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Game of Love 3 November 2020: Game of Love update Tuesday 3rd November 2020, Mannat gets the food. Nani says food is really smelling good, what did you prepare for your husband. Mannat says I have made Halwa for him. She is about to add pistachios. Shivaansh asks what are you adding in it. She says pistachio. Nani says have it fast and tell us how is it. He says Mannat will have it first. Nani says husband eats first, its an old tradition. He says the person who cooks should eat it first, then I will eat. Varun jokes that she added poison in halwa. Shivaansh says maybe. Varun asks are you serious. Shivaansh says I was just joking, sweet dishes are not less than poison for me. Mannat eats the halwa. She coughs. He worries for her. She says sorry, its too poisonous, I mean sugary. They smile. Nani asks Mannat to feed Shivaansh by her hands. Mannat feeds him the halwa. He coughs. Mannat asks do you want me to get medicines. He says I don’t want anything from you. He goes and answers doctor’s call.

Doctor says your test reports have come, sorry, results aren’t as expected, we can’t do this surgery, your body will not accept the heart, it can be fatal. Shivaansh asks how much time do I have. Doctor says very less, hardly 8 to 10 days. Khanna cries. Doctor says maybe lesser, a week’s time. Shivaansh gets shocked and asks are you saying that I just have a week left. Varun’s aide hears this and goes. Khanna asks what happened. Shivaansh goes. He reaches the sets. He recalls his family and cries. He sees his little fans and goes to hug them. He clicks selfies with them. He goes away and cries.

He says the only thing that matters is what I have done in my role, instead the duration of the role in the film, I have to live life in some moments, I have lived each moment of my life, I m the superstar Shivaansh Singh Oberoi, people know me, they love me, I m exit like a superstar, the one I love, Nani and Dadi are still in trauma of mom and dad’s death, how will they tolerate if I go, I have to do something that my family hates me, they don’t miss me, I need to throw that girl out, else she will trouble my family, I have to do my life’s best acting while leaving, so that I make the people who love me, hate me. Varun gets this news. He dances and says amazing, now I don’t have to do anything, its a great news, it calls for a celebration. He calls someone and says I m coming today, don’t worry, I m so happy that I can take any risk to meet you. Nani calls our Varun.

Radhika says he went to Pune for urgent work. Nani says my ayurvedic tea has finished, maybe Varun got to get it. Mannat says I also know where to get it from, shall I go and get it. Nani says yes. Mannat goes. Shivaansh drives a bike inside the house. Everyone gets shocked. Nani asks what’s all this. Mannat buys the tea. She sees Varun and goes to see. Varun hugs someone. Mannat says whom is he hugging like this, maybe she is his sister, it doesn’t seem so. Varun says its our anniversary today, happy anniversary my love. The lady says you have made me wear mangalsutra on this day, I want you to do it again. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Mannat gets shocked. Everyone shouts to Shivaansh. Shivaansh says its my way. The man says really good, you are one take star.

Shivaansh says I m a superstar, lets ignite the fire at the railing, I will drive there. Nani asks him to stop, he is her good son. He says no, I m very bad. He rides the bike on the stairs. Everyone worries. He performs the stunts. Mannat comes home and looks on shocked. Nani asks her to explain Shivaansh. Shivaansh races the bike towards her. Everyone screams. Mannat falls back. He holds her hand. Tanha sa kuch….plays….. He leaves her hand. She looks at him. He says stay away, if you come in my way, you will get only pain. Nani asks what has happened to you. He says now I will think for myself, do you have any problem, I have my own life. Shivani says but family, relations… He says your marriage broke, you want to teach me about relations, do something, move on, don’t become like Radhika, she is just pleasing her husband. They cry. Mannat thinks something is wrong, he can never go against his family.

