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Game of Love Update Sunday 13th October 2019 on Starlife, have it that Shivaye says I m stressed for Pari, we need to discover who were those men after her and why.

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Om says you are world’s greatest trick, you can’t see Anika is the best spouse, and will turn out to be best mum. He requests that he see. He says I think you both should talk. Shivaye says there is nothing to talk. Om does shayari and goes.

Shivaye sees Anika and Pari. Nazdeek hai dil ke… .plays… Om says Pari is fine. Shivaye says no, I was seeing Anika, nothing. Om says you once let me know, you can’t see Anika as mother of your kids. Shivaye reviews. He inquires as to for what reason are we discussing this at the present time.

Shivaye says she raised Sahil. Om takes a gander at him. Shivaye asks what, I was seeing Pari. Om asks truly. Om says right, we need to discover everything.

Rudra asks them not to cry. They all attempt to quiet Pari. Shivaye sings. Anika closes ears. Lafzon ka yeh… ..plays… .. Rudra moves. Anika takes Pari in arms. Overseer accompanies somebody. They look on. Jhanvi says how to trust you, you generally thought awful for me.

Anika asks who numerous individuals, I didn’t hear it. Shivaye says she said Shivaye. Anika says I heard her maxim y, not Shivaye. He says you think you are appended to her, yet she is connected to me. She says no, she is connected to me. Bhavya says y comes in my name as well, Bhavya, perhaps she needs to take my name. Gauri jokes.

Shivaye sees Anika and Pari dozing. He goes out to Om. He says Anika is with Pari. Om says appears as though we have a connection with her. Shivaye says we did a great deal for her, Anika didn’t do anything besides drew near to Pari. Om says perhaps Anika realizes how to deal with infants.

Rudra asks Bhavya where did she abandon saying anybody. Bhavya says yesterday night, I… He requests that her state the issue. She says its identified with my task. He inquires as to for what reason are you stressed. She says I will oversee. He says indeed, you are cop and intense, you are overlooking you are a young lady, you are not sharing issue, I m your companion, atleast reveal to me now.

He escapes and asks do you think I m frightened of Sultan, I couldn’t care less for him, I do think about you, you were leaving from home without saying anybody, its great to come and leave whenever, on the off chance that you didn’t realize Sultan is alive, you would have gone, is it so natural for you, you demonstrated that I m only a task for you. He goes. She cries.

Shwetlana says you have a point, I should murder you, figure for what reason would I overcome much to spare you. Jhanvi says I enlightened Tej regarding my excursion, possibly he discovered I m remaining in organization visitor house, for what reason are you helping me against Tej.

Anika makes Pari prepared and adores her. She asks what did you say, Y, Pari disclosed to her first word, come we will tell everybody. Om asks what did Pari say. Anika says Pari said why. Om says amazing, she began asking life’s significance.

Jhanvi reviews Shwetlana’s words. Jhanvi slips and holds the blind. She gets spared from falling over the scissors. Shwetlana returns and pulls her. Jhanvi gets stunned. Gauri’s mum asks how is Pari now.

Om comes and says sorry, Gauri can’t communicate in english, however she talks truth, others got exercises from school and school, yet Gauri got exercises from life, she is not the same as different bahus, not less. Gauri takes a gander at him. Om says sorry and goes.

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