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Game of Love update sunday 21 June 2020 on starlife; Game of Love update sunday 21st June 2020, Rudra thanks Shivaye. Tej says I have no option than to enter from here. Tej enters the house. Anika calls out Shivaye and Rudra. Shivaye says we shall leave before I see Anika in my nightmares. Anika asks them to come, jeweller is waiting, they have to final the designs. Tej says I think Shivaye didn’t see Lily, I have to find out. Veer removes the fuse. Tej says my work will get easy now. Veer says Tej can get Lily by taking advantage of darkness. Gauri says there is light in neighborhood. Om goes to see. Gauri says Anika went to call Shivaye and Rudra. Tej asks Lily to get up. He deletes his number from his phone. He lifts her and takes. Om asks who is there, Mr. Oberoi…. Tej hides Lily. Om walks towards. Soumya stops him and says Dadi is calling you. Om says I felt someone is there, I m sure its Rudra. Soumya says yes, he would be playing pranks. Rudra says I m here. Om says you were playing a prank on us by Tej’s voice.

Game of Love update sunday 21 June 2020 on starlife Rudra says I didn’t, no one takes me seriously. Tej leaves Lily and goes to see the way. Rudra sees her and says Anika Bhabhi, I came to say sorry. Anika comes. He gets scared. She asks whom are you talking to. He says you. She says I m here. He says you were on chair. He sees the empty chair and says who was sitting on the chair. Shivaye checks the fuse box. Soumya gets hurt and goes ahead. She opens the door and looks outside. Tej hides Lily. Soumya goes. Shivaye puts the fuse back. Lights get on. They all laugh. Anika says we were roaming like spirits here. Om says Rudra was imitating Tej. Rudra says Anika played the prank. Shivaye sees the door open. He goes and steps back from the bracelet. He comes to everyone. He asks Soumya how did she get hurt. Rudra jokes. Shivaye asks her to rest. Shivaye and Anika talk. His phone drops. Someone picks the bracelet.

Veer says knowing passwords is not enough, we need Shivaye’s phone to get one time password. Lily says I will get it. Soumya comes and kicks her away. Tej gets shocked.

Game of Love update sunday 21st June 2020 on starlife Rudra asks Anika why is she giving the things to Lord, she got it for Bhavya. Shivaye says this is called Chadava to Lord. Gauri says Ganesh is a symbol of new beginning and Laxmi maa is a symbol of prosperity. Rudra jokes. Soumya says what will she get the password, I got her password. Veer says don’t be shocked, she is also a soldier of our army. Soumya says don’t get confused, I m not Soumya’s duplicate, I m Soumya, if I didn’t get you, you would have got stuck. Tej says you are Rudra’s friend. She says I m his wife, you may have forgotten that Rudra and I got married, I have not forgotten it, I love Rudra. Anika asks what’s this. Shivaye says its our family’s good luck charm, Dadi says this is a coin of prosperity, when Dada ji earned profit, he bought this coin, then our family had much prosperity.

Soumya says I helped you because I need your help in return, I want to marry Rudra, just you can help me, our enemy is same, Shivaye, you lost your son and I lost my husband because of Shivaye, Rudra is marrying Bhavya, Shivaye knew about Rudra and my marriage, you will get your son back and I will get my husband by this plan, won’t you bless me Sasur ji. Veer says you both have a common goal and enemy, you should give her blessings. Tej says welcome to the team and welcome to the family.

Game of Love 21 June 2020 on starlife Shivaye talks on phone and says start the legal formalities, insurance company is not settling the claim, I want the money, there is marriage happening, I need my funds. Anika asks is everything fine. He says yes. She says you said you need money. He says yes, there is marriage in the house. Soumya asks them to check fruits. Shivaye holds the basket and keeps his phone. Soumya says Khanna is busy in arrangements. Anika says we will final the menu, caterer is sitting outside. Some kids come and ask when will puja happen. Anika says in some time. The boy asks for selfie. Shivaye says my phone… Anika says we will get photo, take my phone. They take selfies. Soumya tries to take photo. Shivaye says join in selfie. Shivaye and Anika go. Kids take the phone and ask Soumya to catch them. They run. Jeweller Hasmukh comes and says I got this bill. Shivaye asks did you get card machine. Jeweller says people don’t buy as much jewellery for their daughter as you bought for your bahu. Shivaye says we don’t differentiate between daughter and bahu. He gives the card to jeweller. Tej says now payment will be done, our plan will flop. Veer says relax, Soumya knows what to do. Soumya asks kids to stop.

Anika asks Khanna where is Shivaye. He says Shivaye is outside with jeweller. Soumya thinks I have to get his phone before he does payment. Jeweller says its showing declined. Shivaye says try again. Jeweller says your card isn’t working. Shivaye says your machine may not be working, I will try. Anika comes to call him. He asks her to go, he will come. He thinks she will worry if there is payment issue. He asks her to get tea for Hasmukh. She goes. He says why is this happening. Jeweller says don’t mind, is there money in account.

Game of Love sunday update 21 June 2020 Shivaye says server might be down, I will call and ask. Jeweller comes on his number. Khanna gets the phone and says it was in hall. Shivaye calls the bank and asks about the transaction. The man says your money is transferred to foreign account, it happened after you authenticated it via phone banking. Shivaye says I didn’t do any such transaction. Soumya smiles and says right, I have done it. She recalls asking kids to have candies. She takes phone from them and locks them. She does the transaction, and says Shivaye is bankrupt now. Hasmukh taunts Shivaye. Shivaye says its bank server issue, you will get your money. Hasmukh says you will get the jewellery when I get money. Shivaye says give me an hour time. Hasmukh says I will take my jewellery if I don’t get money in one hour. Shivaye says I have to arrange 25 lakhs in one hour, but how….

