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Game of Love 13 October 2020: Game of Love Tuesday 13th October 2020, Ananya says I swear, I had no idea about this. Om says its too dangerous, we will call police. Shivaye says someone kidnapped Anika, I can’t wait for police. Rudra says I will come along. Bhavya says I can help you. Rudra asks Om to take Gauri and others home. Om asks them to be careful and keep him posted. They leave. Jai says I m sure Shivaye, you will forever remember this birthday. Shivaye and Bhavya call out Anika. They come out of the tunnel. Rudra says this is back side of the venue. Shivaye gets Anika’s earring.

Game of Love update Tuesday 13 October 2020: He says it means she got kidnapped via this tunnel. They see the guard fallen unconscious. Bhavya checks him and says he is no more. Shivaye says maybe he tried to stop them. Rudra says it means they are dangerous people. They see the tyre marks. She says maybe this is the same vehicle in which they took Anika, it means the tyres were new, it doesn’t seem to be a car, it could be a heavy vehicle like a van. Shivaye says check the CCTV footage and get info if you spot any van in this area, no matter what, I will find you Anika.

Doctor checks Gauri. He says don’t worry, she is fine, let her take rest. Om thanks her. Priyanka asks Dadi not to worry, Shivaye, Bhavya and Rudra went to find Anika. Nani says poor Shivaye, its his birthday today. Om says don’t worry, he will find Anika. Shivaye calls Om and asks how is Gauri. Om says she is fine, did you find Anika. Shivaye asks can I talk to Gauri. Om gives phone to Gauri. Shivaye asks how did you faint. Gauri says we got inside cupboard, some bad smell came and I fainted, doctor said I fainted by some anaesthetic gas. He asks what, don’t worry, I will bring Anika back. Om asks Gauri why are you crying, everything will be fine, they will find Anika.

Bhavya gets CCTV footage. Shivaye checks. He says this ambulance, did they kidnap her in an ambulance, doctor said that Gauri had fainted by anaesthetic gas, call everyone at home and ask them to have phones close, they may get a ransom call. They read city hospital on the van. The man tells Shivaye that this hospital ambulance got stolen, the driver is missing. Shivaye says I need the driver’s details right away. He asks Bhavya to get all the details and trace the driver. Shivaye says where are you Anika.

Dadi goes to room and locks the door. She cries. She says we get happiness, but not for long, every smile gets tears along, Shivaye has to bear all the sorrows and pain, he was a child when his parents got away, if a child loses parents, he loses his childhood as well, he lost his childhood, happiness fled away from him, Anika came into his life, he learnt to smile and live, if he loses Anika, how will Shivaye live without her. She cries. She says Shivaye is the foundation of this family, if he breaks, everything will be shattered. She gets dizzy and falls back.

The man drinks and sings at the bar. Shivaye, Bhavya and Rudra come there. Shivaye asks the man where is my wife. The man says I don’t know anything. Shivaye says you have kidnapped her in ambulance. The man says I have sold that ambulance, I was greedy for money, I swear I didn’t kidnap your wife, I don’t know those people, they were wearing masks. Shivaye says how do I find Anika, what enmity do they have with Anika. Shivaye checks the notes and shows the bank seal. He asks Bhavya to go to the bank and find out. He says I will go and find the ambulance.

Game of Love Tuesday 13 October 2020: Bhavya says we shall go to bank. Priyanka comes to Nani and asks her to have food. Nani says I will have it along with Dadi, she is in her room, let her stay alone for a while, I know her, she hides her tears, she thinks that if she cries openly, everyone will break down, let her cry, she will come out on feeling relieved. Priyanka says I won’t disturb her. Gauri hears sound and rushes to Sahil. She asks what’s all this. He says sorry, I m angry, there is no news about Anika. Gauri says we are worried for her, don’t worry, Shivaye will get her. Sahil says Shivaye just boasts about family, since he came into her face, she has just faced problems, he can’t take care of her. She asks what’s this nonsense, if you ever talk badly about her, I won’t leave you. She goes.

Shivaye is on the way. He gets Bhavya’s call. She says we have come to know about that ambulance. He says I m near the stadium, keep me informed. Rudra checks CCTV footage of the bank. Bhavya comes there and asks did you find anything. Rudra says the man is wearing the hoodie, his face isn’t seen. The man refuses to give confidential info. She shows commissioner’s mail and gets the details of account holder. The man says he has withdrawn 10 lakhs. Rudra asks why, he paid just 2 lakhs to driver. She asks for the address. Nani asks Dadi to open the door. She finds the door locked. Priyanka comes and calls out Khanna to come soon. She asks him to check the door, Dadi is inside. He shouts Dadi and says the door isn’t breaking. Priyanka goes to get master key. She gets the keys and opens the door. They get in and see Dadi. They try to wake her up. Khanna goes to get water. Nani asks her to open her eyes. Priyanka sprinkles waiter on her. Priyanka says her pulse is running slow. Nani says you can’t betray me, you are my friend, you will have to open your eyes. They cry.

