO needs rest. Media reporters leave. Aditi says I have to question him. Aasya says just go madam. Nani says he has come back, he is unwell, we don’t need police now, just go. They all rush SSO to room. Gaitonde says SSO is hero in real life, he saved himself without the help of police. Aditi says its a drama. Shivaansh prepares some juice. Avi is on call. Shivaansh feeds him the juice. Khanna laughs and coughs.

Game of Love update saturday 17 October 2020: Shivaansh feeds him biscuits. Aasya says I think he needs this health juice. Shivaansh feeds the juice to Khanna. Khanna says I have drunk this juice, which tasted like poison. A girl arrives. Tareefan…plays…. She drops her purse. Guard says madam, your purse fell down. She doesn’t care and walks in. Nani says Shivaansh should eat a full meal, he is always on diet food, he is such because of his dad. FB shows Anika getting noodles to eat. Shivaye stops her and says look Anika eats these things, processed food is bad for the baby. He asks nurse to look after Anika’s diet. He says pregnant woman should eat healthy food. Anika says so its written in your book right. He smiles. She says its not written how to keep pregnancy woman happy. He says I know about it, and kisses her. He goes. She gets snacks. He sends away all the snacks container. He says you won’t stop, so I have made all this out of here. She says I can’t eat anything. He says have this, grapes, banana…. Anika says no thanks. He says I m your personal dietician, I will cook food for you.

The girl says you will have dinner with me. Avi asks how did you come. Shivaansh says I invited her. The girl hugs Shivaansh. Khanna greets Sonya. She says thank God you are safe, I was so worried. She scolds Khanna when he calls her Bahenji. Aasya says Sonya is a flop actress. Avi says she is an item girl. Khanna says she wears such short clothes, she can’t become our Bhabhi. Aditi checks some place. Nana says case got solved, what are we doing here. Aditi says case just started, nobody kidnapped SSO, it was a publicity stunt, he staged his own kidnapping. Shivaansh says I m okay, I didn’t sign any other movie, I m enjoying success of Dhinchak Ishq. Sonya says but I will have an item song in your movie. She jokes and goes to attend call of her gym trainer. She leaves.

Aditi says SSO thinks he is a good actor, but he isn’t, he has written the script of kidnapping drama. Nana says romance will come now as madam has come in story. Aditi says enough. Gaitonde says you mean it was a drama. Aditi says yes, he said a crazy fan kidnapped him and tied him with ropes, did you see his hands, there was no marks of ropes, he said kidnappers took him to mill type area, but there is no place for landing chopper, there are no marks of car tyres, not even foot prints, tell me, can’t he run away from here, we have to teach lesson to SSO, its bad to fool people and play with emotions, we have to tell him that he can’t fool police, his stunt is exposed. She leaves.

Game of Love saturday 17 October 2020: Avi, Aasya and Khanna ask Shivaansh if he is liking Sonya. Shivaansh says its just a date, I m not in love with her. Khanna goes to get sweets. Aasya says I don’t like this woman. Avi says no one likes her. Aasya says Shivaansh should get a girl who isn’t like Sonya, she should be smart. Avi says she should be rooted too. Aditi reaches the house. Nani worries and says you here. Aditi says I have come to meet Shivaansh and question him about kidnapping. Khanna says Aditi has come. Nani says Shivaansh has come back home safely, so case is over. Aditi says case will end when we put the mastermind in jail. Nani imagines Aditi putting all of them in the jail.

Nani shouts no. Shivaansh goes to see. Aditi asks Nani to sit. Aasya says SSO isn’t here, he is a superstar, he has much work. Aditi asks where is he. Avi says he is at shoot. Aditi says get him from inside, you would be knowing the result of playing with laws. She looks upstairs. Shivaansh hides. Aditi says I will surely find him. Aditi and staff leave. Aditi gets Mohini’s call. Mohini says congrats, you got famous because of SSO, if you go to meet him, I will come along, his photoshoot is going on at Bandra, I will meet him. Aditi leaves. Shivaansh is at the photoshoot. He likes his pics. Aasya says you have to go for interview. Shivaansh leaves. Avi sees Aditi coming. He asks how come you are here. He shouts SSO isn’t here to sign Khanna. Khanna sees her and hides.

Aditi goes to check. Shivaansh sees Aditi coming. Aditi asks where is SSO’s vanity van. Avi says he is not here. Aditi scolds him. She goes to vanity and calls him out. She asks where is Mr. Oberoi. Aasya says he is not here. Aditi scares them. She says tell SSO to come and meet me before 6, else I will tell the world that he has staged his own kidnapping. She leaves. Shivaansh comes out of washroom and says thanks for help. Aasya says ACP got to know everything. Avi says she has threatened to reveal everything. Shivaansh says I have heard it, I will write the script. They ask what do you mean.

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