Game of Love 20 September 2020: Update on Game of Love Sunday 20th September 2020, Anika cries and turns to go. Shivaye calls her out and asks her to stop. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and says Anika is Shivaye’s respect, my pride, and my life, I have married Anika, she is my wife. Anika looks at him. He says she is Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. He says I never believed marriage, myself, and husband and wife relation, I felt I won’t be able to keep this relation, I have just seen pain in such relation, I wanted to run away from this pain, then Anika came in my life and taught me the meaning of a relation, it means lending support, she trusted me when none did, she is my courage, I can give my life for her, and take a life too, so don’t dare to say anything against her again. O jaana….plays…. Omru smile.

Shivaye gets mangalsutra. He says I m having this since long, I forgot to give, I was trying to tell you something in party. She nods and recalls. He says I wanted to say that I understood the meaning of this mangalsutra, today I want to tell the entire world that Anika is my wife. He asks her permission and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Everyone claps. Mohit claps and says you would think you have won, but its not the case. Om asks Bhavya to take away Mohit. Mohit says wait officer, I want to tell something to my friend, this game just started, Shivaye you have no idea who is your biggest enemy and where he is, my game is over, this time you got saved, but next time none can save Shivaye, Shivaye will be finished. Shivaye says take him. Mohit says remember, when the snake in your sleeve bites you, you won’t get saved. He is taken away.

Everyone comes home. Dadi stops Anika and asks her not to come in. Shivaye says listen to me Dadi, you told me, the day I accept Anika as wife, you will accept her as bahu. Dadi says yes, I said, I have seen everything on tv, even then Anika can’t step inside the house, until her Grahpravesh happens. They smile. Jhanvi says you scared us. Rudra jokes. Dadi asks Priyanka to get aarti plate. Dadi does aarti. Anika hits the kalash by her foot. Everyone claps. Dadi blesses Shivaye and Anika. Anika hugs Dadi. Jhanvi says its true that Ganpati takes away all sorrows and problems when he leaves.

Shivaye says Bhavya said we will get our room tomorrow, I will get tea. Anika says come soon, I have to talk to you. He says me too. He goes and makes tea. He recalls Mohit’s words. He says who is my enemy. He recalls seeing incoming call of boss and reading his number. He says it means my enemy is someone else, who is Mohit’s boss. He calls on number. He thinks the phone is ringing in Oberoi mansion. He goes to see. He sees Tej coming to pick the call. Tej answers. Shivaye gets shocked and says Bade Papa. He asks is this your number. Tej says yes. Shivaye says sorry, Mohit might be framing you. Tej laughs and asks are you really innocent or acting ignorant, you have the proof in front of you and don’t want to believe, do you want to hear me out.

Shivaye asks did anyone compel you, I know you can’t do this, you can tell me, I will handle the problem. Tej laughs and asks what will you handle Shivaye, I m the mastermind about whom Mohit was talking. Shivaye asks mastermind, what are you saying. Tej says I m saying the truth, I got Mohit here, he framed you in false murder case, it was my plan. Shivaye gets shocked and says I don’t believe this, its a lie. Shivaye recalls Tej’s words. He asks why did you do this. Tej says my business in London finished, I heard you married Anika, I didn’t wish your heir to come, Mohit and I made this plan to separate you and Anika, you go jail and I control Oberoi empire, so I have spiked the drinks in party, so that none gives statement from your side. FB shows Tej spiking the punch. Shivaye gets shocked.

Shivaye says you wanted control on Oberoi empire, you should have told me once, I would have stepped back. Tej says you want me to beg you, I don’t beg to anyone. Shivaye says no, you have a right on me, this house and Oberoi empire, you could have told me once. Tej says what I want, I don’t ask, but get it, I felt you can’t handle Oberoi empire and I will take over it, this didn’t happen, you have taken this ten times ahead, you became a big businessman, it was known because of me, now its known because of you, its you everywhere, I m fed up, my wife, children and mum chant your name, enough, you failed me at any point, I hate losing. Shivaye says you tried to send me to jail because of this jealousy. Tej says wrong, I hate you, so I wanted to ruin you, you defeated me, damn you… Shivaye cries and asks why so much hatred, what’s my mistake. Tej says your mistake is that you have Shakti’s blood running in your veins. Shivaye breaks down. He says but I considered you my dad always.

