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Game of Love update saturday 27 June 2020; Game of Love 27th June 2020, Shivaye gets Anika out and hugs her. He says Veer is gone, open eyes, nothing can happen to you till I m alive, you don’t need to do acting. He cries. O jaana….plays…. His tear falls over her face. She opens eyes. He hugs her. He says don’t worry, I m sorry, are you okay. She coughs. She says I m fine. He says this happened because of me, Veer closed the coffin so tightly, he wasn’t going, I m sorry. She says this is not your mistake, when such things happen, few things go wrong. He says I can’t see you in trouble. Om says we were so worried. She says stop crying now. Rudra says you gave an award winning performance, Veer didn’t realize you are fooling him. Shivaye says shooting Anika and burying her here, Anika becoming fake Anika was our plan. Anika says Veer believes I m fake Anika, it was very difficult, acting to die and becoming fake Anika. Shivaye says its your overacting. She says I almost lost my life while acting. Om says this is not the right place to fight, come on. They hug and smile.

Game of Love 27 June 2020 Shivaye says this wouldn’t be possible without you three, thanks. Om asks will you thank us. Rudra says enemy has to face Omru first. Om says enemy will have to lose, because one for all and all for one. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays…..

Om says so much happened in Goa, you didn’t tell us, how did fake murder plan come in your mind. Rudra asks why did you make this dangerous plan. Anika says I forgot my phone and came back home, I saw Veer fine and going to meet someone, so I followed him. FB shows the moments. Anika says I got to know some Oberoi is helping Veer, he has seen me and tried to kill me, I have hit him and ran away, I called Shivaye and informed. Shivaye says when Anika told me about Veer, I asked him to come back to Oberoi mansion, when I came back home, I saw Veer adding something in water glass. FB shows Shivaye seeing Veer in mirror.

Game of Love 27th June 2020 He dumps the water and acts to drink it. He says I pretended to drink the water, Veer thought I got affected by the spiked drink, he asked me to shoot Anika and I had to do this drama, but I messaged Anika and told this plan, I put an artificial bullet in the gun. Anika says its good my phone got fine and read Shivaye’s message. FB shows Anika reading Shivaye’s message…. we have to play a big game with Veer, he wants me to kill you, I will put fake bullet in gun, you just prepare yourself. She says I will do such acting that everyone believes it true. Shivaye says I shot Anika and pretended like I didn’t know anything, then Veer told me to bury Anika in lawn, Rudra called him from unknown number, when Veer went to answer the call, I got Anika out of coffin.

Game of Love 27 June 2020 FB shows Shivaye saying sorry, are you fine. Anika says we will make Veer apologize. Shivaye says I have buried empty coffin when Veer came there, then you know what happened. Om says yes, we had to take Anika to safe place and explain policeman. FB shows Rudra saying Shivaye called press conference tomorrow. Om asks her to come now, Shivaye will explain everything. Shivaye says then I asked Anika to come in different avatar so that Veer gets confused. Anika says even Shivaye will be shocked seeing me. She smiles and says thats when I became Kumari rosie rani. They ask what. She says its my name, I mean the name of my character, you were stunned seeing my new drama, Veer believed my lie. Shivaye says our fight will get tough, Veer is going to use you against me, when he believes you are not Anika, I want you to win his trust so that we know who is the Oberoi connected to him. Omru ask him not to worry. They hold hands. She says one who messes with us will be shattered to pieces.

Game of Love update saturday 27 June 2020 Its morning, Gauri asks Bhavya to see designs. Anika shows designs. Bhavya asks the man to show ear cuffs to Anika. Anika says I don’t want ear coughs. Bhavya says its ear jewelry. She says I don’t want it, I will give you a tight slap. Shivaye says she will get us in trouble by her overacting. Rudra says I m worried for Om’s underacting, where is Om. Anika says I just have one jewel, that’s my mangalsutra, its sign of my relation with my husband for the next seven births. Shivaye thinks what does she mean. Anika says my eyes are watering. Om gets Veer and says you were sitting in room alone, so I thought you should sit in hall with everyone. Veer says that’s very sweet of you. Om acts to be on call and goes. Shivaye signs Anika. Anika asks the man to show expensive and big designs, they are Oberois. Shivaye sends Rudra. Rudra asks Bhavya to come. Gauri goes along. Anika steals an earring. Veer sees her and gets shocked. He thinks wow, this girl is not only a liar, but a thief too, Anika would never do this. The man says there’s a diamond earring missing. Shivaye says don’t panic, earring would be nearby.

They all try to find it. Veer thinks this is the best way to end her game. Veer says we should move this sofa and see. Anika asks why, there is no earring here. She hits Gauri by her dance move. She asks why are you not agreeing. Shivaye asks what’s the problem. She says there is nothing here. He says we will check again. She asks why don’t you all trust me, you think I m thief, I have only stolen your heart, nothing else. Veer says see this. He doesn’t see the earring on sofa. He thinks where did earring go. Anika recalls hiding it. She asks are you all satisfied, you have hurt my heart by this accusation. She runs away. Veer thinks Shivaye is right, she is very clever, she proved me a liar, I will bring her truth out. He goes and sees Anika scolding someone.

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Game of Love 27 June 2020 The guy asks what shall I say. She asks is there a tall man seeing us, is he coming towards us. She shows earring and says I will sell this diamond necklace and pay your money, go now, don’t try to threaten me again. She asks him to threaten. The guy threatens to tell her truth and goes. Veer looks on. She leaves. Veer says who was this boy, what truth was he talking about, I have to find out. He follows Anika. Rudra says good, don’t forget lines next time. He pays the guy. Anika asks driver to drive fast. Om says don’t worry, I will drop you at right time at right place. She says you, sorry you had to do all this. He says you risked life for us. Shivaye calls her. She says I did my best, that actor didn’t say lines well, don’t know Veer believed or not. Om says he believed us, he is following us. Shivaye says great, we will execute our next plan. She says dangerous plan…. and smiles.

