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Game of Love 6 August 2020: Game of Love update Thursday 6th August 2020, Gauri says he came to our home yesterday and now he is no more. Shivaye recalls Rakesh’s words. Om says this is life, its unpredictable. Anika says we are feeling so bad, think about Rishabh, Rakesh was the reason for his life. Shivaye says its not an accident, he didn’t die, he was killed, it was a murder. Bhavya says its not like that. Shivaye says its like that, Rakesh told me that his brother will kill him and this happened. Anika says you mean to say Rishabh has murdered him, we were with Rishabh, did you forget, this can’t happen. Rudra says Rishabh loved him a lot, who carries boiled water for his brother. Shivaye says I just know Rishabh is involved in his murder, Bhavya I know this case is officially closed, still I want to find the truth to get rid of my guilt, I couldn’t help Rakesh, I want Rishabh to get punished if he is involved, Bhavya can you help me unofficially. She says if Rakesh has been murdered, then I will help you catch the culprit. Shivaye says great, I will need everyone’s help. Rudra says we are always with you. Anika asks what do we need to do.

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Rudra says the house is visible, what should I look for. Om says we have come here to investigate and you are shouting. Rudra says okay, I want to tell you something, whatever happens, don’t leave me, I don’t want Rishabh to kill me. Shivaye asks why will he kill you. Rudra says these serial killers follow a pattern, he is following R pattern, R for Rakesh and then Rudra. Shivaye asks shall we do for what we came here. Om says go and talk to Rishabh. Rudra asks did we come here to chit chat, we came here to spy. Shivaye says how will we enter the house until you divert him. Rudra says so, I m the scapegoat for you. Om says shut up now, just go. Rudra says Okay, I m going, what will I talk. They push him. Rudra rings the door bell. Rishabh sees him and asks how come you are here. Rudra says I have come here to meet you as a good neighbor, I know you must be feeling sad and lonely. Rishabh says I prefer my privacy, I m good, thanks. Rudra says we don’t know each other, Dadi says sorrow gets less when its shared, don’t worry, I have come to share your pain. He sees the alcohol on table and says you are celebrating here. Rishabh says sorrow is in heart, I m trying to lessen it. Shivaye says Rakesh’s body was here, the live wire was there. Om says door was locked, how can the murder happen. Shivaye says I m sure we will find something if we fine.

Om says bags are packed, it means Rishabh is preparing to flee, but where is he going. Shivaye says London, he is leaving tomorrow. They see the dog. The dog barks. Rishabh says Disco is barking, there is some reason. Rudra says dogs bark, listen to me. Shivaye says don’t you move, no… Om asks Disco to go out. Rudra says it must be someone else’s dog. Rishabh says I know my Disco’s voice well. He opens the door and sees Disco sitting calm. He checks his passport. Rudra signs Om. He says come, lets go. Rishabh goes with him. Disco barks again. Om says you have to go what you did before, come on fast. Shivaye says shake hands. Om clicks their pics. Shivaye says don’t tell anyone that I have shaken hands. Bhavya says Julie’s statements matches with the CCTV footage of Rakesh’s house, no one entered or left the house, Julie was listening to Rishabh’s show and working in kitchen. Anika says Rishabh was with us, why is Shivaye feeling Rishabh is the killer. ShivOmru come home. Shivaye says we will have to stop Rishabh before he leaves for London. Rudra says I have a great plan, lets call the airlines and cancel the flight.

Om says its an international flight. Anika asks what happened. Bhavya asks did they find out anything. Gauri asks them to say. Om says he is leaving for London tomorrow. Bhavya asks what, how can he leave when his brother just died. Gauri says maybe he is trying to overcome his sorrow. Shivaye says no, he booked the tickets a week earlier. Rudra says it means he has already planned it. Shivaye says he didn’t even inform anyone about it. Rudra says he was partying at home, he was drinking and eating Fish tikka, chicken and kabab, he was watching an item song on TV. Bhavya says I m also getting a doubt on him now. Shivaye says I m sure he is involved in Rakesh’s death. She says if we know the murder motive, we can prove him guilty. Anika asks how will the motive prove his crime. Shivaye says we have to stop him from going to London. Om asks how. Shivaye says I have a plan.

