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Game of Love 18 August 2020: Game of Love Tuesday 18th update August 2020, Anika is sleeping. She recalls Daksh and gets scared. She thinks of Priyanka and Shivaye. She wakes up. Shivaye prepares to sleep. Anika knocks the door and gets it. She bolts the door. Shivaye switches on the lights and says you, why did you lock the door. She says I need to talk to you, please calm down and listen to me, call off Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage, Daksh isn’t a nice guy. He says don’t start again. She says if they marry, Priyanka’s life will be ruined. He asks what do you want, you show concern and you talk about breaking her marriage. She says Daksh isn’t good, I think he has an affair with Payal. He says enough, now you are involving Payal in this, you have stooped low to prove your point. She says I m only trying to tell you the truth. He says I don’t like to repeat myself, leave from here.

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Game of Love update Tuesday 18 August 2020: She says just hear me out once, would you like your sister to marry such a man who doesn’t respect women, one who lays evil eye on them and forced himself on them, what he did with me. Shivaye recalls Dadi’s words. She gets leaving. He says stop, but I want to end this once and for all, I want to prove Daksh isn’t wrong, your thinking about him is wrong, I m giving you a chance, prove he is wrong, I m with you, if you don’t prove this, you will never blame him, do you agree. She says I agree. He says okay, tell me what to do. She says I have a plan. He says I m sure its going to flop. She says we will leave it on time. He asks what’s the plan.

Its morning, Shivaye and Anika hide behind the fence. He asks is this your flop plan to hide behind this and keep an eye on Payal’s house. Anika says keep looking. A man says Lonavla’s hill resort… Payal reads… holiday pass for two nights and three days, romantic getaway prize. He says yes, you are the contest winner, congrats. She says I didn’t participate. He says you filled the form, so we got your details. She says I didn’t, thanks. She shuts the door. Shivaye says flop plan, shall we leave. Anika says wait for some time. She pulls his hand. He says keep some distance. The man says if I go without delivering, I will be scolded. Payal says there must be some confusion, I didn’t participate in any such contest. The man says you might have gone to mall for shopping and filled a form, you are getting a good chance, you just need to go there with special someone. She thanks him and says wow, not bad…. She calls Daksh and says there is a romantic getaway, shall we? Anika says I knew she would fall for free holiday package, she is surely calling Daksh. Shivaye pulls Anika down. Payal looks there. Anika sees Shivaye and says maintain some distance. Payal shuts the door. He asks what now. Anika says now its your turn, what happened, will you not be able to do it. He says I don’t like lying. She says me too, but there is nothing wrong if lying is for someone’s good, we are doing this for Priyanka. He says for Priyanka, come then.

Game of Love Tuesday update 18 August 2020: Daksh checks the papers and says Shivaye, Lonavla Titan resort… Anika signs Shivaye. Shivaye says yes, I want to invite a French chef from there for your and Priyanka’s marriage, he can’t come here for menu tasting, he is busy, I have an imp meeting, I can’t go there, I was thinking if you could go, all details are in this file. Daksh says but, Lonavla titan resort…. sorry Shivaye, I won’t be able to go, I have kept this weekend for Priyanka, I want to take her for jewelry shopping, I hope you don’t mind. Shivaye says I don’t mind, I can understand how imp she is for you, I will inform the chef that it won’t be possible today. Priyanka comes and asks what. Shivaye says Daksh was saying you guys are going for jewelry shopping, so menu tasting will be done some other day. She says yes, we are going, it will take some time, don’t worry, okay. Shivaye says I have got nothing to fear till Daksh is with you. She says fine, we shall leave. They go. Anika comes to Shivaye. He says your plan flopped and your opinion about Daksh is also wrong. Anika says something is wrong, I think Daksh understood our plan. He says Priyanka went with Daksh, it means your plan flopped. They see Priyanka. He asks why did you come back. She says Daksh’s friend met with an accident, we had to cancel shopping plan. She goes. Anika says I was telling you, this accident is just an excuse, I think Daksh is going to lonavla with Payal, what are you thinking now, come.

He stops her. She says go ahead, I will come in auto. He asks will you to Lonavla by auto. She says no, I will go to bus stand and then take a bus to Lonavla. He asks shall I follow your bus, no, shall I spy on Daksh till you come, this flop plan is yours, you will execute it. She asks how can I come with you. He says you can come into my room at night alone, but you can’t come with me in my car at daytime, I have understood, you are crazy and sceptic, you are stubborn too, confused soul. He sits in the car and races….She says only for Priyanka. He says the same.

Daksh hugs Payal. She says I thought you won’t come. He says its a weekend with you, its a romantic place, how would I leave this chance. She asks did Priyanka agree. He says I know the art of fooling people, I just fooled Priyanka and Shivaye. She says its not easy to fool Shivaye. He says he himself asked me to come here, its in my destiny that I spend this weekend with you. She hugs him.

