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Game of Love 2 July 2020; Game of Love 2nd July 2020, Shivaye and Anika ask everyone to dance. Khanna asks how will we dance on jazz. Anika says now my turn, play the song. Kaala Chashma….plays… Anika and everyone dance. Anika says see this is called music, hindi and punjabi songs have no competition. Roop stops Tia and says you won’t go out of this room till I say. Gauri and Om like the song of Anika’s choice. Anika says see how it has struck their heart. Game of Love 2 July 2020 Shivaye says yes, I agree. Anika says we will do dhinka chika. He says I won’t. Omru ask Shivaye to dance. They dance. A boy walks in smiling. Everyone dances.

Game of Love update thursday 2 July 2020 The boy says party time and dances. Pinky says stylist has come, Shivomru come and try the sherwani. She takes them. Tia says I will tell everything to Shivaye. Roop says look, your dad is dead, now if you speak up, your husband and son will fall into trouble. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya see the boy dancing. He does gestures like ShivOmru. Tia says you do anything, but you can’t harm this family, because Shivaye is the shield of this family, he will never let this family break, this is my challenge. Veer says you gave big challenge, now this family has to break, I will play a move that ruins its foundation, then the wall will fall first, this family’s love and brotherly bond will get ruined. Anika asks the boy who is he, his name. He says Aryan. Bhavya asks with whom did he come. He just says Atar matar chatar.

Anika asks where are your mum and dad. Bhavya asks what’s your Papa’s name. He says Papa. Gauri asks full name. He says Oberoi. Anika asks what before Oberoi. Bhavya says middle name. He says Singh. She asks before Singh. He says Papa. Anika says you will call him Papa, the world will not call him Papa, what’s his name. He says great wall of Shivaye. Anika thinks of Shivaye. Game of Love 2nd July 2020 Gauri says he would be saying about some other Shivaye, what work does he do. He says painting. She asks is his hair long. He nods. She thinks of Om. Bhavya says everyone has long hair these days, how does your dad look. He shows muscles like Rudra. Bhavya asks does he do gym. He nods. She thinks of Rudra. She asks does he wear protein. He says he is a builder. Anika says it means either Shivaye or Om or Rudra is his Papa.

Roop says till Soumya becomes this house’s bahu, you will stay here. She goes. Aryan says Papa…. Gauri says I think he came to meet his dad. Bhavya asks who is his dad. Anika asks did you come to meet your dad. Aryan nods. She asks who is your Papa, I will call him. Aryan asks who. Gauri says Papa. He says Papa. She asks who told you Shivaye’s name. He says he…. She asks who…. He says that person… Gauri asks the name. He doesn’t say. Bhavya says control, I will ask, Aryan how did you come here, who gave you address. He says he gave me. They fall down on sofa. Anika says I got tired, I will throw the braid, I will talk.

She asks what’s your mummy’s name, I will call her quickly. He says mummy. Gauri asks what’s her name. He says mummy. They fall back again. Shivaye comes to Tia and asks you okay now. Tia says sorry for the trouble. He asks her did you get medicines. She says not yet. She thinks sorry I can’t risk Robin and my son’s life. He says I know you came here to tell me something, its just two of us here, tell me. He gives her medicine. He says now tell me what’s the matter, don’t be scared, its just you and me here. Anika says there is something, don’t know whose child is this, why he came here. Gauri says why is he lying. Bhavya says maybe he is saying true. Anika says no, Shivaye can’t do this, he took much time to take marriage ahead, what will he do outside, Om…. Game of Love 2 July 2020 Gauri says no, he can’t do this. Bhavya says Rudra can’t do this, he is immature and careless. Anika says then someone has sent this child, we have to find out who sent him and why. Bhavya asks what will you have. He says this and shakes the protein bottle like Rudra. Bhavya recalls Rudra. She says Rudra does such, no this can’t happen. Anika says my heart will be stabbed. Aryan says what’s this language. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and says you know Shivaye talks like this, no. Aryan asks for pen and paper.

Gauri recalls Om and says Om talks like this. Tia says actually, I was coming to offer help in Rudra’s marriage and Holi. Shivaye asks that’s it? No you are hiding something, you don’t need to get scared, I m there. She says no, I just came to help you. He says okay then. She asks for favor. She asks can I stay here in Oberoi mansion. He allows her and goes. Gauri asks for mum and dad’s pic. Aryan says I have. Anika sees the man’s drawing with a phone in hand. She recalls Shivaye. She asks is this your dad. He nods. She asks do you have any other pic. He says no, my Papa breaks phones too. She gets dizzy. Gauri holds her and sees long hair in the drawing. She says hair are like Om, it means… Anika holds her. Bhavya sees the man’s muscles and says he has muscles like Rudra. They see Aryan.

Game of Love update thursday 2nd July 2020 Anika says a boy can’t have habits of Shivaye, Omru together, he made an entry at wrong time, someone has taught him to say all this, we are busy with Veer and Soumya, I feel we shouldn’t tell this to Shivaye and Omru. Bhavya says yes, we have to find its solution. Anika says no use to tell the family. Bhavya says if I tell police, matter will go out. Gauri says we have to find who has trained this kid, we have to handle this. Anika says we have to hide him. They see Aryan and smile. Veer says this small kid will do the work which elders couldn’t, my work will be done and yours too. Soumya says I don’t see how this kid does our work, how will he help us. He says its not your fault, something will happen that I have planned.