Rishabh asks prayer meet, but why are you observing the prayer meet for my brother. Shivaye says its our duty, you are not in that state of mind, so we will manage everything. Rudra says you didn’t even remember about it, I mean you forgot in your sorrow. Shivaye says we are organizing in our house. Om says tomorrow evening. Rudra asks are you busy. Shivaye asks are you going somewhere. Rishabh says nowhere. Shivaye says call your relatives. Rishabh says no, I have no relatives. Shivaye says we are here, it will be enough. They leave. Om asks do you think he will come. Shivaye says he has to come.

Next day, Anika says we are mourning for Rakesh’s death and praying for his soul peace, I would like to call Rishabh here, I request him to say a few words about Rakesh. Rishabh asks me? Shivaye says yes, who else will know more about him. Rishabh gets a call and says its an urgent call. He goes out. Shivaye signs Rudra. Rudra sees Rishabh signing some papers. Rishabh goes. Rudra calls out the guy and says you resemble his cousin, come and have food inside. The man says I m not his cousin, I m an insurance agent. Om says Rakesh died a day ago and Rishabh is meeting an insurance agent. Shivaye says lets not forget that he is running away to London, it means he has killed Rakesh. Rudra says it seems money has overpowered love. Shivaye says money…. well said Rudy, you wanted motive Bhavya, money is the motive behind this murder, find out about the insurance. She goes to find. Rishabh comes and says you all supported me a lot and did a family’s duty, thanks, I shall leave. Shivaye asks are you going out. Rishabh says I m tired and want to take some rest, thanks. He goes. Bhavya comes and says the motive is clear, Rakesh had an insurance cover of 100 crores, his close relative would get the amount only if he died in an accident. Shivaye says Rishabh made his death appear as an accident, we have to know how he did this, he is leaving for airport, we just have 2 hours to get justice for Rakesh.

Shivaye checks the CCTV footage. Anika says you have seen this footage repeatedly, please don’t strain your eyes. He says everything looks normal, except one movement, disco is going inside and is coming out too, I don’t get this. She says you are thinking too much, now you will claim that Disco has killed Rakesh. He asks what. She says take a break, I got black coffee for you, have it. She goes. He says Disco… Anika is too much, how could Disco, no. He sits drinking coffee. He switches on the tv. He watches a show. The man says dogs are very intelligent, we can make dogs do anything if we train them properly, dogs work in army, bomb disposal squads and anti drugs squads all over the world, a trained dog can open a door, shut the door, jump too, dogs are so loyal that they obey only their masters. Shivaye says oh my God. Everyone asks what, this can’t happen, is this possible. Shivaye says this has happened.

Anika says it would have happened for the first time. Bhavya asks how will we prove this. Shivaye says I have a plan. Rishabh sees everyone at the door. He says you all are here. Rudra says who does this, you left without having food. Shivaye says we thought to get food for you and give you company too. Rishabh says I have an urgent meeting. Rudra says it won’t matter, make the excuse of traffic. They all insist him to have food. Rishabh says Shivaye I m getting late. Om asks are you going somewhere. Rishabh says yes, I m returning to Delhi, this city doesn’t suit me. Rudra tries to command Disco and check. Disco doesn’t go. Rudra goes to Shivaye and says he is not following my order. Shivaye says we need to try something else.

He says Rishabh we were thinking, you and Rakesh came close to us, we will miss you. Om says we don’t wish to let you go. Shivaye says we should listen to his radio show before he leaves. Rishabh gets shocked. Anika says the same show in which Shivaye and I argued a lot. They say we all want to listen to it. Shivaye connects to the bluetooth speakers and plays the show. Rishabh gets tensed. They listen to his show. Rishabh says Shivaye please stop it, it reminds me of my brother. Shivaye says everyone wants to listen, don’t know we will meet again or not. Disco hears Rishabh’s words and barks. He goes to Rakesh’s room. They follow. Rishabh asks Disco to come back. Disco pulls a wire and leaves it on Rakesh’s bed. They all get shocked.

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