Kids ask Rudra to give candy floss. Rudra in disguise, says teeth get harmed, go from here. Shivaye in disguise, asks Rudra to focus on work like he is doing. Om drops Anika. Om sees Veer and says predator is going to become prey. Veer follows Anika. Omru look on. Anika asks Shivaye to give good tea. He asks her to not do overacting. Anika goes to some man Kalu. She says I have got great stuff, see this, its real. Kalu says it seems very costly, how did you get it. Anika asks how much money will I get for this. Kalu asks her to sit, he will get money. Veer says the way she is dealing, she looks a thief. Anika asks Shivaye why is he staring, get special tea. He says stop overacting. She says my face is captivating, focus on work, get tea, hurry up.

Game of Love update saturday 27 June 2020 Om says Rudy, they are going to fight, I can bet on this. Rudra says I hope they don’t forget Veer is here. Kids run by and spoil Veer’s clothes. Om says Veer went to clean clothes. Rudra says now you both can fight, continue. Shivaye and Anika argue. She says Rosy because you have hit my heart on valentines day, Rani because I m the queen of your heart and I took Kumari from Kumari Kalavati Thakur, I kept that name when I had memory loss. He says I can’t stand it. She says then sit, don’t call my acting as overacting. He gets the fake hair plait. She runs to fix it. Veer says where did she go. Rudra gives candy floss and says no need for money, just enjoy. Veer sees him. Anika comes. Kids asks where have you been, you came after long time.

Game of Love update saturday 27th June 2020 She says I went for imp work, I have to go, there is still work left. The kids ask her to dance before she goes. She goes and plays song. She says now see my acting. She dances with everyone on Bareilly wale jhumke pe…. Shivaye looks on. Omru, Veer also see her. Her fake Choti flies off. Shivaye gets that Choti and goes to Anika to fix it. She dances ahead. He stops her and hugs. He fixes the Choti/fake hair braid. Omru make Veer busy. Kalu shows money to Anika. Anika goes to him. She takes money and sends him. Veer holds her hand. She gets shocked. Shivomru look on. She says you here… He says I had to come, Oberois’ elder bahu is selling off stolen earring here, its strange, isn’t it.

She hits his face and runs. He gets angry and runs after her. He says you can’t run from me or truth, tell me your game plan, else I will tell everyone that you are acting to be Anika, tomorrow you will go jail. She laughs and says you don’t do this, two people sailing in same boat don’t make a hole in the boat to scare each other, I swear, if you reveal about me, I will also reveal about you, you play handicapped at home, you are fast runner here, you are lying to Shivaye. He asks what do you want. She says money, Oberoi family has much money, my plan was ready but I didn’t get a chance, then I saw news that Anika is missing, God gave me Anika’s face, why shouldn’t I take advantage of it, I told you my plan, now you tell me, its upto you, I don’t like to gather useless info, if my plan gets affected because of you, I will ruin your plan, I have a great idea, why don’t we join hands, our work will get easier. He says good idea. They shake hands. Shivomru look on and join hands.

Game of Love 27 June 2020 Its morning, Shivaye shouts Anika. Veer asks what happened. Shivaye says I m going to expose that girl, I m sure she isn’t Anika, I m going to throw her out. Veer thinks our plan to ruin Oberois won’t be fulfilled. He says don’t decide in haste, if you throw her out, you won’t know what’s her intentions, who’s helping her, if everyone knows this, everyone will get finding Anika leaving this marriage, would you want this. Shivaye says we need to know her intentions. Veer says calm down, don’t take decisions in haste. He goes. Shivaye says I told about throwing Anika out, he convinced me not to do this, it means he trusts her. Om says now we can execute our next plan. Shivaye says don’t overact, okay, its Rudra’s sangeet, I m sure he will include Anika in his plan, we have to find out who is that person from Oberoi family helping him. Soumya says I m helping you as I have to marry Rudra, its sangeet today, I can’t tolerate Bhavya, I have to do this, you have to help me. He says don’t worry, we have one more person joining this mission. She asks who.

Game of Love 27 June 2020 update Om says spare me, I can’t dance. Anika says you have to dance, come on. Om-Gauri, Rudra-Bhavya dance. Shivaye and Anika look on. Rudra asks on which song are you going to dance. Anika goes to Shivaye and says our song is paas wo aane laga….. Shivaye shouts stop it Anika… she asks why, I was just dancing romantically, why did you get angry, you spoilt my good mood. She cries and goes. Veer goes to Anika and says I thought you will help me, but you are busy in flirting with Shivaye. She says I m serious about work and keep my word, I m Kumari Rosie Rani with sharp knife. Veer asks Anika to see the stage, there’s going to be a big photo of Rudra and Bhavya, you have to loosen the screws, so that when three brothers are dancing there, then… She says that backdrop will fall on them. He says I want this to happen,. She asks but why. He says what happened, what makes you sympathize with them. She says no, I was wondering its big thing to kill someone. He says I live up to my enmity. She says there is a reason for enmity, what is it. He says its not necessary to tell you, I don’t like questions and one who questions, tell me can you do this or not. Anika sees everyone.

Shivaye says you will do this. Anika says its dangerous, the backdrop is heavy, the person can get squashed by it. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Rudra jokes. Shivaye says tell Veer you will do this. She says I won’t do this. He says its my order, you have to win his trust, he won’t tell you who is conspiring with him, I will protect you. She says I can take care of myself and you, if I m a girl, it doesn’t mean I need protection. He says when did I say this, you get wrong meaning, whatever Veer has said will happen, but not that what Veer wants.

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