Shivaansh scolds Dhruv, Shivani and Radhika. Shivaansh says I can’t tolerate this further, I can’t bear the burden of being more good, I m very bad. He goes. They cry and wonder what happened to him. Nani says he can’t say anything such, and if he is saying anything, then there is some reason. Khanna asks Shivaansh not to do this, its wrong. Shivaansh asks him not to tell anyone. Shivaansh says I can’t do this, I can’t hurt them. He thinks I have to save them from big pain, I have to give them this small pain. Mannat comes to him. Shivaansh says I don’t like outsiders in my room. She says I have come to give this beetroot juice. She sneezes over. He throws the glass and scolds her. She says I m sorry. He says get out of you room. She steps on the glass piece.

She screams. He looks at her. She cries seeing the blood. She says what shall I do. He says any normal person will first remove the glass piece. She gets scared. He sits to do the aid. She says don’t vent anger on me, I m very scared of blood, I faint down. He removes the glass piece and shows her. He says I pulled it out. She asks really. He does the aid. She thanks him and asks why did you do all this, you said you are bad, why. He asks who gave you a right to question me, you don’t act as my wife, your drama to become good in my eyes is of no use, I have already decided to oust you from the house today. He goes. Nani asks Pandit to do puja so that Shivaansh and Mannat have a peaceful life. Pandit asks her not to worry. She hears music and goes to see. They see the shoot going on. Shivaansh dances with the girls on Aankh maare…..

Nani asks what’s all this. Director asks what’s this SSO, a good shot got spoiled. Shivaansh asks what was the need to come here, my shoot is going on. Nani says there is puja happening. He gets arguing with her badly. He drinks alcohol. Nani asks what are you saying. He says I m not a kid, I don’t need your permission, I had to marry this maid because of you, don’t expect anything else from me. Nani says Mannat is your wife. He says I was going to marry Sonya, you are taking her side, who is she, a maid, you should support me, you have gone old, you should be thankful that I didn’t send you to old age home. Radhika says you are misbehaving with her. Nani says he is not my Shivaansh, he is drunk. She gets angry on him and cries. They leave for temple. Shivaansh asks Mannat to leave. Mannat goes to Khanna and says I want to talk about Shivaansh, you know everything about him, why is he behaving like this.

Khanna says I can’t tell you some manners. She says I want to help you. He says you don’t need to do anything, you think I will tell you. She says you are misunderstanding me, I was helpless, I would like to say that I wish good for Shivaansh and his family, if you ever feel you need my help for Shivaansh, don’t hesitant to tell me. She gets the glass and smells it. She says it doesn’t smell like alcohol, its apple juice, something is fishy. Nani comes and says we are going to temple, Shivaansh refused to come, you are his wife, tell him and get him along, I will be waiting. Mannat goes to Shivaansh. She says this glass had apple juice, why did you do acting in front of Nani. He asks who are you to ask me, you always lie, where is everyone. She says they went to temple. He says perfect. He throws the glass and takes her along. She asks him to leave her. He takes her in the car and asks where is your car. She asks are you fine, drive carefully.

Game of Love 3 November 2020: He asks her to get down. He warns her. She cries and gets down the car. He goes. She asks what’s wrong with you. He thinks no one will understand this, I m doing right, if love gives pain, hatred reduces the pain, I will fill hatred in their hearts that there won’t be any place left for love and pain. Chachi sees Mannat. Varun is with his wife. Chachi calls him and says Shivaansh has left Mannat here, I think he has ousted her. He says fine, send me the files, I will check. She asks which file. He goes away to talk. She says I m talking about Mannat. He says I know, don’t worry, they are married, Shivaansh is going to die, divorce can’t happen so soon, his money will go to Mannat, welcome her with love. Mannat knocks the door and says sorry. Chachi welcomes her home. She says Munni was missing you, come in and have food. Mannat gets surprised. Shivaansh falls on the bed. He gets Mannat’s blanket. He looks at the moon. Sochke jise dil….plays…. Mannat sees her mangalsutra. She also looks at the moon. He says finally, Mannat is out of my life forever.

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