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Game of Love update thursday 2 July 2020 Veer’s plan: Aryan says my dad is Shivaye. Anika leaves. He names Omkara. Gauri leaves. He then names Rudra as his dad. Bhavya leaves. Shivaye, Omru ask them to stop and listen. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya cry and leave from the house. Veer says their wives are their biggest strengths and weaknesses too, once they go, it will be easy to break these three brothers, Bhavya will be out of your way because of this little kid. Soumya says Rudra will be mine forever. Soumya’s plan: Soumya and Rudra exchange varmala and smile. She holds his hand. She says this is really master stroke. Veer says see what happens now, once I count three, it will happen as I told you. He counts to three. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya pass by. He says I thought they will take the boy to their husbands and fight, where did the boy go. Om says so Tia didn’t say anything to you. Shivaye says I m sure someone has threatened Tia. Rudra asks why does she want to stay here. Shivaye says maybe she feels safe here. Om says she maybe plotting against us like Soumya. Shivaye says it will be easy to get info from Tia, we have to explain Anika, I hope she doesn’t make this an issue. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya come. He says Tia wants to stay here for few days, I said she can stay, she suddenly asked, I could have said I will ask Anika but I said okay, aren’t you annoyed.

Anika recalls….. Gauri says we can’t take kid to our room. Anika says I have to fight with my husband and then I can move out to other room, I can keep Aryan with me. Gauri and Bhavya say nice idea, we will also shift with you. FB ends. Anika starts arguing and says I treated my husband as Lord, and now you got stone hearted and disloyal, I didn’t wish you to share room with Tia, she is taking you away from me. He says you are overreacting. She says you always feel my tears are drama. He says listen to me and then react. She says go ahead. He says Tia will stay in this house, not our room, cut down this drama. She says you are calling my tragedy and sorrow as drama, I m hurt. He says I m just trying to get info from here. She says I will leave from your room. Gauri asks what, you won’t stay with him. Anika says what will I do in room. Om says Shivaye is doing this to get info, no need to get upset. Gauri asks why, Shivaye didn’t ask Anika and allowed Anika to stay with us. Om and Gauri argue. Game of Love 2 July 2020 Gauri says we can’t share husband, we can tolerate anything, I will also not share room with you. Rudra and Bhavya argue. Om says don’t overreact Gauri. Gauri and Bhavya go. Shivaye stops Anika. He gets her braid. Anika cries and goes. Shivaye says why did Anika, Gauri and Bhavya react like this, they are hiding something from us, we have to find out.

Soumya says your plan flopped, nothing happened as you said, they have hidden the kid. Veer asks but why. She says obviously, they trust their husbands, its impossible to break Oberois. He says its my habit to make impossible possible, they want to hide the kid, I won’t let this happen. He goes to Aryan and asks him to play along. Aryan says aunty asked not to go. Anika says now Aryan can be with us in room. They walk to room. Veer says there are many chocolates in the fridge, go. Aryan runs out. Veer says now someone will spot this boy and my plan will be successful. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya call out Aryan and look for him.

Bhavya says Anika you see outside, Gauri can check rooms, I will check garden. They see Shivaye and Omru. Shivaye asks what happened. Anika says nothing. He says there is something you three are hiding. Anika says we are like an open book, you are hiding your feelings for Tia. He says don’t get started again, I think you are making Tia’s issue to hide something right. Anika says we are not hiding anything. She sees Aryan behind. She signs Gauri and Bhavya. Game of Love update thursday 2nd July 2020 Veer looks on and says this imposter is doing good drama to take Gauri and Bhavya in confidence, there will be a storm if any family member sees this kid. Rudra asks why are you nervous. Bhavya says no. Shivaye asks why are you looking behind. Anika says you are feeling guilty. Veer says everyone will certainly see this boy today. Shivaye asks what are you hiding. Anika says nothing. They cover Shivaye and Omru’s eyes. Anika hides Aryan and says I m annoyed with you. Gauri says I m also upset with you. Rudra says you will also say the same now. Bhavya says exactly.

Veer angrily goes. Shivaye says before I come to my SSO avatar, tell me the matter. They push out Shivomru out of the room. Rudra says its impossible to understand girls. Shivaye says I have to become Tadibaaz SSO. He lifts Anika and takes her. Anika says what will they think. He says I don’t care, enough now, tell me what are you hiding. She says let me go. He says your braid is irritating me, give that to me. He throws the braid and asks are you going to tell me or… She asks what will you do. He pushes her on bed and asks her to say. She asks what’s this way. He says its my way. She gets upon him and says this is my way. She gets away. He says you won’t be able to hide it from me. She goes.

Shivaye says her full name is Soumya Kapoor, she said something else when we asked… Rudra says Tendulkar. Shivaye says I want info about her. Om says you are getting info about Soumya. Shivaye says Tia isn’t telling us anything, we have to know what’s her connection with Veer, what she wants. Tej comes and says she wants Rudra.

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