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Game of Love 19 September 2020: Game of Love update Saturday 19th September 2020, Anika says you here at this time. Mohit says I ask the same thing to you, you here at this time with Majnu. She asks what are you saying. He says come on, don’t lie, I have seen you romancing that Majnu, Shivaye was my friend, you are with a cook, disgusting Anika. He goes. Shivaye signs Anika. He goes. Its morning, Mohit says its my magic show today, I came to take your permission. Bhavya says its fine, you can go. Rudra says so your magic show is today. Tej says all the best, its commendable that you are fulfilling commitment after so much. Mohit says I have to. Tej says you will do this for Nancy, we all will come to see your show. Mohit says do come, my show is incomplete without you all. Anika says I wish Shivaye was here. Mohit says then Nancy would have been here too. Khanna says lawyer has come to meet you.

Game of Love update Saturday 19 September 2020: Mohit says ask him to wait. Anika asks lawyer, why. Mohit says lawyer is necessary for my wife’s murder case. He goes and asks lawyer why did you come here. Lawyer says sorry, you got the property papers transferred on your name, money will be transferred to your account tonight. Mohit thanks him and smiles. He thinks my magic show will happen tonight and I will get money, Shivaye and his family won’t know what happened, Shivaye will go jail and I will enjoy my life. Anika comes to tell about Mohit. Shivaye says I just hope we get Nancy. He goes. Maid says Mohit asked for tea. Anika says give it to me, I will take it. She comes to Mohit’s room and says maybe he isn’t here. She sees his bag and says is he planning to run away. She gets his marriage pic and says who’s this girl, it means he married someone else, then who’s Nancy.

Game of Love 19 September 2020: Mohit comes and says finally, you got to know. She asks this girl. He says she is Priya, my wife, Mrs. Mohit Malhotra. She asks Nancy. He says Shivaye murdered her. She says we know he didn’t kill her. He says you and I know this, but the world doesn’t. She says now everyone will know this. He says no, you are coming with me. She says I m not going, I will tell Bhavya and get your arrested. He reminds that he is Taj Jadugar. She says I m Khidkitod Anika, no one can stop me. He says you are challenging me, you will regret. She asks what will you do, will you disappear me. He says yes, right, I will disappear you. He catches her. Her bracelet falls. She asks him to leave her. He uses a lighter. They disappear.

Shivaye says before Mohit leaves for magic show, I will talk to him. He goes to Mohit. He sees Mohit’s phone ringing. He checks boss’ incoming call and keeps it. He goes out of the room. Mohit and Anika are on the way. He says you are trying for no use. She asks what are you doing. He says whatever the way, final destination will be same. She asks what do you mean, leave me. He does magic and frees her from rope. She tries to unlock door. He laughs and says no use, this lock is also on by my magic. She says Shivaye will not leave you, you will forget your magic. He says he can’t do anything. She says Shivaye won’t leave you really. He says it will be when I meet Shivaye, I will be gone. She says Shivaye…..

Game of Love 19 September 2020: Khanna calls Om and informs about Nancy. Shivaye asks Om to keep him posted. Om asks Khanna to send location. Shivaye asks for Anika. Khanna sees Nancy and follows. Nancy leaves in a car and asks driver to speed up, she will miss the flight. Om and Khanna follow her. She sees Om and says its Om, is he following me. She asks driver to drive faster. Om stops at the signal and goes to Nancy’s car. He doesn’t find her. Om calls Shivaye. Shivaye asks Priyanka did you see Anika. She says no, do you have any work. He says I had to ask about dinner, its fine. He gets Om’s call. Om says I missed Nancy. Shivaye says I will find her, meet me at Mohit’s magic show. He calls Anika and leaves a voicemail. He says I will find Nancy today and prove my innocence. Mohit gets Anika somewhere. Anika says you and Nancy trapped Shivaye, he will prove this. He says I like your confidence, no one can harm me, neither Shivaye nor his Lord. She asks what are you going to do. He hits her. She faints. Nancy says I think Oberois got to know I m alive, I have to run away. She gets a cab for airport. She gets Mohit’s call.

Game of Love update Saturday 19 September 2020: He says Anika got to know everything, you leave today itself. She says don’t worry, you should transfer money to my account. She asks driver to take right. She shouts. Shivaye stops the car and turns to her. She gets shocked. He says you won’t go airport, but directly to jail. Rudra, Priyanka, Tej and Jhanvi come to watch the show. Rudra says Om is on the way, come. The lady welcomes everyone and says when Taj does magic, it looks miracle, please welcome Taj. Everyone claps. Mohit is between the audience. He does a trick and goes on stage. Everyone claps. Mohit thanks them for coming. He says this show is very imp, its my life’s last show. Reporter says maybe you are joking. Mohit says no, I m saying the truth, this performance will be my last one, I will try to make it the best act, you won’t be able to see Taj and his magic again. Reporter says maybe you are going to do something special. Mohit says yes, I didn’t try this trick before, I m going to disappear myself, forever. Rudra looks on.

