Game of Love 15 September 2020: Shivaye asks them to have food. Dadi says I don’t want to, don’t know my Billu had food or not. He says how will Billu have food when you don’t eat, this food will remind you Shivaye’s food, taste food once, have it soon, you need to take medicines for knee pain. Om asks how do you know this. Shivaye says I told you, Shivaye told me everything about you. Rudra says you forgot to add paneer in Palak paneer. Shivaye says its saag, not palak paneer, its Sarson and Broccoli saag. Rudra says Shivaye also makes such saag. Om says you will then add palak in daal and anjeer in parathas. He checks the food. Priyanka asks how did you guess this. Dadi says Shivaye also cooks such. Jhanvi says you also cook food like Shivaye, with healthy combinations. Shivaye says I have taught him cooking. Tej asks if your comic show is over, shall we have food. Everyone eats food. Shivaye asks Dadi what happened, is it spicy. Priyanka says no, its perfect as Shivaye cooks. Omru say its same like Shivaye cooks.

Rudra says your height is also like Shivaye. Tej says after some time, you will say that he is Shivaye. Mohit shouts enough, is it necessary to always miss Shivaye, he has run away after murdering my wife, you are trying to save him, remember this, no one can save him. He goes. Tej says yes, he is right, don’t talk about Shivaye in front of Mohit. Shivaye thinks I know your bitterness and hatred, I know when I get Nancy’s real culprit in front of you, you will become old Mohit again. Shivaye comes to his room. He says everyone is dining, this is the chance to find clue, the cctv camera captured this idea, the murderer was here. He gets a button and says its my waist coat button. He checks the waist coat and says this button isn’t of my coat, it means someone has worn similar clothes, maybe Nancy or Mohit’s enemy killed Nancy, I have to ask Mohit.

Anika talks to Gauri on call. She says no, I don’t know where is Shivaye, I m fine, take care and focus on studies. She ends call and says Shivaye wanted to talk to me that day, I didn’t know our talk will be incomplete. She prays for Shivay to come back. Shivaye comes to her and says caught you, you were getting sad thinking of Shivaye. She says I m dying to see him, he wants everything perfect, don’t know how is managing alone, he doesn’t even has his medicines. He thinks I can’t see tears in your eyes, I can’t tell you anything, I thought I can talk to him as he has phone, but I can’t even talk. He asks her to close eyes. O jaana….plays…..He says you will hear my voice if you hear by heart. She opens eyes and says Shivaye’s voice. He says the same lines. She asks do you also do magic like Mohit.

He says Ganpati does the magic, just see Ganpati will make everything fine. She prays for Shivaye. Shivaye prays that he keeps respect of Anika’s belief. She sees him gone. He thinks just Mohit can tell about his enemy. Shivaye hears Tej talking on phone. Tej sees him. He asks were you hearing my talk. Shivaye says no, I was coming to ask you something. He scolds him. He says I m not your Bade Papa, if you are Shivaye’s friend, then go to him, Shivaye has sent you to spy on us. Shivaye says no, I didn’t hear anything. Omru calm Tej. Tej says he was hearing my talk. Anika says Manju got Ganpati home, how can we ask him to leave. Jhanvi says forgive his first mistake.

Tej shouts and asks Shivaye to get out. He pushes Shivaye out. Omru hold Shivaye. They ask Tej not to shout, Majnu is Shivaye’s friends. Dadi says yes, we are already worried for Shivaye, Ganpati came home because of Majnu. Tej gets angry and says I know everything, Shivaye made you two against me. He goes. Om apologizes to Shivaye. Shivaye says its fine. Rudra says be careful next time. Shivaye says elders’ scolding is like milk and ghee, its effective. Rudra says we had milk and ghee rivers flowing here. Shivaye says your sense is humor is like you. Rudra says you mean funny. Om says confusing like you. Rudra jokes. Shivaye says I have to prepare dinner. He goes. Shivaye says I need to talk to Mohit about this button. He doesn’t see Mohit in room. Anika asks what are you doing here. He says I came to meet Mohit, Shivaye told me to look after him. She asks when did you talk to Shivaye, I told you I m worried. Shivaye says Anika, I spoke to him before coming here, he asked me to take care of you all. She says please, make me talk to him, I m very much worried, sorry and thanks. She goes.

He says sorry Anika, I m with you and still not with you, I will get more info about Nancy, I need to make some calls. He gets Anika’s phone, and says sorry, I have no other option. Priyanka lights diya. Dadi asks her to be careful of Akhand jyot. Priyanka says I have always protected Akhand Jyot. Dadi says Shivaye used to remind you about oiling diya. Priyanka says he will come soon, why did you ask us to light diya for parents. Dadi says our loves reaches them that way. Anika hears them. Shivaye calls to get Nancy’s info and deletes log. He hides seeing Anika. Anika keeps the diya. She says Dadi said our feelings reach the person if we light diya for him, I want my message to reach Shivaye, I can’t live without him. Her phone rings. She looks for it. He throws the phone on bed. She turns and sees him. She calls out Majnu ji.

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