Game of Love 18 August 2020: Shivaye and Anika are on the way. Anika thinks its so silent, it will be difficult to travel such long distance like this. She says this weird man won’t talk, I will try to talk. He asks do you find me weird. She asks when did I say that. He says I heard. She says it seems he uses special hearing aid, he can hear me. She asks imported ears, right? She says I won’t say anything now. He says it will be better. She says I was thinking, as the journey is long, you may fall asleep if we remain silent and then an accident. He says when I drive the car, there happens no mistake. She says what if the other person hits, he won’t know that you are driving the car, shall we do this, shall we play radio. He says yes. She drinks water. Bheege honth tere….plays… He looks at her. She says this song… He says I will change the channel. Their hands touch. She says I will switch to some other station. He says they play such strange songs. She says look in front. The car gets a jerk. She falls over him. Jaane do na….plays….. She gets away.

Shivaye says this radio… she says its better you switch it off. He says I m trying to do the same. He tries and pulls the radio panel. He throws it back. She says he keeps breaking everything. He asks what do you mean by saying I break everything. She says its my fault that I m blabbering in front of him. He says yes, so don’t blabber. She thinks I can neither listen songs nor can I talk to him or myself, how will I pass this long journey. He thinks I have never felt so uncomfortable and awkward, how will I pass this long journey. They come to the resort. Anika says we want to meet Payal. The lady says she just checked in. Shivaye says okay great, we want a room opposite to her room. Anika asks did Daksh checked in.

Game of Love update Tuesday 18th August 2020: The lady says no, we don’t have any booking by this name. He says I had told you. Anika says maybe he didn’t checked in, as there is already a room booked by Payal’s name. The lady says your room is booked. Anika says my room, keys…. Shivaye says its same room. She asks how will we stay in same room… Shivaye says we have come here to spy, not to stay in the same room, do you think I want to stay with you in the same room, we are helpless, just because of your flop plan. She says but we can stay in different rooms and spy, right. He says you really think that every room in this resort is in front of Payal’s room. She says how can this happen. He says exactly, there is just one room in front of Payal’s room, we didn’t come here to stay overnight, its a matter of some hours, its your flop plan. Daksh and Payal are behind. Anika says fine, if its about some time, okay. Shivaye says she is behaving as if she is doing a favor on me, come.

The lady asks Anika to click their pic. Anika clicks the pic. Daksh and Payal walk by. Shivaye doesn’t see. Shivaye gets Tia’s call. She asks where are you, I came here to show you wedding invitation samples, but you aren’t at home. He says no, I had an urgent meeting, I had to leave, I will be late, can we see samples tomorrow. She says fine, lets meet tomorrow. Shivaye ends call and says I had to lie because of you. She say even I don’t like to lie, but its about Priyanka’s life.

Anika looks through the door eye hole. Shivaye asks what will you see from there. She says I can see if Daksh goes or leaves from Payal’s room. He says he will do so only if he is here. She says he will come. He says he didn’t come till now. She says he doesn’t have patience at all. He says if I didn’t have patience, I would have not assisted you in your flop plan, don’t say you didn’t say this, because I heard it. She thinks is he a human or a hearing aid, I speak so low and even then he hears it. He gets Khanna’s call and says I will go out and call you, network is weak. He leaves. She says let me see Daksh once…. Shivaye talks aloud and asks Khanna can you hear my voice. Payal asks Daksh where is he, she is waiting since long. Daksh says I have been waiting for the moment since long, I m coming to you. Shivaye says fix today’s meeting for tomorrow, it will take me time to come back from Lonavla. Khanna says I will tell them as you are in Lonavla, you can’t attend the meeting today. Daksh passes by. He goes to Payal’s room and hugs her. Anika sees them. She says I was right, Shivaye has to see him and know his true colors.

Game of Love Tuesday 18 August 2020 update: Anika sees Daksh with Payal. She says once Shivaye sees him, he will know his truth, why didn’t Shivaye come till now, I will call him but I don’t have his number. She goes to Shivaye and says Daksh is in Payal’s room, come fast, he is inside, but how to check. Shivaye knocks on door. Daksh opens the door. He gets shocked seeing them. Payal asks who is it…. Shivaye asks what are you doing in Lonavla with Payal. Daksh says Payal, we can’t hide the truth, we have to tell them, guys come out. Shivaye asks what’s going on. Daksh says secret planning is going on, you have caught us. He laughs and says do you know, we all are planning to give a surprise to Priyanka, so we have met here, there is nothing else. Anika says this planning could have been done in Mumbai too. Daksh says that’s a very good question, call this our luck or coincidence, Payal has won a contest, you got a free stay here as a prize, so she said everyone here for the planning. Shivaye asks why did you refuse when I asked you to go to Lonavla.

Daksh says because we hadn’t even made the plan to come to Lonavla, I was taking Priyanka for shopping, I got Payal’s message, and I m here. Shivaye says you lied to Priyanka that your friend has met with an accident. Daksh says I didn’t want her to know about the surprise, I know I did a mistake, I promise I will make it up for this. Shivaye looks at Anika. Daksh asks how come you both are here. Shivaye says you didn’t come, so I thought to come and meet the chef. Daksh says Anika is with you, don’t get me wrong, you are getting married to my sister, I just want to know casually. Shivaye says there is nothing as such, Anika is a wedding planner, she had to meet chef for catering purpose, so she came along. Daksh says lovely, its good, you got to know our plan, you should join us, please come in. Daksh sees Anika and thinks this girl turned out to be smart, thank God Tia warned me.