Rudra goes out. Om asks where are you going. Rudra says I was coming here to call you, Mohit said he will disappear himself forever, did you get Nancy. Om says no, she fooled me, Shivaye is finding her, we have to keep an eye on Mohit. Mohit says relax, I understands its tough to believe this, come here and become a part of my act. A girl raises hand and comes on stage. He asks her name. She says Sushmita. He thinks maybe they don’t know about Shivaye, great, before he comes, I will gone from here. He disappears the girl and says don’t worry, Sushmita is there. Everyone claps. He says my last trick will be same, you got Sushmita but you won’t see Taj anywhere, Taj will leave from the world. Omru call Shivaye and Anika. Om says maybe they are together. Rudra says if they don’t come, we will be late. Mohit says I don’t need any curtain, I will be disappearing in front of your eyes. He gets his lighter and smiles. He says you count down from 3 now, actually I don’t even need this, good bye. He doesn’t disappear.

Game of Love 19 September 2020: People say Taj’s magic failed. Mohit uses the lighter and tries again. He says why is my magic not working. He throws the lighter. Shivaye comes and catches it. He says people who have true heart do true magic. Mohit says Majnu… Reporter asks who is he. Mohit says Shivaye’s cook. Shivaye asks didn’t you identify me, like I didn’t recognize you. Omru smile. Shivaye says you think just you can do the magic. He removes his specs and fake disguise. Mohit and everyone get shocked. Mohit and Tej say Shivaye…… Shivaye gets dressed in a suit and comes on stage. Reporter asks you here, you escaped with the murder blame, you wanted to get saved from police, were the blames true or not, did you kill Mrs. Malhotra. Shivaye says I will give all the answers, first see for what you have come, I don’t do magic like Taj, I want to show some magic, Taj disappears people, but I present missing people. Bhavya gets Nancy there. Mohit and everyone get shocked.

Reporter says Mrs. Malhotra is alive, it means Shivaye is innocent, then whose murder took place. Shivaye asks Nancy will you say or shall I say, I think I have to do this work too, I will tell you how Mohit trapped me in fake murder case, Mrs. Priya Malhotra was murdered that night, she is Mohit’s real wife, I had seen her with Mohit once, Nancy is Taj’s assistant, he got her as his wife. Bhavya takes Nancy away.

Shivaye says Mohit liked the game of chess, he made his real life a game of chess, we thought he is our friend, he spoiled all CCTV cameras so that I don’t prove my innocence. Reporter asks can you explain how you got to know this. Shivaye says Nancy tried to come close to me according to Mohit’s plan, she blamed me, Mohit supported me, it was a part of his grand plan, I thought my friend is so good and trusts me, I had forgiven Nancy and insisted them to stay in Oberoi mansion, I kept a party in their honor, Mohit spiked everyone’s drinks to execute his master plan, I had drinks with Mohit, when I went to my room, Nancy followed me, we had an argument and then I fainted when I turned to go, murder happened at 4.30am, I got to know this from the CCTV footage of a building, that’s opposite to Oberoi mansion, I was worried thinking what happened between 3am to 4.30am, then I got such proof that cleared everything, when we fainted, Mohit for his wife Priya to Oberoi mansion. FB shows Mohit getting Priya home.

She asks why did you get me here and asked me to wear this dress. He says surprise. She asks what surprise. He wears gloves and hits it with a bottle. FB ends. Shivaye says Mohit spoiled Priya’s face so that everyone thinks Nancy got murdered, Mohit had worn similar waistcoat like me, so that he can frame me, Mohit’s plan was perfect, I felt maybe I did the murder in drunken state, my family had more faith in me, I had to run away and prove my innocence for the sake of my family.

Game of Love update Saturday 19 September 2020: Om asks how did you reach the real culprit. Shivaye says as Dadi says, Lord helps those who helps himself, truth always comes out, when I ran from police, I went to some hotel and saw Mohit’s show sponsors, I learnt Mohit has booked a room for his wife in that hotel, I thought Mohit and Nancy stayed in our house, then why did he book the room, I went to that room and got luggage tag, I found a dress like Nancy’s, I heard a voice like Nancy, I didn’t understand, else this mystery would have got solved, someone had hit on my head, then I fainted. FB shows Nancy coming out and hugging Mohit.

Game of Love update Saturday 19 September 2020: Shivaye says it was Mohit, police was after me, I was after truth, police was finding me, there was reward on me, one place for safe for me, Oberoi mansion, I went there as Manju and started my investigation, I got similar button of waistcoat, it wasn’t of my waistcoat, I got parking ticket from Mohit’s room, I understood that Mohit went out from the party at 3.30am, my heart wasn’t agreeing that my friend could do this, then I heard Mohit and his lawyer discussing about property of Mohit’s wife, I was waiting for this, I had found out that Nancy belonged to poor family, when I knew Mohit’s wife has property worth 200 crores, I thought to talk to Mohit, I followed him and bumped into Nancy. FB shows Shivaye going to washroom. He sees Nancy leaving in the car. He says when I followed her, I understood that my biggest enemy is my best friend. FB shows Shivaye seeing Mohit catching Nancy. He says it means Mohit was behind this, my best friend planned this against me, who is boss, for whom do they work, why do they want to send me jail, I have to unmask him, just one person can help me. FB ends.

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