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Game of Love 8 October 2020: Update on Game of Love thursday 8th October 2020, Sahil greets Anika and says I think you made many dishes. She says yes, take this khichdi, its not for you, but for Shivaye, his stomach is upset, wait a min, isn’t this Shivaye’s watch. He says Shivaye has given this to me, when he was distributing gifts to everyone. She says its costly, you should have refused. He says I refused, but I had to keep it when he insisted. He goes. Dadi says Gauri and Bhavya aren’t helping Anika in kitchen. Bhavya says we wanted to help, but she wanted to prepare everything alone. Rudra says its a surprise. Sahil says all the dishes are ready, she has made khichdi for Shivaye because of his upset stomach.

Game of Love update thursday 8 October 2020: Rudra asks did this happen because of our energy drink. Dadi asks what’s that. She asks Khanna about it. Khanna says I got the red coloured juice from kitchen. Dadi says now I understand where the drink with the laxative went. Shivaye says you mixed laxatives in my drink. Rudra says it was Om’s mistake. Shivaye runs after them. They laugh. Rudra says its because of Khanna. Dadi says you ruined his wedding night, Jamaalgota/laxative drugs on the wedding night. Dadi says after many years, I m seeing my family happy. Shivaye asks where is Priyanka. Priyanka says I m here. Anika comes and says breakfast is ready. They all see Priyanka holding Rajiv’s hand. Shivaye asks what’s all this, who is he. She says he is Rajiv, I thought of introducing him to everyone today, Rajiv and I want to marry each other. Everyone gets shocked.

Rudra asks what. Shivaye says you think we will get you married to him, we don’t know about him, who are his parents, what’s his background. Rajiv says I work at a call centre as a customer care representative. Shivaye asks really. Rudra says no, he is a gold digger, he wants to marry a rich girl and become rich. She says if someone is poor, it doesn’t mean he is a gold digger, the ones you have married also come from middle class families, are they also gold diggers. Dadi asks is this any way to talk to them. Priyanka says if they can marry the one they love, why can’t I marry my love, is this because I m a girl, I m saying the truth, I can understand Dadi and Shivaye’s anger, why are you interfering in my personal life, you aren’t my real brothers. Shivaye raises hand. Anika stops him. Dadi slaps Priyanka.

Priyanka says I could have eloped and married, but I came home, I thought my three brothers will understand my love but I was wrong. She asks Shivaye how can you stop me, you didn’t even ask Anika before marrying her. Shivaye shouts enough, a word more and I will forget that you are my sister. She asks Rajiv to get out. Khanna takes Rajiv out. Priyanka says he is a nice guy, stop. Shivaye asks her not to take a step ahead. She cries and goes to her room.

Nani asks did any of you know about Priyanka and Rajiv. Gauri says we didn’t get a chance to talk to her. Bhavya says she wasn’t at home most of the times. Shivaye says its my mistake, I didn’t pay attention, I never thought what she is going through. Khanna gets the audit report file. Shivaye says not now, I will check later. Sahil asks shall I check it if you don’t mind. Anika asks him not to interfere. Sahil says I m trying to help, as I m a commerce student. Shivaye gives the file and says its okay Anika, he will learn.

Game of Love update thursday 8 October 2020: Priyanka ruins her room. Shivaye and everyone run. He asks Priyanka will Rajiv be able to keep you happy and give you the comforts. Priyanka says like I m happy here, you went to jail, Anika went to free you, Dadi went to ashram, Omru were managing the company, did anyone think of me, I used to party and stay out of the house all night, nobody was bothered, just Rajiv understood my loneliness, his love has kept me alive, nobody understands. She gets Rajiv’s call and doesn’t answer. She says when you didn’t care for me for years, why do you come to do drama now. Shivaye says I can answer you, but you can’t understand it right now. She asks him to just leave, leave her alone. Anika asks Shivaye to come. Dadi says she will understand once she makes a mistake. They leave.

Anika comes to Sahil. She says everyone is worried and you are listening to loud music. He puts on headphones. She asks where did you get these, its costly. He says Shivaye gifted this. She asks what happened to him, he is spoiling you. He says please, its not costly for him, don’t tell him, he is already worried. She says don’t listen to songs all day. He says relax, I m preparing audit reports for Shivaye. She says fine and goes.

Shivaye thinks of Priyanka and breaks a vase. Anika comes. He says I m sorry. She says its okay, its just a glass. He says I couldn’t manage relations, I couldn’t keep Priyanka happy, she yearned for a dear one and started considering outsiders as her own. He says sorry, it was your first rasoi today and it got spoiled, I m not able to give you happiness. She says don’t blame yourself for everything, a ceremony isn’t imp than my family, we all are with you, we will find some solution. They hug. Gauri says Priyanka didn’t eat anything since morning, we will insist her to eat. Bhavya takes the food. Omru look on. Om asks for Priyanka. Rudra says she doesn’t eat without curd. Om gives the curd and says she may refuse, insist her to eat. Rudra says talk some sense into her. Gauri and Bhavya come to Priyanka.

Priyanka cries and packs clothes. Anika comes. They ask what are you doing. Priyanka says I m going to Rajiv’s house. Anika says we aren’t your enemies, we want your happiness and betterment, you gave them a shock, its obvious that we react like this, give some time to Shivaye. Priyanka says I know, but what was the need to punish Rajiv, they ousted Rajiv, I love him a lot. She cries. Anik says crying won’t get any solution, have something first. Priyanka throws the food. Shivomru look on. Shivaye says if you are behaving bad with family because of that guy, it means that guy is wrong. She says you are wrong, not Rajiv, you judge people by their bank balance.

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