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Game of Love 22 September 2020: Update on Game of Love Tuesday 22nd September 2020, Khanna says I don’t know, I just came. Anika says no, you are lying, tell the truth, Shivaye is hiding something, you are saving him. She asks Shivaye to say what happened, what is he hiding. Jhanvi says Tej told the truth that Shivaye killed him, he always used to say that someone doesn’t become a son if we regard so, Shivaye proved this, Shivaye ruined my family. Om asks Shivaye to tell the truth. Papers fall down the file. Om gets papers and says Shivaye got all stocks on his name. Rudra asks what does it mean. Jhanvi says Tej always said that Shivaye wants to snatch your property, you never listened to Tej, Shivaye got all shares on his name. Dadi slaps Shivaye. Everyone cries. Anika says no Om, this can’t happen, you know how much Shivaye loves you all, Shivaye tell them the truth, its someone’s cheap plan. Om shouts wait a min.

Game of Love update Tuesday 22 September 2020: He asks Shivaye is this true. He pushes Shivaye and shouts, my dad always said you aren’t good, is this true. Rudra recalls Tej’s words and cries. Om says we fought with Tej, how did you kill Tej, how. Anika asks Shivaye to say the truth, what is he hiding. Shivaye thinks I can bear their hatred, I don’t want my brothers to hate their dad. He says Tej said right, I killed him. They all get shocked. He says Tej said everything true, I didn’t like his interference in business, I got all shares on my name, we had an argument, I angrily shot him. Anika asks did you lose your mind, why are you lying, say the truth, please…. I will die without you, please Shivaye….. He makes her away and says truth is I killed him. Everyone cries. Dadi says you were this house’s foundation, my pride and Ram, since when did you become Raavan, you didn’t snatch just my son, you snatched my belief, my everything, didn’t you get ashamed, didn’t you think about Tej and your brothers, get away, I don’t want to see you, you are dead for me now. She cries. Jhanvi asks Om to call police.

Anika holds Shivaye and cries. Anika says don’t do this. Bhavya comes with team. Anika asks Shivaye to say the truth, he can’t kill anyone. Shivaye says I accept my crime, I killed Tej. Khanna cries. Anika shouts no, leave him, Shivaye say something, Om please explain Shivaye, there is some big reason which Shivaye is hiding. Om says officer, get my dad’s murderer strictly punished. Rudra says take him away, else one more murder will happen today. Anika asks how can you say this. Jhanvi says he accepted his crime Anika. Anika says I can’t let you take Shivaye. She cries and begs to everyone. She goes after Shivaye. Bhavya takes Shivaye in the car. Shivaye cries seeing Anika. Anika cries and runs after the jeep. Shivaye gets jailed. Media says Shivaye accepted his crime of killing Tej, even his mum Pinky was blamed for murder many years ago.

Game of Love Tuesday 22 September 2020: After five years, Anika prepares for puja. Omru check arrangements. Anika lights diya. Anika asks Khanna to get the car, we shall leave now, he will do the puja once he comes. Khanna says our wait will end today. Anika says wait and tests, both will end. Khanna goes. She prays that everything gets fine. Dadi asks where are my bahus. Om says they are busy in getting ready. Gauri and Bhavya come downstairs. Dadi compliments them and smiles. They come and hugs Dadi. Gauri hugs Om. Bhavya hugs Rudra. They all hug Dadi. Dadi says I will always regret that I couldn’t do your marriage in grand way, I m happy that my grandsons got good wives. Om asks Gauri to come and decorate idol. Gauri signs Bhavya. Bhavya says we shall check pandit list once. Om goes with her.

Gauri calls Anika and asks did you leave. Anika says not yet, I m just leaving. Khanna asks Anika to come. Anika says I will come and meet, you handle everything. Rudra says yes pandit ji, I have sent the car, we are waiting for you. Anika asks Khanna to come fast, its a day of happiness. Media is outside the jail. Reporter says Shivaye is getting released before the term because of his good conduct. Anika comes there. Khanna stops media. Anika asks where is he then. Constable says we don’t know, he went that way. Reporter asks what, Shivaye got released, we will ask Anika. Anika runs somewhere and shouts Shivaye. She sees the church.

Anika comes to the church and sees Shivaye sitting there. She goes to him. She says Shivaye… and hugs him. He sits still, emotionless. She cries and says I went to jail, you left before, we shall go home. He says that’s not my home. She says what are you saying, its your home. He says maybe, but I m not of that house now. She says lets forget the past. He asks how shall I forget, can Dadi forget her son, can Jhanvi forget her husband, can Omru forget their dad, this big wound can’t heal, the wound will get fresh when they see me. She says you can’t run away from family, can you live without them, court also said you did the murder in self defense. He says this doesn’t change the truth that I have committed Tej’s murder, I m the culprit, I have snatched Omru’s father I can’t return home. She asks where are you going. He says don’t know. She asks him to come with her.

Game of Love 22 September 2020: She takes him to pray. She says I can understand your pain, I know its easy for this Ram to return to Ayodhya, but you have to cross this way, even if many problems come, remember one thing, you aren’t alone, I m always with you, your family and I need you a lot, please for my sake. They cry. He lights a candle. They leave. Reporters see them and surround. They ask Shivaye how was your stay in jail, will you resume your family business again. Anika asks them not to interfere in their personal matter. She asks Shivaye to answer them like always and shut them up. Shivaye recalls his old days. He says they are saying the truth. Reporter jokes and laughs on him. Anika shouts shut up, enough, you all should be ashamed, a man got free from jail after five years and didn’t even go home, you came with camera to make fun of him, your channel gets TRP by his name, if you don’t shut cameras, it won’t be good. She takes Shivaye.

Two pandits argue. Omru ask pandit to come, Dadi is waiting. Pandit says this pandit is saying you called him for puja. Rudra says sorry. Other pandit says no, Anika has called me for puja here. Om says then you wait, our pandit will do our puja, this puja is imp. We are getting a big contract, we shouldn’t miss it. Rudra says and you….go that side. Two temples are seen in the house. Dadi goes to light the diya. She says its a big bad omen if diya doesn’t lit. She tries again. She lights the diya. Shivaye steps in. Ram Ram…plays…. Everyone sees Shivaye with Anika. Shivaye recalls his good days. Anika holds him. Omru look on. Shivaye walks to them. Rudra throws the puja plate in between. Shivaye stops. Pandit asks what did you do, its abshagun if puja plate falls. Rudra says abshagun has happened, as someone’s unlucky steps have come home, Om call the lawyer and ask how did our dad’s murderer get free.

Game of Love Tuesday update 22 September 2020: Om asks Shivaye to stay away from them. He asks pandit to start the puja, this isn’t our brother. Rudra says he is our dad’s murderer, he got free in five years. Bhavya says relax, he got released by his good behavior, its proved in court that he did the murder in self defense. Rudra says we all know it was a well planned murder, I remember the day when Tej died because of this man. Rudra scolds Shivaye. Anika says please, stop it, you vented our anger, you didn’t think what is Shivaye going through. Dadi says what about us, what we are going through seeing him. Anika says he didn’t wish to come, I got him here. Dadi says we have no place for him in this house and heart. Shivaye goes to Dadi. Om pushes him away. Omru ask Shivaye to stay away. Om says we will make him reach his real place. Shivaye cries.

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