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Game of Love 12 November 2020: Game of Love update Thursday 12th November 2020, Shivaansh recalls Shivaye’s words. He sees Sahil going and closes eyes. FB shows Shivaansh sees Sahil near the icecream stall. Sahil asks Pramod to shoot Shivaye and kill him, he will give him much money and handle everything. Pramod goes to shoot. Icecream vendor sees him pointing the gun and runs. Shivaye turns and sees PK. He says PK, put the gun down. Sahil shouts shoot him PK. Pramod says I can’t and moves aside. Shivaye sees Sahil and says Sahil you…. Sahil shoots at his heart. Shivaye falls back. Shivaansh shouts Papa and cries. FB ends. Shivaansh says Sahil killed dad.

Sahil asks why do you need money, he is alive. The shooter says this time I will shoot him in the head, he will die on the spot, I will take payment in advance. Sahil says fine. He checks and says my account is blocked, how can this happen, it means Shivaansh… Shivaansh shouts Mannat and sees her standing over the pole platform with a noose in her neck. Sahil asks where were you, I was waiting, come. He drops the crutch and walks with ease. Shivaansh gets shocked and asks him to leave Mannat. Sahil says fine, sign these papers. Shivaansh asks what is it. Sahil says its the papers of your property and business, you are transferring everything to me.

Shivaansh says you did this for money, you ruined your sister’s home, you killed her husband, you killed my dad. Sahil says I m smart, I killed your dad and Mannat’s dad went to jail, if I can kill my sister’s husband, its easy for me to kill your wife, sign the papers. Shivaansh says never, I will never give my dad’s hardwork to his murderer. Sahil says I have fixed a bomb in this house, even if you save her, you can’t save them, they will be dying if I press this button. He points gun at Shivaansh and asks him to sign. Shivaansh signs and tears the papers. Sahil asks what are you doing, are you mad, you are trying to be smart. Shivaansh says shoot me, you killed my dad on this day, I want answers from you, why did you do this, Shivaye gave you a place in this house, what did you do. Sahil says yes, I killed Shivaye, I wanted revenge for my insult, your dad sent me to jail, Anika slapped me because of him, I needed his permission for anything, I was a beggar here, that is why I gave money to her dad to kill him, that coward couldn’t do this, so I had to kill your dad, I think history will repeat itself today.

Shivaansh takes the gun from him and says this time history won’t repeat itself, my dad will get justice and his murderer will get punished. Sahil says I will blast this entire house. Shivaansh shoots at rope. Mannat falls down. He fires in the air and says you killed my dad, cheated me, got Varun here and ruined Radhika’s life, you blackmailed Mannat and forced her to marry me. Sahil says your bullets are over, you won’t get saved from this bomb. Shivaansh says bomb will explode for you. Police comes with family. ACP says you were threatening of this bomb, we took no time in finding and defusing this, thanks to Shivaansh, we found Shivaye’s murderer. FB shows Shivaansh freezing Sahil’s bank account and informing ACP that Pramod is innocent, Sahil killed Shivaye. He asks her help to make Sahil confess the crime. FB ends. Nani scolds Sahil. Sahil is arrested.

Shivaansh says sorry Sir, I misunderstood you, why did you confess to that crime which you didn’t commit. Pramod says for the sake of my daughter, I couldn’t give her happiness, I just wanted that nobody hurts her, so I lied. Mannat hugs Pramod and cries. She says lets go. Shivaansh asks where are you going. She says my home. He says this is your home. She says no, its your home. He says confusion is clear, what’s the problem now. She asks can you guarantee that you won’t suspect me again or oust me again. He says sorry, I should have believed you, I reacted this way. She says I met my dad after many years, but I didn’t stop trusting you. He says I m really sorry, don’t leave the house. She says we can’t be together, you change faster than seasons. He says I will change, no matter what the season is, I will be the same, I can prove it, give me some time. Khanna asks Mannat to come. She asks why did you get me here. Khanna asks her to see it herself. He goes. It starts raining. She enjoys the rains and smiles. Tanha sa kuch….plays… It starts snowing. Seasonal changes are shown. The leaves of trees fall over. She plays with the butterflies. Jaanejaan…plays….

Shivaansh says you have all the four seasons now. She turns to him. He says the union of Shivaansh and Mannat is like all the four seasons coming together, it sounds impossible but I made this possible only for you, you want to leave me because you think I change faster than seasons, how do I explain that I feel all the seasons are same without you, I don’t enjoy any season, monsoon doesn’t please me. He takes each step and seasons switch. He says I don’t feel like cold in winter, autumn flowers and leaves don’t seem to bring any fragrance, spring doesn’t feel joyful. He walks to her and says do you know why, because you are my seasons, since you have come in my life, there have been only problems, you hit me with a stone, you dropped noodles on my hair, and the chocolate ice cream in my shoes, even then, I didn’t wish you to go from here.

She asks why. He says because you are my Mannat, I got habitual to you, I exist if you are with me, I will be nothing if you are not with me. She says say more. He says I won’t speak like a filmi romantic hero, though I m one, if you expect me to propose that way, then don’t expect, I won’t go down on my knees. He goes on his knees. He says I haven’t brought a ring and I won’t hold your ring, I won’t put this ring on your finger. He holds her hand and makes her wear the ring. Tanha sa kuch….plays…. He says I will not look into your eyes and say that I love you Mannat, please don’t faint. She faints in his arms. She says I don’t want you to wake me from this dream. He says how will the dream get fulfilled if you don’t wake up, when will our love story begin. She gets up and hugs him.

He asks did you say something, I didn’t heard, you should say something. She says you are saying as if you don’t know, I love you, I fainted when I met you for the first time, when I would meet you, I would imagine balloons and hear music, that was love. He says yes but that must be love of a fan, not of a wife. She asks what is the love of a wife. He asks am I supposed to explain that, okay. Jaanejaan…plays…. He kisses her.

Shivaansh and Mannat come to everyone. Everyone claps. Shivaansh says lets have a photo. He shows the pic of Shivaye, Anika, Gauri, Omkara, Rudra, Bhavya. Old season moments are shown. Shivaansh sees his family happy. He thinks thanks dad for showing me the right path, I promise that the way you have tied the family together by love, I won’t let this family separated, like you and mom set an example of love, Mannat and I will live that way all life, we will be Ishqbaaz, we are the ones who sing the melodies of our hearts, who teach love to love, we are those Ishqbaaz. He sees Shivaye smiling and waves to him. Everyone gets pics clicked. Everyone shouts Ishqbaaz Forever.

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