Nani asks Dadi to get up for Shivaye’s sake. Dadi gets conscious. Nani and Priyanka hug her and cry. Shivaye says no, I don’t know any Ranjit, kidnapping motive isn’t ransom, go to his home and call me when you get info. Rudra agrees. Shivaye stops the car and sees the ambulance on fire. He runs to see. He says no, I m wrong, Anika isn’t in this vehicle. He cries and shouts Anika. He thinks of goons taking Anika to the ambulance and kidnapping her. Maano jaise…..plays…. Anika gets up and shouts to Shivaye for help. Goons catch her and give her some injection. She faints. Shivaye sees her. The goons take her in some other car. He turns and sees ambulance burning. His imagination ends. He says no, nothing can happen to Anika, she is alive, if something happened to her, my breath would have stopped, I promise I will find you Anika.

Game of Love 13 October 2020 written update: Dadi and Nani sit praying. Priyanka gets food for them. Dadi refuses to eat. Nani says have the food, we shouldn’t trouble Shivaye, we should become his strength. Om says you both are behaving like children, you don’t want to eat, how will you take medicines, you may get ill, you want to trouble Shivaye more, I will call him. Dadi says we will eat food. He says what will we do if you both fall weaker. She says I m worried for Shivaye, if something happens to Anika, no, Lord can’t do this with Shivaye. Nani says you remember Ramayana right, Sita was separated from Ram, Ram found her and brought her back, Shivaye is our Ram, he will find Anika, nothing will happen to her. Dadi agrees. She says Shivaye is Ram of this house, he will restore our happiness, I will light the lamps with ghee. Nani feeds her food. Om says have food now. Om and Priyanka feed them. Jai looks on. He thinks I don’t know if Ram can get Sita back, but till he returns, he will miss the deal, if Shivaye doesn’t give the presentation, the deal will go to next best bidder, that’s me.

Bhavya asks Rudra to come fast. Someone shoots her. Rudra asks who is there. She shouts Rudra…. She falls down. He holds her. He asks what happened, get up, you can’t leave me. He cries and says open your eyes, please. She asks have they left, don’t say anything. He says yes, they went away, I heard the bullet shot. She says I will always be an ACP, I always wear a bulletproof vest. He says why did you pretend, we could have found him. She says its an age old cop trick, whoever wanted to kill me has some connection with Anika’s kidnapping, nothing will happen if we catch them, let them be in illusion, you got scared right. He says no, I was almost dead.

She says we shall go, Shivaye must be waiting. Jai says Shivaye, first your sister, then your tender and happiness, I will take away everything from you, I m preparing the presentation, while sitting here in your Oberoi mansion. He laughs. Priyanka comes and thinks the family is worried and he is smiling here. She asks what happened. He says we will get the tender today. She says Anika is missing, you think of business, don’t you matter relations and family. He says no, just business matters, its possible that Shivaye’s business rival got Anika kidnapped. She says fine, don’t make fun of my family’s sorrow, I will not tolerate it, don’t help, but don’t say such bitter words. She goes. He laughs.

Rudra asks the man to say where is Anika, why did he withdraw ten lakhs. Bhavya says don’t do any drama. Rudra says you will regret later Ranjit. The man says I m not Ranjit, I m Mohan, Ranjit is my friend, he was staying at my house, I didn’t know that he opened a bank account by giving my address. She asks where is he. He says he didn’t come since last night. She asks how does he look. He shows the pic. She says Rajiv…. Rudra asks why did he withdraw ten lakhs. The man says he said he has come for some land deal, I don’t know. Priyanka talks to Bhavya. She says Bhavya was asking if we got a ransom call. Om says I didn’t get any, I forgot that there is a big presentation today, we will lose this deal, and we will be ruined, Shivaye has worked hard, he is worried for Anika, what shall I do, I can’t call him.

Game of Love Tuesday 13 October 2020: Altaf stops Shivaye and asks what happened, you look sad, where is your wife. Shivaye says I m finding her. Altaf says don’t worry, you will get her, I got rich, see this bangle. Shivaye says its Anika’s bangle. Altaf says someone has thrown this out of the car. Shivaye asks which car, tell me. Altaf says black color car. Shivaye pays him and says pray that I get my Anika. Altaf blesses. Bhavya calls Shivaye and says Ranjit is Rajiv, he has withdrawn money to purchase land, we got details from registry office, I will send you the address of a factory. Shivaye says send it soon. He calls Om and asks him to handle the presentation. Om asks how can I do this alone. Shivaye says I have complete faith in you, you know everything, you never got an opportunity, you have to do this, just think about me and remember that I m always with you. Om says fine, but if you get to know anything about Anika, call me first. Shivaye says I m coming Anika….

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