Game of Love update Tuesday 18 August 2020: FB shows Tia hearing Khanna. She says Shivaye went to Lonavla, why did he lie to me, he told he is in a meeting. She calls Daksh and asks do you know Shivaye is in Lonavla, I think he has a doubt, be careful, don’t do any stupidity, leave from there. He says I m not the one to run away, I know what I should do now. He ends call. FB ends. Anika asks Shivaye to listen. Shivaye says I knew your plan will flop, this proved Daksh isn’t wrong, your opinion is wrong. She says someone would have informed Daksh, so he changed the game. He asks why are you after Daksh, Priyanka hired you as a wedding planner, not a wedding crashed. She says its better that marriage breaks than being heartbroken. He asks won’t she be heartbroken if her marriage gets cancelled. She says yes, but at least that will give her less pain. He says I m Priyanka’s brother, its only me who has the right to think about her safety, happiness and future, I know Daksh is right guy for her, you failed, you shouldn’t tell this to Priyanka or anyone else. He goes. She says you aren’t understanding, as Daksh cheated you, I will make you realize the truth, I will expose Daksh, none can stop me, not even you.

Anika checks puja arrangements. Rudra says Om you know, as a kid, I used to steal laddoos from prasad, you think Lord is upset with me for this reason. Om asks why. Rudra says I m failing to grow my hair, you have long hair, being a businessman, I m a model and have short hair. Om smiles. Dadi says Guru ji is going to come, who will see arrangements. Rudra jokes. Dadi says Guru ji goes abroad to meet his followers. Rudra asks how did he get time to meet local devotees. She says Shivaye spoke to him, so he agreed, he will find Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage mahurat, Shivaye went to get him. Shivaye gets Guru ji home. They greet him. Shivaye sees Anika. Guru ji says according to both kundlis, the suitable mahurat is after 7 days. Dadi says we can’t make arrangements in 7 days. Guru ji says if marriage doesn’t happen in 7 days, you have to wait for 3 years. Rudra says we don’t have to make so much arrangements.

Game of Love 18 August 2020: Dadi says relatives can’t come on short notice. Rudra says even mom and dad can’t come. Guru ji says there is no other option. Anika thinks its good, Daksh’s truth will be exposed. Shivaye says Priyanka and Daksh will get married in seven days from now. Dadi asks just one week. He says I know Priyanka doesn’t want to wait for three years, marriage will happen in 7 days, I will see arrangements. She thanks and hugs him. Anika thinks I have to do anything and stop this marriage. Guru ji says we will start rituals, you keep engagement tomorrow, bride and groom have to be present in puja today, we will start the wedding rituals by seeking blessings from Lord, else the bride may face tough problems in her life, all the items that bind the couple should be there, like engagement ring, shagun chunri and ghatbandhan chunri. Shivaye says you prepare for puja, I will manage the rest.

He asks Om to call Daksh home. Dadi says Daksh can’t sit in puja without having shagun sweets. Shivaye says I will send sweets for Daksh. Dadi says ask Daksh to come within time, nothing should go wrong, else marriage will be delayed for 3 years. Shivaye goes. Anika thinks if Daksh doesn’t come in puja, marriage will be postponed, I just have to stop him from coming here. She sees Khanna and goes to see. Khanna says Shivaye asked me to pack his well, I will get the tape. He goes. Anika says this is the only way to stop Daksh. Shivaye says Khanna didn’t come yet. He goes to see. Anika adds something and says when Daksh eats this sweets, he won’t be able to leave from the toilet. She hears Shivaye. Shivaye says packing isn’t imp, mahurat is imp. Anika hides.

Game of Love 18 August 2020 update: Shivaye asks what did you do, what’s this mess. He gets the powder packet and dumps it. He asks Khanna to take the sweets. He stops and turns to see. He leaves. He sees Anika and calls her out. She turns and slips. He holds her hand. She slips again. He pulls her close and holds her in arms. Tu jaane na….plays…. She feels hurt and loses balance again. He holds her hand and stops her. He lifts her in arms. Tu jaane na….plays…. He makes Anika sit. Anika says I m fine. Priyanka asks what happened to Anika. He says nothing, she has a sprain, get the pain relief sprain. She goes. Anika says try to understand, I m fine. He says you aren’t fine, you are clumsy. She says what’s clumsy. He says you keep falling and can’t control yourself, you hurt your head, toe and today you got an ankle sprain. She asks how do you know that I hurt my toe that day. He says Priyanka told me that. Priyanka gets the spray. Shivaye cares for Anika. Priyanka sees his wound and says you are bleeding. He says its good. She says how did this not heal till now, you didn’t say how you got hurt, I will get haldi for you. She goes. They recall the hospital moment and see each other.

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