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In Game of Love Update Tuesday 15th October 2019 on Starlife, Abhay says Vishal and his family lost everything after his father was thrown out of Oberoi wealth.

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Abhay reveals that he is an Oberoi, Abhay Singh Oberoi. His father was the cousin of Tej and Shakti who was cheated by Tej and Shakti in the business. Abhay says his father tried to uphold the truth against Tej and Shakti.

Tej and Shakti question the man. Some time back… Tanya does Karwa Chauth Puja with Abhay. Abhay feeds her chocolate and water. Abhay tells Tanya that this mission is important to him as he wants to destroy the Oberoi family.

Anika reminds Tanya that she had disappeared last night, Tanya tries to cover up. Anika sees blood mark on Tanya’s arm, she decides to find out Tanya’s truth. Bhavya gets the job but has to sign the bond that she cannot quit the job for another 3 months else she has to pay the compensation of 30 lakhs.

Tej refuses to take the responsibility of the victims and fires Vishal from the job. Abhay says he will make Oberoi family live in hell and for that Shivaay will be his key.

Tanya informs Abhay that Shivaay is not in Oberoi Mansion, Abhay gets angry and screams at Tanya, she cries. Abhay gets worried. Bhavya reaches the fashion house. Tanya questions Anika about Shivaay,

Tej threatens Shukla, Shukla says he did not destroy the tapes but he never misused them. Shukla says a person blackmailed him and took the tapes. Anika sees Pinky keeping an eye, Pinky goes away, Anika rushes back to check on Tej and Shakti.

Bhavya is told to meet Director of the company. Oberoi family is seen worried in the Memorial function. Tej says whoever is eager to meet Shivaay must be tabbed. Anika keeps an eye on Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi and Pinky. Anika goes to them, they try to know about Shivaay’s whereabouts. Tej tells everyone to disperse, Anika decides to keep an eye on them. Abhay gets angry not to see his father’s name in the list of board of directors.

Abhay asks Anika if something is wrong in the board of directors, Anika gets confused. Abhay says Oberoi family only speaks lies and the lies will be out soon. Khanna tells Anika that as per Shivaay’s instructions, she needs to address the media. Anika addresses the media and the questions regarding the Kalyani Mills Fire Memorial Day. Anika covers up for Shivaay. Tej and company get worried. Anika calls Shivaay and updates him.

Tej and company see a man and get shocked. Abhay tells Tanya to keep an eye on Anika. Tej and Shakti recognize the man as Shukla, they go after him, Tanya stops Anika and shows anger on Anika’s actions of addressing the media. Tej and Shakti take Shukla with them, Anika follows them. Dadi comes to Anika and asks about Shivaay, Anika answers Dadi and runs after Tej and Shakti. Tej and Shakti confront Shukla assuming that Shukla is double crossing them by bringing out Kalyani Milla fire secret. Shukla defends himself and says he is innocent.

Tej asks Shukla if he destroyed the security tapes and documents 25 years ago as told. Anika searches for Tej and Shakti, Pinky stops her and questions Anika. Anika says she was searching phone network, Pinky sends her to attend the guests. Anika gets sure that something is wrong.

Anika bumps into Abhay, Anika asks Abhay about the teeka on his forehead and if he was busy in opening someone’s Karwa Chauth fast. Abhay covers up saying he went to the temple to pray for Shivaay and Anika. Anika praises Abhay, he assures her that all will be fine soon.

Theincharge gets a call from his boss and he takes back the job from Bhavya, she gets shocked. Abhay informs Rudra about Bhavya. Bhavya gets a call from a fashion house about Security Agency job. Tanya hugs Abhay, he gets angry.

Anika receives Shivaay’s call, he tells Anika that he will not be present for the Memorial function to create a suspicion in minds of Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi, and Pinky. Shivaay tells Anika to keep an eye on everyone without getting in trouble.


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