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Game of Love 21 June 2020 written update Shivaye checks the cupboard, files and drawers…He says this can’t happen, my account balance can’t become zero. He checks his account. He says zero…..He throws away the laptop. He says I asked one hour time, I have to arrange 25 lakhs, else Oberoi family name will get ruined. Anika says its time for aarti and calls him out. He hears her and thinks if she sees all this, she will sense something is wrong. He stops her at the door. She says its time for aarti. He says I will come. She asks is everything fine. He says of course. She says I don’t believe you, move aside. She enters the room and says everything is fine here. He says you didn’t believe me. She says I felt there is a problem. He says right, since you are not with me. He holds her close.

Rudra comes and turns saying Oh God. Shivaye says you know how to knock…. Rudra says I know, you are married, get a room. Shivaye says this is my soon. Rudra says puja is starting, I will go, come. He goes. Anika asks Shivaye what is he doing. She goes. Shivaye too leaves,

Game of Love update sunday 21 June 2020 on starlife Tej says when my sons know Shivaye has no money, he will fall in their and his own eyes, he always says he will set everything fine, this time he won’t be able to do anything, in just one hour, an emperor is going to become a beggar…. He laughs. Veer says I will go and attend the puja, I want to see his destruction live, you know what to do next.

Game of Love 21st June 2020 Veer comes there. Anika says you have come at the right time, we were going to start aarti. Veer says I was most excited to come in this aarti, sometimes it happens, someone prays and other’s prayers get fulfilled. She says we have kept the jewelry, we shall start aarti. Veer says its beautiful jewelry. Shivaye recalls Hasmukh’s words. Soumya asks who will do the aarti. Anika says those who always do it. Gauri says Obro. Shivaye walks ahead and forwards hands. Omru hold his hands and smile.

Game of Love update Sunday 21 June 2020 Star life Tej says well done, I m sure Shivaye didn’t arrange the money, go and create a big drama that Shivaye’s respect gets ruined, and he is forced to return the shagun jewelry. Shivaye lights the diya and prays… no matter what happens, I won’t let my family reputation get ruined, you have to help me. ShivOmru do the aarti. Kids are locked inside. Soumya smiles. Tej gets the jeweller home. Kids get up. Anika asks where are those kids we called. Kids come there and attend aarti. Soumya worries. Shivaye prays show me some way, there must be some way. A coin falls in his hands. Shivaye opens his eyes and sees the coin. Gauri says its a good shagun, Laxmi Maa has come to you. Hasmukh comes with some men and calls out. Shivaye signs him to stop. They come out. Hasmukh taunts him. Shivaye holds his collar and says mind your tongue, else you will go on your goon’s shoulders, this coin’s worth is more than 25 lakhs, payment of 25 lakhs and remaining money, keep it as a tip. Hasmukh says I just want my money. Shivaye stops him and asks him to apologize for bad mouthing about his family. Hasmukh apologizes. Shivaye scolds him. Hasmukh and his men leave. Shivaye goes. Veer and Tej look on.

Game of Love update sunday 21 June 2020 Veer throws the drum and says Shivaye got saved again. Tej says not for long….. Anika picks her phone. She gets the laptop in broken state. She says its Shivaye’s laptop, it means he vented out anger on laptop instead phone, why did he get angry, it means something is worrying him, he won’t tell us, he can’t see us worried. He comes asking for phone. She asks did you break the phone like you broke this laptop, what happened. He says it fell down and broke. She says its state shows its broke by your anger, why did you get angry, tell me what’s bothering you. He thinks I can’t tell you, I can’t see you worried. He says nothing, trust me. Bhavya comes and says I need your help. Shivaye asks Anika to go. Anika says fine, but our talk didn’t get over. She goes. He throws the laptop.

Game of Love sunday 21st June 2020 update He says what shall I say Anika, so many problems tumbled down on me, first the fire erupted at the construction site, funds disappeared from my account, the jeweller getting the goons, someone is doing this for revenge…….. who else could it be other than Shwetlana, Shwetlana hates me and my family. He calls inspector and asks is Shwetlana still in jail or escaped. Inspector says she is locked here, no one came to meet her, if you don’t believe, I will send her pic. He sends the pic. Shivaye says she is in jail, who else can it be. Inspector says I told Shivaye as you said, I have sent the pic too. Shwetlana says good, you will have profits, go and send my sisters. She pays him money. She removes the jail clothes and jail bars. Lights get on. Tia comes. Shwetlana asks where is our little sister. Tia says she is coming. Soumya comes and smiles.

Shwetlana says you tried hard to become Rudra’s wife, but Oberois removed you from his life. Tia says this time we are with you, we will not leave those Oberois. Shwetlana says we three and Veer, Tej, we are five, Shivaye doesn’t know his enemy is at his house, if he can’t identify his enemy, how will he defeat him. Shivaye says who can ruin me. He hears Anika talking to Bhavya and says fire….. Shwetlana says we Kapoor got burnt in the fire, Oberois got saved, but this time, Oberois will be ruined.

Shivaye says Kalyani mills fire, this happened because of that one secret, Shwetlana came back as Abhay’s wife, she blackmailed me by Tej’s video and got 50 % shares, I had to insult Omru and become bad in Tej and Jhanvi’s eyes, I had to leave my family and house, Kalyani mills fire is the reason for everything.

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