Tej says oh please Shivaye, we don’t share sorrow, but property. Shivaye gets up and says if its about property, its not just mine and yours, my two brothers also have right on it, their future is based on Oberoi empire, I can’t let you play with their future for your hatred, what you did, Oberoi empire is already in loss, please return to London. Tej asks how dare you make me out, who are you. Shivaye says this house’s son, this house’s happiness and peace is my responsibility, I don’t want Omru to know this and they end ties with you, I know how it feels to live without a dad, I don’t want them to yearn for dad’s love, please return. Tej says I won’t go anywhere, I don’t want anyone’s order. Shivaye says take this as my order, warning or request, I give you 24 hours, leave from here. Shivaye goes.

Anika waits for Shivaye. He comes. She asks why did you get late. He says I went to make tea. She asks where is the tea. He says I forgot in kitchen, I will go and get it. She says its fine, we are tired, its time to rest, are you fine. He says yes, you sleep. She says you look worried, we are husband and wife, your every problem is mine too, maybe I can’t give a solution, but I can hear it, its my responsibility and right. He says you know what Tej did. She sleeps over his shoulder. He makes her lie down.

Its morning, Anika gives coffee to Shivaye. She says sorry, I slept early. He says its fine, everything will get fine. She asks what do you mean. Dadi comes. She gives a dress to Anika. She says you wear this in Mu dikhai rasam, I couldn’t see your marriage, I will at least see the rasam, the world should know my Billu’s wife is so beautiful. Anika takes her blessings and hugs. Dadi unites their hands. She says Shivaye gives happiness to everyone, he never got his share of happiness, now you have come, its your responsibility now. Anika says you don’t worry, I will keep Shivaye happy, say something to him now. Dadi laughs and says there is no need to tell him, I know he will keep his responsibility and duty well. Shivaye agrees. Dadi asks them to get ready and come downstairs. Anika likes the dress and says its very pretty. He says I m seeing my wife. She turns shy. He asks do you shy too. She says I just got to know. O jaana….plays…. He says I didn’t know my wife looks prettier when she gets shy. He holds her hand. She says leave my hand. He says I didn’t hold your hand to leave. She says please….He leaves her hand. She says please leave. He says I have left it. They smile. She runs.

Dadi asks Jhanvi to call Anika, guests have come. Jhanvi says Shivaye has gone to get her. Shivaye gets Anika downstairs. Everyone smiles. Jhanvi lifts Anika’s ghunghat. Everyone gives gifts and blessings. Om says happiness has come after a long time. Rudra says I think its happening for the first time this season. Om laughs. Shivaye says right. Rudra jokes and says this can’t happen that there is no problem in Oberoi mansion. Shivaye asks where is Tej.

Tej says I don’t care, I want all the shares of company, you talk to board of directors and convince them, Shivaye should not know this. Manager says its illegal, how can we convince directors against Shivaye. Tej says I will tell you what to do, I want to make Shivaye out of company, for this, I want all the shares on my name. Shivaye holds Anika. Wah wah ramji….plays…. Everyone takes pics. They dance. Khanna signs Shivaye. Shivaye goes. Khanna says I heard Tej talking to Roy, in fact he is talking to board of directors and trying to convince them. Shivaye gets shocked. He goes to Tej. He says I need to talk to you right now. Tej asks him to say. Shivaye asks is this true that you are transferring company shares to your name. Tej says you got to know this. Shivaye says you are doing wrong to get shares illegally, board of directors will laugh on us, tell me if you have financial issue, I will help you. Tej says I m not a beggar, I made this Oberoi empire when your dad was enjoying with another woman.

Shivaye shouts enough, what do you want to prove that I m like my dad. Tej says blood is blood after all, there is no need to prove. Shivaye says you have the same blood running in your veins as my dad, so are you like him. Tej says mind your language. Shivaye says my dad has put our family respect at stake, you are going to do the same, I couldn’t stop him, I won’t let you do this, you want money, I will give it to you, but stay away from Oberoi industries, my brothers have right on it too, I won’t let you snatch their rights. Tej laughs and says its not about money, not status, respect and name, you got it instead me, I have built this empire, you became the owner, I just want it, I can make you fall for this. Shivaye says you can do anything you want, but I won’t let you take company shares. Tej says I think I have to change my plan, you didn’t red legal document well, its clearly mentioned that you have 50% shares but Omru have 50% shares, I can easily get it on my name, I have to do what I don’t want to, but I m helpless. Shivaye asks what are you talking about. Tej says there is an imp clause in contract, if Omru die, then their shares will go to their dad. Shivaye gets shocked and asks how can you… Tej says I m helpless to do this because of you, I think I have to kill Omru.

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