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Om asks what happened to you. Priyanka says Anika is my friend, how can you treat her like this. Shivaye says if she is your friend, I m your brother, if I decided something, you should know that its for your well-being. Daksh nods. Shivaye says nobody will talk about that girl in this house, she won’t have any relation with us, no more discussion. He goes. She cries and says he ousted poor Anika, don’t know what happened. Om says its something serious. Rudra say we have to find it out. Daksh thinks what will you do by finding it, what I wanted has happened, I m more dangerous than a snake. Anika, Gauri, Sahil and his mum return home. Sahil’s mum says don’t know what Anika did that we had to come back. Anika says I will get food.

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Sahil’s mum scolds her. Gauri asks her to mind her language. Anika says don’t vent my anger on Gauri, my work was over there, so we had to leave. Sahil’s mum asks what about your salary, how will I manage expenses for your marriage. Anika says I will find any other job. Sahil and his mum go. Gauri says I know that your work wasn’t over there, what’s the matter, something really happened, did anything happen with Shivaye. Anika says nothing has happened, I will get something to eat. She goes and shuts the door. She cries and thinks what can I tell you, when I don’t know what happened.

Shivaye says forget this and prepare for Ratjagga function, Dadi has asked us to organize this function, she will come on wedding day directly from Tirupati, she is keeping a yagya there to pray for Priyanka’s wedding. Rudra says it means, we all have to arrange all functions, there can be problems, Dadi isn’t here, you fired the wedding planner. Shivaye says we have to do it, let me know if you both can’t, I will do it alone. Om asks have you gone mad, we will do everything well, we want to know, why did you make Anika out of the house. Shivaye asks who Anika, I don’t know her, this name doesn’t exist for me. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words. She says don’t know what went so wrong that Shivaye made me leave the house, did I tell him something wrong that night, but we were talking normally the next morning, what happened that made him so angry. She wipes her tears. She says I have to think about Priyanka, I won’t let Daksh spoil her life, I have to tell his truth to Priyanka. She calls Priyanka. Priyanka goes to answer call.

Tia comes and says don’t tell me that you didn’t decide your dress. Priyanka says thank God you have come, I was so stressed, how will I manage without Anika. Shivaye says it will happen as it has to, Tia will help you. Anika calls again. Priyanka asks him to pass her phone. He sees Anika’s incoming call and disconnects. He says you don’t need to take calls, enjoy your day. She says I will get many calls. He says I will handle all that. She thanks him. Anika says why did she disconnect my call, is she annoyed with me, I have to tell her Daksh’s truth, but how. She asks Khanna to make her talk to Priyanka once. Khanna asks her to get into Priyanka’s room secretly. Anika thanks him and goes. She sees Tia taking Priyanka downstairs. Everyone smiles seeing Priyanka. Priyanka asks Shivaye will you shed all tears today, save some tears for bidaai too, you said the day is just for fun. Rudra jokes. They all dance. Priyanka hugs Shivaye. He cries.

Tia says mom wants Priyanka to wear shagun chunri in function, tell me where is it, I will get it. Shivaye says it might be in Priyanka’s room, I will get it. Anika says I can’t stay till function ends, I will write down Daksh’s truth in a letter, Priyanka will read it. She writes and says I hope Priyanka reads this letter, Lord give courage to Priyanka so that she can make Daksh out of her life. Shivaye comes there. She keeps the letter and rushes to go. Shivaye says you…….how dare you step in my house, I had asked you to stay away from my sister. He scolds her. She says I just wanted to talk to Priyanka about Daksh.

He says not a word against Daksh, I got to know about you and Daksh. She asks what have I done. He says you cheated and did a drama, you befriends Priyanka to come here and then you vowed to break her marriage, you said Daksh is characterless, you started flirting with him, when you couldn’t trap him, you tried the same with me, you compelled me to say this, my opinion was right about you, you are a liar and selfish girl who can do anything for money, Priyanka is stupid, I m not a fool, your truth has been exposed. She says you are misunderstanding. He says your fake tears melted me once, but not again, shall I call the security, or will you go yourself. She says you are wrong. He says you are wrong and even your upbringing is wrong, your actions speak about your upbringing. She says you should think many times before questioning someone’s upbringing, its not necessary that what you have seen is right, you don’t know me well. He says I know you enough, will you get out now or shall I call the security. The letter flies away. Anika cries and leaves.

Its morning, Anika thinks don’t know Priyanka read that letter or not. She stops Khanna and says I rented a house nearby, how was Priyanka’s Ratjagga function. He says it was good, she is busy in her mehendi function. He goes. She thinks it means she didn’t read the letter, now I just have one way left. She goes to Payal to talk. Payal says I don’t need to talk to you, go. Anika says why are you playing with Priyanka’s life, please don’t do this. Payal gets a call and asks have you got my reports. Anika thinks what’s this maternity clinic file doing here. She goes to the clinic and says I m here to collect Payal’s medical report. Nurse asks how are you related to her. Anika says I m her friend, she is unwell, she has sent me. She gets the reports.

She checks and says it means Payal is pregnant. Shivaye says give me her address. Khanna says she stays in my locality. Shivaye says lets go. Payal says Anika, go from here, I already has much problems in my life. She gets a call. Anika asks are you pregnant. Payal asks how do you know. Anika asks is this Daksh’s child. Payal cries and says yes, its Daksh’s child. Anika asks does he know about it. Payal says I m trying to tell him, he is avoiding me, I m pregnant, he is marrying Priyanka, what will I tell my parents. Anika says you can’t hide this truth for long, tell truth to Priyanka, if this is Daksh’s child, he should give his name to this child, he won’t do this if he marries Priyanka, four lives will be ruined, you have to show courage for yourself and your child.

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